Plans lessons 1,2 and 3


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Plans lessons 1,2 and 3

  1. 1. This is an intermediate-advanced lesson concentrating on famous actors/actresses’lives using the Past simple- irregular and regular verbs. The language areas coveredare: speaking about their favourite actors/actresses, writing about the actor/actress’lives and the students’ autobiography and finally, listening to interviews aboutthose celebrities.Learners will explore how biographies are created and will do an assignment onthat. At the end of the three lessons, students will write their own autobiography.Lesson nº1Warmer: 20’The teacher will introduce the topic by making the students interact with each other.They will discuss which their favourite actor/actress is, his/her famous work, whatthey know about his/her, etc. This activity will be done in groups of four. After thegroups have discussed, then the whole class will talk about this topic in order thatall the groups can share their opinions.The questions to be discussed will be as follows: • Who are your favourite actors/actresses? • Which was the best and the worst film you’ve ever seen where those actors/actresses took part in? • What do you know about their private life?Web: 40’The students will visit this specific site( ) and find the actor/actress they are interested in and complete this chart:Actor/Actress Real Name Birthday First film Famous work BeginningsWhat next: 20’Learners will work in pairs and ask about the information they have found in thesite to complete the chart. Fist one will ask the questions and then the other.Lesson nº2Warmer: 20’
  2. 2. The teacher will ask the learners to complete the chart with the past of the regularverbs they will need in the future to talk about and write about their favouriteactor/actress.Verb PastLiveMoveRaiseJoinStudyWorkStayVisitPlayParticipateStopCreatePerformFilmMarryDieWeb: 40’Teacher will ask students to visit the site and choose an interview in which theactor/actress had and she will ask them to listen and answer the questions. 1. Who was interviewed? Who was the interviewer? 2. What topics were discussed? 3. To each of this items write some information
  3. 3. Interviewee InterviewerIntroduction (how they felt, whattypes of questions, and answers, etc)Reaction to anwersReaction to answer the questionsConclusionSome expressions/phrases What next: 20’ The students will report back on what they have listened to, who was interviewed and what the main themes of the interviewed were. After that, they will write “A day in the actor/actress’life” using the information they have up to now. Lessonº3 Warmer: 20’ Teacher will ask the students to complete the chart with the past of the irregular verbs that they will also need for their assignment.Verb PastBeGoBecomeLeaveGive upComeWearDoHaveRunFindTakeKnowSay Web: 50’ The teacher will ask students to search the net and start preparing their assignment about their favourite actor/actress. They will need these websites to enlarge their previous research. Students will work on this by looking for the necessary information.
  4. 4. What next: 10’Students will start writing their own biography. They should finish it at home forthe next lesson as it will be discussed then. All the students will share their ownwork.