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    Profile inglês Profile inglês Document Transcript

    • ProfileName: Ana LuísaSurname: Fernandese-mail: ana_lu_94@hotmail.com My name is Ana Luísa. I’m 16 years old. I was born on 29 April, 1994. I studyin José Saramago Secondary School in Mafra. I live with my parents and my grandma. I have two sisters, Isabel and Joana.They are older than me. They don’t live with us; they have their own home withtheir boyfriends. Isabel has already a son, Martim. He is very cute. My mother works in a library and my father is graphic designer. I have a dog, too, Sebastião. It is a very intelligent golden retriever.More about me I am a little bit shy. I don’t like to speak much. I love fashion. It is somethingthat makes me feel very good. I also love music. I listen to every gender, except rap. I can’t be in a placewithout listening to music. It is essential for me. In my free time I also read. Ilove reading. I like to read, mainly, historical novels. I really appreciate to watch films, especially, horror or comedy. Normallyhorror films make me feel very scared while I am watching it but I see it any waybecause I like that feeling of “fear”. I like to feel that adrenaline. I love to go out with my friends too. My friends are very important to me. I liketo walk near natural places. I love gardens and flowers. I care a lot about theenvironment.In the future Concerning my future I want to be a stewardess because I love travellingand I like to know different people and cultures. Also because I want a job thatwon’t mean “sitting behind a desk all day”. I hope to get this job.
    • Who I am… Name: Andreia Santos; Age: sixteen; Address:PêroPinheiro, Sintra (Lisbon); E-mail: androxa_94 @hotmail.comAbout me: I’m a very energetic and outgoing person, but in the beginning I’m very shy andnot too much talkative. I’m funny, and I make my friends laugh all the time;They say that I am really crazy. I have a strong personality and I can really describemyself as being spontaneous, because nobody knows what will come out of mymouth. I am a generous and sensitive person and for me there is more happiness ingiving than there is in receiving, because when I help or give something to someone, Ifeel happy to get a smile and a thank you. It´s a feeling that fulfils me. Sometimes Ican be quite grumpy, when I think Im right even if nobody else shares my opinion, andI can also be very lazy when I have to do things that I don´t like.Things I like: When I have nothing to do, I like going to the beach just to meditate and see thewaves breaking on the rocks. I stay there the whole afternoon watching the movementof waves, coming and going, it gives me a feeling of infinite pleasure. But the best isthe sunset. That big ball in the horizon, touching the line of the sea and reflecting itstones of red and orange. I really can’t describe the feeling. It´s so perfect, It´severything.I love music, it is a passion. It´s something that completes me. I listen to all kinds ofmusic. I play the guitar and that´s a way of showing my feelings.My best friend is Cheila, she´s one of the most important ones to me. She´s someonethat I can really say that is a true friend and she is like a sister. I love going shopping, who is the girl that doesn´t love it?I like acting, and I had the opportunity to have had three years of theatre lessons. Ilearned many things and it was a good experience. I´m so crazy about chocolate and candies, I can spend a day eating that junk food,but I do that just once in a while because at the end of the day my stomach really hurtsme!Animals mean a lot to me, actually I have two cats and they are adorable. One of myfavourite animals is the monkey; they are very intelligent and I love their peculiarsound! Now you know who I am… And the things I like…
    • My name is Beatriz Rita. I’m Portuguese and I was born on the 6th January 1994, which means I’m 16 years old. I was born in Lisbon. My e-mail is: beatrizrita@hotmail.comMy eyes: I lovephotography and that Here, in my head I’ve got mymeans I love to dreams:watch everything - Be a photographeraround me and the - Visit many beautifulbeautiful things places (like London,planet Earth can Moscow, Venice, …)show us.My mouth: I talk a lot! I’m areally talkative person even if, in My ears: I love music and I thinkthe beginning, I look a bit shy. it’s a great way to express our feelings. My favourite bands/musicians are: The Beatles, Michael Bublé, McFly, My Chemical Romance, Scorpions, Pearl Jam, Oasis, Queen, TheHere, in my heart, it’s easy Drums, Green Day, Coldplay, etc (Ito guess what I’ve got: my really could give you a two-pagefamily and my friends. By list). I also love classical music.the way, my best friends’names are Madalena andTiago and I live with myparents and my little sister.My mum (Sara) works in anadvertising company andmy dad (Vitor) is a soldier.My sister is 13 and,obviously, she’s in school. My hand: I love to write and to play the guitar. Writing is a great hobby because it helps us to think about what we feel and what happens to us. About the guitar… I’m just My legs: I love to travel starting to learn it but it is one and I love to visit new of my favourite instruments places (here is a reason why and I really would like to play I’m in Comenius) and to like a real rocker (you can see know new cultures. I another dream here, this is a particularly like to visit big big one). cities and to walk a lot to know them. It is exhausting but it is worth it. I also like to go for long walks into the woods. My feet: I love to dance. I do ballet since I was 5 years old and it is my passion. I love the way we can tell so many things Other things about me: my favourite subjects at school are Portuguese, without opening our mouth. English, French and History, I love to sing (but I really shouldn’t), I love to cook, I’m almost addicted to my iPod and I love to read! My favourite books are the Harry Potter saga.
    • Hi! My name is Catarina Ramos, I’m Portuguese and I’m 16 years old. My birthdayis on 10th September and my e-mail is catarina__ramos10@hotmail.com. I live withmy parents in Ericeira, a really beautiful village near the sea. My brother, who is 21years old, used to live with us too but now he is at university in Faro, Algarve. When I finish the 12th grade I will probably go to university, exactly as my brother, but I want to study educational sciences and work with children, because I think kids are very special and important. Besides being a kindergarten teacher, one of my dreams is to do a humanitarian mission in Africa (Congo or South Africa, mainly) but I would like to do it wherever I may be useful. My favourite hobbies are playing basketball, rugby and other sports with my friends. I also like reading action books and speaking (a lot!). I like to sing too, I sing everywhere and whenever I can! I also do voluntary work in a nursery school where my mum works and I love doing it! My personality... well, I can’t say specifically what are my weak points and my qualities, but I’m really perfectionist, very friendlyCOMENIUS: This project is very interesting; we and extremely close to my friends.can learn about other countries and know I’m hard with the world in generalother students who have different cultural and with me, and sometimes itbackgrounds. We live in a multicultural world. can harm me; I like to doEuropean projects are always very useful, everything possible to help thebecause they improve the participants’ others, so that we can all livecurriculum. better and get better results. I’m very tidy and organized unlike most teenagers.
    • Me… Hello! My name is Cheila Evaristo. I am Portuguese and I am 16 years old. I wasborn on 26th March 1994, in Lisbon. I live in Mafra, very close to Ericeira and at a shortdistance to Lisbon. I live with my father and my mother. I have a brother, he is 20 years old,his name is Jonatã and he doesn’t live with us because he has already married. I have a verybig family and a lot of friends. I am very close to them; I just can’t live without my family andfriends! My personality: I am a little bit shy, quiet, friendly, sweet, caring and emotional. I amperfectionist, responsible, creative, very stubborn, lazy and clumsy and sometimes I am vainand proud. When I do something I give my best. My hobbies and interests: I love to be in contact with nature. So, what I like most is totravel, know about other cultures, places, wonderful landscapes and people, and try newexperiences. I am fascinated by history. Arts are my very big passion; I love drawing, painting,photography and fashion. Since I was little, I have always felt fulfilled when I had a sheet ofpaper and a pencil in my hand, because it meant I could express myself in my own personalway. I love summer time, the hot days but I like rain too. I just can’t live far away from thesea and my favourite hobby is to spend all day on the beach, see the sunset, sunbathing,swimming and scuba diving. So I love my country’s coastline because it has wonderfulbeaches. It’s also important to say: I am completely fan of chocolate; I am a Jehovah’sWitness, because it gives a meaning to my life and makes me a better person; I love to go tothe cinema, and I like all kinds of movies. My hobbies are going shopping to buy clothes, bewith my friends and family, draw, paint, dance, listen to music, specially rock, reggae andmusic from different decades, go to concerts and I also read and write a lot. To write makesme feel completely free. My future career and dreams: In the future I want to graduate in languages andhumanities, and after that I want to study arts. Then I would like to be a stylist or a primaryschool teacher and a writer. My dream is to visit all the countries in the world. I think that allcountries have something special to show us, so I think that’s the best experience we canhave. I think that’s the most important information about me and I am very curious about theCOMENIUS project, so my big wish is to learn a lot with this exchange programme. … the end.
    • First Name: Cláudia Surname: Falhuscas Date of birth: 16 May 1993 E-mail: Cláudia_maro@hotmail.comMore about me…Hello,I live in Pero Pinheiro, which belongs to Sintra. My favourite subjects are Historyand Geography, but I don’t like maths; I have only chosen it because I honestlyhate French. On my summer holidays, I always go to Sagres (in Algarve), which ismy favourite place in the entire world, where I really “feel” myself. Myrelationship with Sagres is wonderful and I feel that I have a connection withthat place. It is strange but it is what I feel.Some of my friends think that my house is a zoo because I have many pets. Ihave a dog, two turtles, two cats, fifteen birds and two fishes.My FamilyI live with my mother, my father and my sister Patrícia; she is younger than me. Ireally enjoy spending time with my family, but what I really enjoy is when we go toSagres in the summer. We go camping in our caravan.My Hobbies …I like going out with my friends, playing on my PC, reading, listening to music,watching movies, eating chocolate, taking care of animals, going to the beach,shopping and see the joy of children playing.I swim once a week.This is my life, and who I am… Bye bye…
    • • My profile: My name is Daniela Sofia Marta Santos, I’m sixteen years oldand I was born on the 6th January 1994 in Torres Vedras. I’mPortuguese and I live in Encarnação (Mafra). I study in SecondarySchool José Saramago. Now I’m going to describe myself; I’m 1,70 tall, I have gotlong brown hair, brown eyes, small lips and small hands. Mypersonality is very strong. I’m very friendly and I love to smile allday long. I like to meet many people and talk about many subjects.If you want to talk with me, here is my e-mail:dsmsantos_13@hotmail.com • My family: I live with my mother, my father and my sister. My mother’s name is Filomena, she is fromSilveira (Torres Vedras) and she is a housewife. My father’s name is José and he has lived inEncarnação (not very far away from Mafra) since he was born. He is a mason and a bicyclemechanic. My parents are very friendly. My sister’s name is Mariana, she is twelve years oldand she is student. My sister is a little boring, as all brothers are, but she is also very nice andfriendly. • My hobbies: I have many hobbies, but my favourite one is to go out with my boyfriend and my friends; Ialso like watching television (my favourite channels are Fox and SIC radical), playingPlaystation 3, surfing on the net, going to the shopping centre and to the cinema. My favouritemovie is: “The grudge: the curse 1, 2 and 3”.
    • First Name: DavidSurname: SilvaBirthday: 3rd May 1994E-mail: silva.david_14@live.com.ptAbout Me … My full name is David João Farracho Silva, I’m 16 years old, and I live in Barril. Barril is avery small place but very “green and blue”, because it is in the countryside and close to theocean. It is near Encarnação, Mafra (not far away from Lisbon), and my school is in Mafra(Secondary School José Saramago). I like school very much because I dream to become a lawyer or a judge and my favouritesubjects are Mathematics applied to social sciences and geography. If I cannot be a lawyer or a judge, I would like to be an engineer (planning the territory),because it involves geography, and I like geography very much. I like my friends very much and I don’t stand liars and false people.Curiosity… José Saramago is the name of my school and this is the name of a famous Portuguese writer(winner of the Nobel Prize).My Family: I live with my mother, my father and my sister. My father is 46 years old, and my mother is45. My sister is 18 years old and she drives me crazy when she tries to look like my motherand scold me for no reason… oh! That Anger!!!My Hobbies: My favourite hobby is to travel. I would like to travel all over the world, but at the present timeI don’t have many possibilities to travel much. I also like to watch television, walk, ride my bike, read and write and to think about the future.My future is very important so I have to make the right decisions. In my free time, I also helpthe football team in my village, organizing soccer games and events, since Im prettyorganized, one of my good qualities.
    • First Name: Flávia Surname: Gonçalves Date of birth: 5th January 1994 E-mail: flaviasequeira_78@hotmail.comHello,I’m a very, very shy person in general and in class too, and I don’t really like oralpresentations. I like to learn about different cultures, and because of that I would like to sharemy dream travel, and that is going to Japan. I personally like this country, because I think theirculture is very interesting and different from the other ones; it’s fascinating at least for me.Japan also has so many beautiful places and, for all the reasons that I said before, I wouldreally like to go there.My FamilyAbout my family, I live with my mother, my stepfather and my little brother who is only twoyears old. I really enjoy spending my time with them, we go to many places, it’s fantastic, andwe have a great time together.Sometimes, my brother gets me crazy, he is always moving things, but sometimes he can bevery cute; I love him a lot.My hobbiesWell, now talking about my favourite hobbies, I like playing volleyball, walking on the beach,being with my friends, watching TV, listening to music, among other things. My favourite oneis being with my best friend Maria. I always have fun with her and we have a lot in common.Now we aren’t next to each other which is very sad, I just see her a few times.Bye, Bye
    • First Name: InêsSurname: GonçalvesBirthday: 12th MarchE-mail: Inês_ goncalveslive.com.ptAbout me:I’m sixteen and I live in Mafra, Portugal, with my mum and my stepfather. My area of studiesincludes languages and humanities because I’d love to be a judge to change a little bit what iscalled justice in this world. At this moment, French, philosophy and Portuguese are myfavourite subjects at school.My interests: Since I was 4 years old I do ballet and my mother is my teacher, obviously dancing issomething that makes me travel to another dimension where all my problems disappear andeverything else is irrelevant. I’m totally obsessed by music. I love country music, indie, rock, reggae and jazz. I havea lot of idols like: Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison (The Doors), Joe Cocker, Kurt Cobain, CalebFollowill (kings of Leon), Matisyahu, Peter Doherty, etc. In my free time I love to laugh, to watch movies and to go out with my friends. I lovecamping, going to the beach and swimming until the sunset. I also like to dream, learn andsearch. I love white and brown and I’m crazy about chocolate. I’m totally given to ‘’peace andlove’’ and every day of my life I pray for our planet to be saved, and our society to be totallyout of this wrong concepts like materialism, selfishness and egocentric values. We shouldsupport each other, like “one for all and all for one”.Comenius: I’m really interested in this project because it’s really important to improve my speakingskills in these two languages, to know people from other places and how to work with them indifferent areas. It’s also a great experience to travel and host other students, here, in Portugal,and obviously to be hosted by them. Thank you so much for your attention! See you soon.
    • FIRST NAME: Isadora SURNAME: Gil E-MAIL: isagil@sapo.ptMYSELF: Hey, my name is Isadora Gil, I was born on the 23rd September 1994, and so I’m 16 years old. I live in Ericeira, Portugal, with my parents and I don’t have any brothers. I study at Secondary School José Saramago, in Mafra. I’m shy, friendly, funny and everything you can imagine. My biggest defect is being lazy; my defects depend on the way they are seen.FAMILY: The name of my mom is Carlota Gil, she is 52 years old and she is a pharmacist, she works in Mafra. My father’s name is Ricardo Gil, he is 44 years old and he works in a city hall (Oeiras, close to Lisbon).HOBBIES: I like surfing, bodyboarding and I swim a lot in the local pool. I study music in a Music School - D.Dinis - in Odivelas (Santo António dos Cavaleiros). There I have music classes - clarinet, guitar and piano. I’m also a DJ and I make my own music at home. I am in front of the computer many hours per day because I make my own music and then I put them on YouTube or I go to Facebook, Hi5, Dailybooth, Twitter and other sites.THINGS THAT I REALLY LIKE: At weekends I like to go out with my friends and we really have a lot of fun. I love to go to the beach (I live close to the sea), listen to music, dance, travel, read and do other things.FUTURE: I want to follow the areas of psychology, geography or tourism but I’m not sure yet.COMENIUS: I have chosen to participate in this project because I love to travel and meet people form different countries and different cultures. It is really very interesting.
    • Name: Madalena ReisAge: 16 years olde-mail: madalenamr@hotmail.comMe and My FamilyI was born on 10th June 1994, in Lisbon, and I live in a small village in Sintra, called Sabugo. It’sin the countryside, and I really enjoy living there because it is quiet and beautiful. I live withmy parents and my brother. My mom’s name is Otilia, and she’s the executive director of theFulbright Comission, here in Portugal. My dad, Luís, works in Sintra’s city hall, as anadmnistrative and my brother, José Diogo (who’s younger than me, he’s only 12), is a 7th gradestudent. And as I’m speaking about my household, I’m going to refer my pets too! So, we havetwo dogs, Rex and Buk, a turtle, Becas, and a cat named Tom. I was the one who named it, afterTom Riddle, also known as Lord Voldemort, because I’m a huge fan of the Harry Potter series.My Favourite ThingsIn my free time, I enjoy spending time with my friends, watching TV series and movies, readingand listening to music. Music is one of my passions, I’m obsessed by it, there’s not a single daythat goes by without me spending some time listening to it. I have a lot of favourite bands andsolo artists, such as U2, Robbie Williams, McFly, Coldplay, John Mayer, Maroon 5, The Killers,Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam, Oasis, Michael Bublé and Red Hor Chilli Peppers. Going back, Iwould like to refer some of my favourite movies, as “Forrest Gump”, “Big Fish” and “SleepyHollow”, and also some of my favourite TV series, as “Glee”, “Modern Family”, “CriminalMinds”, “CSI”, “The Simpsons”, “Family Guy”, “The Cleveland Show”, “ER” and “Grey’sAnatomy”.My Future CareerI don’t really know which profession I will do in the future, but I know that it will havesomething to do with communication and culture, because my dream is to participate in theorganisation of cultural events (about music, fine arts, performing arts, etc).The Comenius ProjectI want to participate in the Comenius Project because I think that is a great opportunity toexplore Europe and share what’s good in our country, and also because I’ll be able to meetpeople my age from different countries.
    • Name:Name Márcia GraçaAge: 15e-mail: Márcia_varinos@hotmail.com mail About me: Hi everyone! My name is Márcia Graça and I’m from Lisbon, Portugal. I live with my parents, Sandra and Francisco (Xico) and my brother Martim, he’s 7 years old and he is very cute and funny! My area of studies is focused on languages but I love painting and drawing all the time!Hobbies and my free-time free-I love weekends but I also like going to school very much. I love to be withmy boyfriend Rúben, who is also one of my best friends. My parents have a bar, ‘varinos’ and at weekends I go out with Rúben there and we have a lot of fun! My other passion are animals because I think they are a really important part of our world. I have a lot of pets at home. …About Comenius:I’m really interested in this kind ofproject because we can learn very muchand meet awesome people, I hope.It’s also a great way to promote ourcountry in different places and showhow beautiful it is. …For now that’s all!
    • Profile SheetName: Rodrigo JuliãoBirthday: 10th August 1994Email: rodrigo_sth@hotmail.comAbout me: Hello there, I live in a town called Fontanelas, I live mostly with mymother and my sister, and sometimes I visit my father. I have three dogs, onerabbit, two canaries and a lot of chickens to take care of.I’m studying to become a psychologist and help other people beyond theirphysical problems. The human mind is an interesting dimension.If we move away from the “school atmosphere” I can say I’m pretty much asimple “farm boy” who loves to go for long walks in the woods, but I’ll talk aboutit later.My dream is to travel around the whole world, see and experience almosteverything our world has to offer, I don’t care how I will do it, or the time it willtake, but when I’m older at least I’ll be able to say: “Hey, I was there once.”Hobbies: If we count it as a normal weekend day it goes pretty much like this: Iwake up, turn on the computer and go outside while eating breakfast, feed thechickens and play with the dogs. Fetch, Tag and Fight, are their favourite games,it’s very comforting to have such friendly animals. After that, I spend the rest ofthe morning on the computer. I enjoy playing all sorts of games.Since I have three dogs to keep healthy, I go out and walk a few miles, findinginteresting places in the woods, hang around a river, stare at the ocean and go inrotten abandoned houses. I know it may sound a bit childish, but it’s undeniablyfun. ☺
    • Name: Sérgio Nuno Macedo CastanheiraBirth: 30th December 1993Country: PortugalE-mail: sergio.mac@hotmail.comMe:My name is Sérgio Castanheira, I’m 16 years old and I live in Portugal. I study at SecondarySchool José Saramago, in Mafra, and my class is working on the project “Comenius”. Myfavourite subjects are English and Physical Education and I hate Mathematics and History. I’mnot exactly a good student, but I’m trying to improve a bit in some subjects.I like sports such as skateboarding, boxing, football and basketball and I love animals.I have already visited England, Spain and France, but I would really like to visit Hawaii,because it’s a relaxing and beautiful place.Family:I live with my mother called Paula and my sister called Daniela who is 14 years old. I go to myfather’s house some weekends where my little sister Leonor, who is 6 years old lives. Mymother works in RTP (a TV channel), and my father works in the Nestlé enterprise. I also havea little puppy called Óscar.Hobbies:In my free time, I like to do many things, such as skateboarding, playing video games, surfingon the internet and being with friends.I usually do sports twice a week. On Wednesdays I go swimming, and on Fridays I do boxing. Ilove another activity that isn’t considered a sport, but a kind of art, called “Parkour” (free-running), that is the art of movement. I also like listening to music, and my favourite styles areheavy metal, rock and grunge. I like bands such as Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, Bon Jovi,etc.
    • Myself... My name is Soraia Pedroso, I’m a sixteen- year-old Portuguese girl who was born in Torres Vedras on the 13th November 1993. I live in Pedra Furada, a small village between Sintra and Mafra. My friends… My best friends name is Ângela Agostinho, and we know each other since we were little. My other best friend is my boyfriend, and his name is Daniel Martins. They are both very important to me and I have done amazing things with them.My family… I live with my mother Célia and my two twin brothers,Sérgio and Nuno, who are 12. I also have a 5-year- oldsister, but shes only from my fathers side.Hobbies… I love swimming, going to the beach with friends andgoing to the cinema. Reading is also one of my hobbiesand I am particularly interested in novels and Sherlock Holmes books.My future career… I’m still not sure about what I would like to do. I’m interested injournalism but, if that doesn’t work, I will consider going into law school. My dreams… One of my dreams is… to be happy, love and be loved!Being a mother is also one my dreams, I just hope I’ll be responsibleenough and have a decent loving husband to help me!Comenius Project… About Comenius Project, I think it’s a good opportunity to meetpeople from other schools/countries and improve my English and myknowledge about the European Union. Finally, I am enclosing a photo and my email. Goodbye, Ill see you soon!
    • Profile SheetMe and my familyHello! My name is Tiago Batalha, and I am 17 seventeen years old. I live in Portugal, in thecountryside, in a very quiet place named Ribeira dos Tostões (near Mafra). I don’t live very faraway from my school and friends. I have a twin brother Telmo that is very different from me,and an older sister, Irina who is 19 years old. My mom Cristina, and my dad, Fernando worktogether in an enterprise related with stone transformation. My dad likes hunting, so I have17 dogs. (It’s just a curiosity…)Hobbies and friendship At weekends, my brother and I love to ride our motorcycle with some friends in muddyplaces! Another great hobby that I have is playing my guitar. I love it! I always listen to goodmusic, and in the summer I spend all my money in live concerts! I go out with my friends atnight and, it’s good because I think that in a bar we can meet different people. My sportsactivities are swimming, cycling and sometimes running. Doing sport is very important to ourbody, so I try to do it every time I can. About friendship, I love my friends and meeting people,and I give much importance to friendship, because I think when a friend is a real friend, it’sforever.School and Comenius ProjectI am on the 11th grade, in the area of studies of languages and humanities, and I study at JoséSaramago Secondary School in Mafra. My class is awesome, each classmate has a differentpersonality and we are very close. My class is included in the Comenius Project. I will workvery hard for this project because I think that is exciting! I don’t know If I will travel to anothercountry or not but I want it very much! If I can host people from another country in my houseit will be very interesting and they will enjoy it a lot!
    • Hi!My name is Vanessa Santos, I’m 16 yearsold, my birthday is on July 14th and I live Mail: vanessita.eu @hotmail.comwith my parents, in Mafra, in a beautifulplace with a beautiful house and abeautiful view. I have a sister too but shehas not the same mother as me so... I am Future…kind of an only child. My favourite word and at the same time I dislike it. It’s what I most hope and fear. I want to get there but I don’t know how. So if the question is: “What do you want to do?” or “What university are you going to choose?” Forget it, because I don’t know yet. But I know that I want to see the world before thinking about any of those things, so maybe one day I will see you in the future.Me!I’m a friendly person who likes tolaugh and to joke a lot. I am a littlebit shy in the beginning while Idon’t know people better. I likegood jokes, fast cars and beautifulguys. I love watching films,reading books, go for long walks innice places, music, Guns N’Roses, Wanting to be someone else is a waste of thethe sun, the sea, the stars. This isme, a very passionate person. person you are. Kurt Cobain