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Euroscepticism in france_sp



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  • 1. Euroscepticism in France
  • 2. I / What is the euroscepticism ?
  • 3.
    • The Euroscepticism is a political idea which is against the European Union and the process of European intergration.
  • 4.
    • We can see the indiference of people for the UE in the strong abstention to vote for the members of the European Parliament.
  • 5.
    • A lot of people doesn't know what Europe brings to them, that's why they're aren't particularly attached to this union.
    • The rules of the EU are too complex and don't help citizens to get closer with the institutions.
  • 6.
    • During the referendum for the European constitution, majority of French people refused the text. That proves the lack of trust in the European institutions.
  • 7.
    • When €uro is arrived, French weren't satisfied because it decreased them purchasing power.
  • 8.
    • Both of the extreme right and the extreme left are against the European Union but they advance different arguments.
    • Some of the people are against the current fonctioning of this Union, the others want it to be deleted.
    • In fact, Many believes that the EU was built against the will of the people.
  • 9.
    • For the Eurosceptic, the European Union hasn't brought peace in Europe while it was its main objective.
    • They aslo say that Europe doesn't appear as a independent diplomatic power opposite to the USA.
  • 10.
    • On a cultural point, it still critized that the European Union erases national identities
    • Moreover, lot of people think that the UE is not really democratic : It seems to be to much “bureaucratic”.
  • 11. What are the arguments of the french extreme right against the UE ?
  • 12.
    • Europe weakens the national sovereignty of states and makes them lose their independence.
    • Moreover, they say it will forbid them to lead to their foreign politic.
    • They denounce the laxity of the EU against the immigration.
  • 13. What are the arguments of the french extreme left against the UE ?
  • 14.
    • Some of people think that Europe isn't enough social because it encourages the capitalism.
    • The UE forces French public companies to becoming private.
  • 15. II / Who are the eurosceptics in France ?
  • 16. The extreme left French parties as the French communist party (Parti Communiste Français),the new anticapitalist party (NPA) ...
    • Olivier BESANCENOT is the leader of the new anticapitalist party,
    • He condemns firmly the « libera »
    • European Union.
  • 17. Certain members of the the socialist party (Parti Socialiste) as Laurent Fabius or Jean Luc Mélanchon. Another left party : the MRC (Mouvement Républicain et Citoyen) . They just want a different Europe, with more social Actions to help the European. Laurent Fabius, he was the French Prime minister between 1984 and 1986. Jean Luc Mélanchon was a socialist minister between 2000 and 2002
  • 18. Some of UMP members (this is the party of french governement) as Nicolas Dupont Aignant.
  • 19.
    • French Extreme Right parties want the end of the European Union.
    • Jean Marie le Pen and her daughter Marine le Pen are leaders of the « Front National », the most « popular » extreme right party.
    • There is also  Phillipe de Villiers , leader of the MPF (Mouvement pour la France) who is an eurosceptic.
  • 20.
    • Most of the right or left politicians are Europhile. Indeed eurosceptics are concentrated in the extreme.
  • 21. Faustine THELLIER Victor GRANIER
  • 22.
    • Sources : Wikipédia, francepolitique.fr, rfi.fr …