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    Bembo book copy Bembo book copy Document Transcript

    • §§BEMBOSeduction
    • 1234567890  1234567890ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
    • ciao bella!io sono Bembovengo da Italia(Hello Gorgeous! I am Bembo. I come from Italy)
    • The history of Bembo originates in Venice, an important typographic center in fifteenthand sixteenth century Europe. Many printers established businesses in Venice at this time,but none so significant as Aldus Manutius. Late in the fifteenth century, Aldus publisheda relatively insignificant essay by the Italian scholar Pietro Bembo. The type used for thetext was a new design commissioned by Aldus and cut by Francesco Griffo, a goldsmithturned punch-cutter. Griffo’s design was lighter and more harmonious in weight thanearlier romans. Text set in the face was also more inviting and easier to read than previousdesigns. Three years later, the basic font was enhanced by the introduction of a suite ofcorresponding capital letters. (Capitals were pulled from other fonts prior to the releaseof these new designs.)Francesco GriffoAldus Manutius1495
    • 1929MonotypeIn the early part of this century, the designers in the Monotype drawing office usedantique books and specimen material set with Aldus’ original fonts as the foundation fortheir revival of the Bembo type. The italic proved to be a significant challenge. Aldus’Bembo had no italic designs, so the Monotype design staff created a new italic based on theworks of Giovanni Tagliente, a 16th century writing master.In the 1980s, Monotype produced a faithful digital rendition of their original metalrevival. The staff designers also added Semi Bold and Extra Bold weights to the family.As a result, this exceptionally important and wonderfully powerful communication tool isavailable as PostScript, TrueType and fully functional OpenType fonts. Today, a 500-yearlegacy of great typeface design continues.Stanley Morison
    • accento(I have a sexy accent)sexyIo ho un
    • à
    • Latinshort, bracketed serifswith cupped basesangled top serifs onlower case letterslasciatedei mieCara mia,double-storey aBembo Book Bold
    • Loversmall x-heightoblique stressche vi mostri alcuniei migliori attributi(Darling, let me show you some of my best attributes)Bembo Book Bold Italic
    • (As a good Italian, I have a great sense of style)italianoho un grandesenso dello stileCome un buon
    • ffstflfifflffifbfkfhffjfjct
    • ,
    • ,Mi sento comose questo è veroamore(I feel this is true love)
    • (Baby, take me home!)Bambina,portami a casa!
    • monotype.com§§
    • Designer: Flora Cruells Benzal   Degree: MFA Class: Type Composition Instructor: Andrew LoeselEstablished in 1929, the Academy of Art University is the largest privateschool of art and design in the country. Located in downtown San Francisco,the university believes that established artists and designers are best at trainingthe next generation of professionals. The school’s highly regarded GraphicDesign program maintains an international student body that has won numer-ous student design awards. The program enjoys a strategic partnership withMonotype Imaging, which provides students with scholarship funds as well asnumerous other opportunities.Monotype Imaging is a multifaceted enterprise that combines technologywith design to help the world communicate. The company has more than150 years of experience serving the typographic needs of the design industry.As one of the most established type foundries in the world, Monotype offersa myriad of typefaces through its designer-focused portal, www. fonts.com.