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Relo Assist
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Relo Assist


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ReloAssist presentation

ReloAssist presentation

Published in: Business
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  • 1. Relocation Management made easy
  • 2.
    • ReloAssist provides a unique set of tools for managing the relocation process
    • With more than 30 different services, ReloAssist covers both short term and long term assignments
    relocation made easy Home Search Furniture Rental Temp Accommodation Handyman Airport Pickup Departure School Search Lease Closedown Orientation Move Management Lease Negotiation Visa Check In Settling In Tenancy Management Partner Support Expense Management Language Training Lease Renewal Cross Cultural Training
  • 3.
    • Bringing together all of the parties involved in a relocation;
    • The Relocation Management Company
    • The Corporate HR Contact
    • The Assignee
    • and the Service Providers
    • ReloAssist makes the exchange of information simple and effective
    relocation made easy
  • 4.
    • As a web-based system, ReloAssist can be accessed from anywhere, making it ideal for companies with multiple offices and/or home-workers.
    • A secure login keeps out unauthorised users.
    • When a user logs in, their ‘Role’ will determine what facilities are available to them.
    relocation made easy Secure, Web-based System
  • 5. relocation made easy The Relocation Co-ordinator
  • 6.
    • The Relocation co-ordinators can review their task lists at any time. The Task List is automatically updated when any actions take place on an assignment.
    • Due tasks and complaints are shown along with any correspondence follow-ups.
    relocation made easy Co-ordinators Task List
  • 7.
    • The Task List will bring the co-ordinator directly to the Service details.
    relocation made easy Service Details
  • 8.
    • Every Service can have any number of user-defined ‘Events’, which generate entries in the Task Lists for co-ordinators and Service Providers.
    • Events can be escalated, based on the business rules that you apply.
    relocation made easy Service Details - Events
  • 9.
    • Each Relocation file holds details of the Assignment and the required Services.
    relocation made easy Assignment Details
  • 10.
    • Comprehensive Assignee information is held…
    relocation made easy Assignee Details
  • 11.
    • … along with details of each dependant.
    relocation made easy Dependant Details
  • 12.
    • Based on the ‘Assignment Type’ selected, ReloAssist knows which Services are to be provided and how much should be billed for each Service.
    • You can configure your own ‘Assignment Types’, to reflect your customers Policies.
    relocation made easy Service List
  • 13.
    • Every detail of the Service is recorded.
    relocation made easy Service Detail
  • 14.
    • The information can be provided by the co-ordinator or even by an external Service Provider.
    relocation made easy Service Detail
  • 15.
    • Details of all costs, both estimated and actual, can be recorded against each Service.
    • All Charges are also recorded, providing a Profit & Loss report on every Assignment.
    relocation made easy Costs & Charges
  • 16.
    • Invoices can be raised with the click of a button.
    • Billing amounts can be determined by the Policy in place with the Customer.
    • ReloAssist can bill in any Currency and Invoices can be produced in different languages.
    relocation made easy Billing
  • 17. relocation made easy The Sales Manager
  • 18.
    • The ReloAssist CRM module allows you to record details of all your existing and potential customers.
    relocation made easy Customer Relationship Management
  • 19.
    • Details of all contacts can be recorded.
    • Corporate contacts can be provided with a login and password so they can track their Assignments and print reports.
    relocation made easy Contacts
  • 20.
    • ReloAssist makes communication with your customers easy.
    • You can create email templates to standardize your correspondence.
    • Email can be sent directly from the ReloAssist server.
    relocation made easy Correspondence
  • 21.
    • Tight integration with MS Word and OpenOffice allows you to create documents in different languages from templates.
    relocation made easy Documents
  • 22. relocation made easy The Service Provider
  • 23.
    • ReloAssist will help you to select the best Provider for each Service.
    relocation made easy Service Providers
  • 24.
    • Full details of all Service Providers can be held, including Contacts, Notes and Correspondence.
    relocation made easy Service Providers
  • 25.
    • You can even allow your Service Providers to log in to ReloAssist and record details of the Services they are working on.
    relocation made easy Service Provider Login
  • 26. relocation made easy The Corporate HR Contact
  • 27.
    • ReloAssist provides access not only to Service Providers, but also to Corporate HR personnel and even the Assignee.
    relocation made easy HR Contact Login
  • 28.
    • You can create reports that are specific to certain customers and your customers can print them on demand, 24/7.
    • Reports are also web-based, so there is no need for any software to be installed on your customer’s computers.
    relocation made easy HR Contact Reports
  • 29.
    • ReloAssist is the complete solution for managing the relocation process
    relocation made easy