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Killer Consultant Half Hour Of Power
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Killer Consultant Half Hour Of Power


For details, see killerconsultant.com/talk …

For details, see killerconsultant.com/talk

Slides for a half hour tour through three segments where little improvements can make a big impact on your life as consultant:
1) Evading Entropy (GTD, inbox zero, etc.)
2) Staying Sane (Gear to take on the road, staying focused, fitness in the hotel, realizing 5-4-3, winding down)
3) Hidden Happiness (measures against Monday morning bitterness, connecting with people and having a laugh once in a while)

Published in Sports , Technology , Business
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  • 1. Killer consultant half hour of power 2009 / 02 / 27
  • 2. Hi! I’T FSVrPHU. at work: Strategy Consultant for fun: killerconsultant.com always: Life-lover
  • 3. DISCLAIMER http://flickr.com/photos/shuttercat7/1096133720/
  • 4. (1) Evading entropy http://flickr.com/photos/hawkexpress/2189398600/
  • 5. Consulting is ADD heaven. http://flickr.com/photos/thomashawk/3071055422/
  • 6. STUFF COMES IN. ALWAYS. •E-Mails •Calls •Conversations •Meetings •Ideas •Plans •….
  • 7. All we want: GTD GETTING THINGS DONE (btw, clients like that, too)
  • 8. Obviously, not my idea. Still works like a charm. http://flickr.com/photos/deadsquid/2247195467/
  • 9. 1) Collect: all stuff 2) Process: next action? Context? 3) Organize: JHSLUKHr, WrVQLJts… 4) Review: wOHt’s uW? OU trHJR? 5) Do: Really. Do it. Or not.
  • 10. For starters: INBOX ZERO. Today. (not my idea, either) Delete Delegate Respond Defer Do
  • 11. (2) Staying sane http://flickr.com/photos/xeeliz/110923600/
  • 12. Essentials (KVU’t MVrNLt NV.7)
  • 13. Your attention pays your salary. “PING!” … NLt rPK VM Pt.
  • 14. During the week: Prison cell Workout. Works in the hilton, too. …or go for a run. Just do. http://flickr.com/photos/stillburning/46442359/
  • 15. Be clear. And clever.
  • 16. wind down. Or die young. http://flickr.com/photos/patrick-smith-photography/3086025194/
  • 17. (3) Hidden happiness http://flickr.com/photos/daswunderkind/2681337480/
  • 18. Mondays. Bring your iPod. And a pillow. http://flickr.com/photos/batiskafo/2283479080/
  • 19. Connect with colleagues. WL’rL HJtuHSSy H IuUJO VM fun people.
  • 20. http://flickr.com/photos/mark_bowman/2912294312/ Play your cards right.
  • 21. Have a laugh. Non-billable but priceless. http://xkcd.com/149/
  • 22. Reading tips, links and more goodness: killerconsultant.com/talk (Today, 5pm PST)
  • 23. &
  • 24. Thanks! Florian Hollender killerconsultant.com twitter.com/floho florian@floho.com