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    Lauren johnson Lauren johnson Presentation Transcript

    • Lauren Roxanne Johnson AS Communications Presentation
    • YOUNG MUM JUDGED Representation & Identity Me as a What it means to be
    • Identity is… the individual characteristics that define who or what somebody or something is.
    • Representation is…
      • The act of serving as a model, symbol or example of something
    • Teenage pregnancy ‘ The Definition ’ “ a pregnancy in a young woman who has not reached her 20 th birthday by the time the pregnancy has ended” Wikipedia.com
    • Statistics on pregnancy rates of different ages from 1990 to 2008 Please click on the speakerphone A large rise Noticeable drop Slight rise Slight rise
    • From a parent’s perspective ‘ Stereotype...’ ‘ Shock...’ ‘ Judge...’ ‘ Had to grow-up...’ ‘ Responsibility...’ ‘ It can happen to anyone...’ http://youtu.be/KcUsnZ7R3Aw Please click on the link below ‘ It has it’s good points & bad points...’
    • What do you think of teenage mothers? “ Some are bums” “ You have failed” “ Life over!” “ Brave” “ Depends on the situation” “ Usually negative” “ Typically immature” “ Aren’t capable” “ Irresponsible” “ All mothers deserves the same respect” “ Depends on their appearance” I produced a questionnaire and asked…. These are the responses…
    • Dimbleby & Burton (2006) ‘A sense of self’ Reactions of others? Comparisons with others? Dimbleby and Burton identified four key factors in the creation of a sense of self, here are two of them that relate to my presentation. When I first had my son, the reactions from other people (friends or strangers) had an impact on how I looked at myself. I found that people said I looked to young, so I tried to dress and act more maturely. I did compare myself with others; other mothers, even older ones because I wanted to see how a mother should act. As time went on though I got more comfortable with myself and stopped comparing myself to others
    • Cooley (1992) ‘Looking-glass’ Cooley suggested that a persons self comes from interpersonal communication and peoples perceptions. This is me with a group of friends friends. My friends see me as a teenager still so when I have nights out with them I see myself as a teenager. They perceive me as this teen party girl so when I am with them I act like how they see me This is my family. My son looks up to me and wants to see me as his mother so I automatically fall in to the mothering role around him.
    • Conclusion ‘Everyone is judged, no matter what they do’ Please click on the speakerphone 8 Minutes