DO-GOOD ACADEMY: DIY marketing & web for not so-rich startups & non-profits


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Marketing and branding class for cashpoor nonprofits and socents based largely on my personal experience of transitioning from a big budget telco marketer and ecommerce head in 2009-2012 to a zero-budget one person outpost for in New York in 2013. The lesson? Even when you don't have the budget to pay for media exposure, there are dozens of ways to hustle and "earn" your own media. Here are trial and error learnings from my Kiva experiment in DIY Earned Marketing. The second part of the class - given in Oct 2013 at Leaderonomics' DO GOOD ACADEMY ( ) - included borrowing simple marketing and media brainstorming techniques from large professional ad agencies to aid zero-budget startup marketing. Learn more about those techniques at

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DO-GOOD ACADEMY: DIY marketing & web for not so-rich startups & non-profits

  1. 1. DIY Marketing, Branding & Web for Not-So-Rich Startups, Socents & Non-profits
  2. 2. Q1) ....Why are you interested in “marketing”? (show of hands) Increase funding, broaden donor base, increase grant income Get more public support and awareness behind your “cause” Recruit experts, volunteers and probono assistance to improve your ‘product’, serve your NGO’s constituents better
  3. 3. Q2) ....Which kind of startup/non-profit are you? the kind with more cash, less time/sweat the kind with less cash, but more hustle
  4. 4. 2009-2012 $57mil p.a. A&P budget
  5. 5. 2009-2012 2013 $160mil p.a. A&P budget $14.95 for 4 months (200 namecards)
  6. 6. How?
  7. 7. Paid + Owned + Earned
  8. 8. Paid + Owned + Earned (in $$ cash) (Not “Free”, just paid for in Hustle & Heart)
  9. 9. Paid + Owned + Earned Paid Owned Earned Big Company Startup 0 25 50 75 100
  10. 10. Paid + Owned + Earned • Namecards (B/w @ $5) • Print Flyers $15 • Location-specific biz: Small ads/classifieds • Very niche/specialized: Google Adwords $30-50/mth • Web $0-10 month
  11. 11. Paid + Owned + Earned THINK: What ‘Marketing + Media Assets’ do you already own? • Your own friends and family, and their connections • Your knowledge/expertise/experience in your head - just needs to be written down, documented • Website • Your physical space and/or location - walls, windows, counters, toilets • Your products (their packaging, receipts, bill statements, sizing tags, stickers) • Your happy customers • Your future employees • Your everyday comms: emails and letters and envelopes • Your vehicles (and your friends’ ad families’!) • You! (your apron, cap, notebook, wristband, even your famous catchphrases)
  12. 12. Paid + Owned + Earned THINK: Which areas can you out-sweat, out-perform others? • Video/Music - YouTube • Long-form Writing/Blogging • Short form Writing - Tweets, Tumblr • Pictures/Visual design/style - instagram, Pinterest • Humour/Comedy/Acting • Public Speaking • Proving logically/ proving efficacy • Networking/ Connecting in big rooms • Networking/ Connecting online • 121 persuasion/selling • Story-telling • Getting people to do favours for you • In-depth/specialist area knowledge and experience - slideshare • Local area/community contacts no one else has - googlegroups • Making customers say nice things about you - Youtube • .... or have friends that will gladly help you out for free Basically, whatever it is you do well, make something shareable and ask help to share it
  13. 13. e-flyers + piggyback media - free!
  14. 14. Piggyback media?? I ASK people i meet to piggyback on their networks and connections and fans •people who belong to large, relevant Google groups (invite me or post for me) •Personal networks (write me an intro or allow me to say “Shana dressler recommended we speak”) •Mailing lists/ Newsletters (help me blast this out) •Association/Club Member lists (help me blast this out) •Large facebook following >1000 (share this link or share this photo or share this blog) •Twitter following >1000 (retweet me) •Active Message or Bulletin boards (help me post or allow me to post) •Events / Panels / Conferences / Meetups (let me plug, help introduce me to so and so) •Board or Roundtable meetings (let me plug, help introduce me to so and so) •Business Plan Competition (let me observe or judge) •Those scheduled to speak to small biz financing (include 2 slides from me about Kiva Zip)
  15. 15. Invade events your customers are likely to attend.
  16. 16. Web Presence in an hour Building web presence in an hour for less than RM250
  17. 17. Really? Just one hour? Probably like 2 to 3 hours, but 1 hour sounds good for the title :)
  18. 18. Really? Just RM250? Yes, Really !!
  19. 19. Let's get started Total Cost so far : $0
  20. 20. Ingredients for a basic website • Domain Name • Logo / Tag Line • Design • Content (Text) • Images and Videos • Contact Information
  21. 21. Domain Name Physical Address: 247 Lorong Maarof Bangsar 59000 KL Malaysia Online Address:
  22. 22. Where to buy a domain name? • Namecheap • Gandi • Name • Go Daddy :(
  23. 23. Total so far RM70 , 3 years
  24. 24. Domain name tips • short • easy to remember • indicative of your business • .com instead of .org, .net, .us etc • Whoisguard subscription
  25. 25. Ways to build a website • Hire a agency • Hire a freelancer • Hire a high school kid • Build an page • Do It Yourself, using website builders
  26. 26. Website builders • (good start, might not be enough) • Weebly • Wix • Strikingly • Squarespace etc
  27. 27. Strategy? Get started with - very quick and easy BUT Use weebly (or wix or squarespace) to build a multi page website
  28. 28. Tips for efficient design • Decide number of pages • Decide what goes into each page • Make the pages short, simple and easy to read • Write the outline of the website on paper before starting to build it
  29. 29. "Assembling" a website
  30. 30. How much did we spend? For one year: Domain Name - RM70 - RM0 Strikingly - RM60 * 3 = RM180 Total : RM250 3 years
  31. 31. Next Steps • Poke around Strikingly, weebly etc • Pick one • Buy a domain name • Make an "" page • Make a complete website Need help? mail me
  32. 32. Think Things 52 little cards to help anyone think like a big ad agency
  33. 33. ~How to Navigate Think Things~ For easier navigation, all 52 Thinks are grouped into four broad directions - N, S, E, W - that indicate four general schools or methods of approach when agency folks are faced with a marketing challenge. N is for Think Needs: simple techniques to help unearth unmet, underserved or underrated customer needs - both conscious needs and unconscious ones E is for Think Essence: ideas inspired by your brand, its products, their untold stories and unsung strengths W is for Think Who-When-Where: explore oft-overlooked locations, seasons, times and triggers relevant to your product and target audience S is for Think Switch: creative ways to shake up the status quo, disrupt competition, change behaviors and redirect the path to purchase
  34. 34. “Think Left and Think Right and Think Low and Think High, Oh, the Thinks You can Think If You Only Try.” ~Dr Seuss~ Just as marketing disciplines have expanded over the years to now include advertising, media placements, path-to-purchase conversion, design, activation, social media, branded content, apps and so on... ...the 52 Thinks here emulate the diverse ways that the many different schools of marketers, planners and creatives ideate around marketing problems.
  35. 35. (Cards sit in the hollow here)
  36. 36. Marketing for startups is only 1% cash, 9% luck, 90% sweat. The more stuff you put out, the more people you ask to piggyback, the more “sweat” you put into good content, the more attention you put into tagging content well. ....the luckier you will get.
  37. 37. Sponsored message by my favorite non-profit :-)
  38. 38. Thank You & Questions Twitter/Instagram: @sulinlau Email: Credit for borrowed web slides: Kiva NYC captain Vijay R who taught this class with me at DEFY Ventures in April 2013