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This is the presentation used to present to the PP1 Lecture Presentation on Monday 23rd May, 2011.

This is the presentation used to present to the PP1 Lecture Presentation on Monday 23rd May, 2011.



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The Steps PPT Presentation The Steps PPT Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • the steps Pavita, Tess, Nelson, Adam
      • Original synopsis
        • Exploration of multiple tribes
        • Tribes coming together to share one space
        •   Varied examples - park benches, cafes, landmarks
        • Discussion led to Flinders Street, and to the steps
        • Tribes: emos/punks, students, tourist, business people, police, buskers
    The idea
        •   open Tumblr page as main site, host our content
        • Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare, YouTube
        • Aim to encorouge user-made content
        • Possible to create an online representation of the Steps
    The set-up
  • The change
      • creation of content changed our artefact's synopsis
      • no longer the tribes sharing the space
      • how the space "hosts" these tribes
      • how people view the space
      • what do they think the space's role is? if any?
      • Ambient footage 
        • possibly the best way to capture the environment
        •   when viewed showed things often overlooked
        • showed how these tribes shared the space
      • Group realisation
        • Tribes share physical space
        • little to no interaction between them
        • Quentin Stevens, urban planner
          • "threshold space"
          • intermediary spaces used to create a transition between different types of people
    Our content
  • Our content
      •   Vox pops
          • "dirty and gone to waste"
          • "the center of Melbourne"
          • "tourists and bogans at the same time"
          • "trains come here. People use them."
      • Police interview
          • it is illegal to "hang out" on the Steps
          • certain people legally banned from the Steps
          • Friday and Saturday nights require extra presence
  • The history
      • Research into the Steps and the history behind
      • Personal reflections on how spaces shared such as this impact us
      • Interview with Mark Bridger- Melbournian
        • the Steps were once a focal point of Melbourne
        • an "exciting" and "grand" place to be
        • disappearing into the background 
  • The sum-up
      • artefact highlights how the places tribes use can be just as important and interesting
      • uses convergent media to represent the different facets of the space
      • Quick video