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Contrast two english language drama series

Contrast two english language drama series






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    Contrast two english language drama series Contrast two english language drama series Document Transcript

    • Contrast “Prison Break” and “Accused” English 2 (ESP 0205) Assignment 1 Part 1 Fam Li Kian (0310639)
    • Contrast Two English Language Drama Series: “Prison Break” and “Accused”. Drama is part of human’s life. It is an artwork occurred since ancient time as in operaor theatre form to express a story or to entertain people. But nowadays, drama serieshas been shown in television. Drama is a representational art, a visible and audiblenarrative presenting virtual, frictional characteristic within a virtual, frictional universe.(Galens, 2002). There are different types of genres in drama. The word “genre” comesfrom the Greek genus, meaning “kind” or “sort”. Genre is defined as pragmatic ratherthan natural, as defined rather than found, and as used rather than described.(Rosmarin,1985). What about a crime genre? Crime drama is much related to criticismof the world on different views. According to Leitch, critical responses on a crime filmand its numerous subgenres have divided according to which modes of academiccriticism have been fashionable from moment to moment. (Leitch, 2002). Therefore,crime drama is usually trying to provoke or to discuss a serious topic. The dramas series that I have chosen to contrast on are “Prison Break” and “Accused”.Although both of the dramas are same in genre which is crime genre, but there are stillvarious differences between them which can be spot from different categories. Firstly,“Prison Break” which created by Paul T. Scheuring covered the themes of the unfair,realistic world and the good relationships between brothers and family. This drama withfour seasons is about the protagonist; Michael Scofield planned a jail breaking plan tosave his brother, Lincoln Burrows from being accused in murdering the brother ofUnited States’ vice president. In the other hand, “Accused” created by Jimmy McGovern
    • covered different themes such as the greed of humans, people can makes mistakeseasily and how can different situations created different attitudes of a person in facingproblems. In “Accused” there are only two seasons with different protagonists anddifferent situations in each episode. It shows a negative thinking of someone when theyreally got in troubles. This makes things worse and that is why they could easily getinvolved in illegal activities. Not only different in the way of performing a drama, thereare still a lot of differences between both of the drama series. “Prison Break” is a long series of drama about crime and action. This drama series hasactually trying to express the reality of the world and the behaviors of human onbetraying and framing others for their own benefits. One of the examples is Theodore"T-Bag" Bagwell, one of their escape partners; he chose to kill his partner as long as hecould get the money after they were out of the jail. In this drama series, the incidentswere mostly happened in the Fox River Penitentiary, which is the jail where bothBurrows and Scofield were kept. Scofield requested to go Fox River since Lincoln wasthere and he was the structural engineer who actually built it. He has all those blueprintstattooed on his body and this made the plan went well when they were escaping. Theprotagonist knew that it will be a hard mission for him to be complete and there might bemany political factors that caused Lincoln accused but the strong relationship betweenthem makes him to be courage to take his steps in involving an armed robbery. Besides,Scofield is a very determine and smart looking person. No matter what problems has hefaced, he can always solves it by thinking rationally and making the best choice. He is aclean looking man and that is why most of the people have been curious on his imprison.
    • But the whole different story has happened in “Accused”. “Accused” is a very shortdrama series with various types of themes since every single episode has its ownstoryline. In season one, there are only six episodes with six different protagonists. Asan example, the main character in episode one is Willy Houlihan. This episode showsnegative and prejudice in real life. Willy has received a bounced cheque and all theback luck started from there. He faced all the problems on having an affair, running outof money, unstable family relationship negatively. This has turned everything into aworse condition and he has finally accused because he has paid the counterfeited notes.The drama shows how negative thing happen if we did not handle it carefully. Theincidents are mostly happened at Houlihan’s place, the church and the court. The scenewas started at the court where Willy was put to trial and the other scenes were mostlyhappened when he was spending his time with his family members. From the actionsand decisions took by Willy, it shows his characteristics which is greed and always notsatisfy with what does he have. His attitude of not taking other advices has also makeshim fell in managing his problems. He should always practices the promises that he hasmade with God in order to make a better life. In conclusion, we can differentiate the theme, setting and the characteristics of both ofthe protagonists in “Prison Break” and “Accused”. The same genre of drama series canbe developed into many different ways. In my opinion, both of the drama series hastheir own way in expressing and presenting their themes and storylines. Although bothare interesting, but in “Accused”, there was a difference that I have noticed whichmakes it special, where there is no sense of humour in it. The story is expressed in avery serious form because Willy the protagonist has lost his self-respect so he kept
    • making the wrong choices and this makes the plot sad. This drama series has alsotaught me plenty of attitudes and behaviors that we should have in our daily life.Therefore, I personally think that “Accused” is a better movie where people can learnsome useful lessons from it.
    • References list: 1. Langan, J. College (2010). Writing Skills, (8th ed.). New York: McGraw Hill. 2. Leitch, T. M. (2002). Crime Movies. Port Chester, NY: Cambridge University Press. 3. Rosmarin, Aden. (1986). Power of Genre. Minneapolis, MN: University of Minneasota Press. 4. Galens. D. (2002). Drama for Students: Presenting analysis, context, and criticism on commonly studied novels. Detroit: Gale. 5. Perrin, R. (2012). Pocket Guide to APA Style (4th ed.). Boston: Wadsworth.