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Fla Green Incentives  Kettles

Fla Green Incentives Kettles






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    Fla Green Incentives  Kettles Fla Green Incentives Kettles Presentation Transcript

    • Florida’s Green Incentives and Policies: Solar in Affordable Housing Colleen McCann Kettles 2009 Florida Affordable Housing Conference
    • FlaSEREF
      • Established by the Florida Solar Energy Industries Association to promote the growth of solar energy in Florida
      • Operates as a contractor on behalf of the Governor’s Energy Office
      • Administers the SunBuilt, SunCatcher and Public Awareness Programs
      Page 
    • FlaSEREF Programs
      • SunBuilt Program: Incentives for builders installing solar water heaters on new homes
      • SunCatcher Program: Promoting use of solar energy on hotels, restaurants and condominiums
      • Public Awareness: Toll free hotline, website, educational materials
      Page 
    • Solar in Affordable Housing
      • Solar Technologies
      • Solar Water Heating
      • Solar Pool Heating
      • Solar Electric (Photovoltaics – PV)
      Page  * Place your footnotes here
    • Solar Water Heating Page 
    • Solar Water Heating Page 
    • Solar Water Heating
      • Uses the suns heat to produce hot water for domestic use
      • Provides 50 to 90 percent of household hot water needs (back up electric or gas is provided)
      • Water heating represents about 15% of household energy consumption
      • Systems are tested and certified
      • Contractors are licensed and insured and subject to continuing education requirements
      Page 
    • Solar Water Heating
      • Financial Incentives Include:
      • 30% Federal Residential Tax Credit
      • 30% Federal Business Investment Credit
      • Florida Sales Tax Exemption
      • Florida Solar Rebate Program
        • $500 for residential systems
        • $15/1,000 Btu for commercial systems ($5,000 cap)
      Page 
    • Solar Pool Heating Page 
    • Solar Pool Heating
      • Uses the sun’s heat to increase pool water temperature
      • Most cost effective use of solar energy
      • Licensed contractors, certified equipment
      • No federal tax credit available
      • State solar rebate of $100
      • Florida sales tax exemption
      Page 
    • Photovoltaics (Solar Electric – PV) Page 
    • Photovoltaics (Solar Electric – PV) Page 
    • Photovoltaics (Solar Electric – PV)
      • Uses the light of the sun to generate electricity
      • Produces alternative current electricity which is converted to direct current
      • Systems are grid tied with the serving utility or in some cases off grid with battery back up
      • Applications include:
        • Remote Power (off-grid applications, highway signage, street lighting, water pumping)
        • Distributed Generation (grid-connected residential and commercial applications)
        • Central Station (utility scale applications)
        • Consumer Products (watches, calculators, garden lighting)
      Page 
    • Photovoltaics (Solar Electric – PV)
      • Requires subsidies to be cost effective in most cases, but costs are declining
      • Rising electric rates improve cost effectiveness
      • Florida law provides for net metering and interconnection with electric utility
      • Utility programs provide additional investment incentives
      Page 
    • Photovoltaics (Solar Electric – PV)
      • Financial Incentives Include:
      • 30% Federal Residential Tax Credit
      • 30% Federal Business Investment Credit (available as a grant through 2010)
      • Florida Sales and Property Tax Exemptions
      • Florida Solar Rebate Program
        • $4 per watt
        • $20,000 cap for residential systems
        • $100,000 cap for commercial
      Page 
    • SunBuilt Program Page 
    • SunBuilt Program
      • A Florida-based builder program
      • Supports a builder’s transition into green building and energy efficiency
      • Allows both builders and their customers to interact with solar water heating technologies
      • Provides $500 builder installation rebates
      • Supplies builders with client educational and promotional materials
      Page 
    • S unBuilt Program Page 
      • Builder agrees to participate at gold or silver level by signing pledge.
      • Builder receives rebate and client educational materials for model or Parade home(s).
      How it Works
      • Solar contractor installs solar water heater and builder submits rebate application.
    • Gold Builder – 100% of Homes with Solar Water Heaters Page 
      • Sign Gold Builder Pledge.
      • Fillout and submit system voucher application.
      • Receive approval from SunBuilt Program to install free system.
      • Install system.
      • Receive materials for Model Home(s).
      • Submit rebate application after each installation .
    • Utility Incentives for Solar
      • Include rebates, low interest loans, and performance based incentives
      • Consider energy efficiency incentives as well to maximize conservation efforts and optimize solar investments
      • Gulf Power, Progress Energy, JEA, GRU, OUC, City of Tallahassee, Clay Electric Cooperative currently offer solar incentives
      • Orange County provides supplement to Progress Energy and OUC customers
      • Current proceeding before the Florida Public Service Commission will result in new utility program offerings
      • http://www.flaseref.org/utilityIncentives.html
      Page 
    • Renewable Energy Technology Grant Program
      • Awarded funds to solar and other renewable projects in 2007 and 2008 through competitive bid process
      • Extended program to energy efficiency as well for 2009
      • Stimulus funds have been requested to fund 2009 projects through the “Shovel Ready” program request ($20 million)
      • Stimulus funds have been requested to fund additional projects through the Renewable Energy Sector Grant Program ($24 million)
      • Leveraged funding is required
      Page 
    • State Energy Program/Block Grants
      • Competitive Grants to Local Government (60% Federal Requirement)
      • The Energy Independence & Security Act of 2007, in establishing the Energy Efficiency & Conservation Block Grant, requires that States pass-through 60% of funds received to cities and counties that did not receive a direct allocation from the United States
      • The State of Florida proposes to provide these funds to non-entitlement cities and counties through a competitive grant process that incorporates federal program guidance by reference.
      • Program Year Funds: $18,240,960.00
      Page 
    • Federal Incentives for Energy Efficiency
      • Tax Credits for Consumers
      • Tax credits are available at 30% of the cost, up to $1,500, in 2009 & 2010 (for existing homes only) for:
      • Windows and Doors
      • Insulation
      • Roofs (Metal and Asphalt)
      • HVAC
      • Water Heaters (non-solar)
      • Biomass Stoves
      Page 
    • Federal Incentives for Energy Efficiency
      • Home Builders
      • $2,000 tax credit for a new energy efficient home that achieves 50% energy savings for heating and cooling over the model code
      • At least 1/5 of the energy savings must come from building envelope improvements
      • Applies to new homes located in the United States whose construction is substantially completed after August 8, 2005 and that are acquired from the eligible contractor for use as a residence from January 1, 2006 through December 31, 2009
      Page 
    • Too Much Information!
      • http://www.epa.gov/cleanenergy/energy-programs/state-and-local/recovery.html
      Page 
    • Solar Weatherization Assistance Program
      • Pilot program initiated by US DOE, Florida DCA and FSEC from 1994 to 1997
      • Solar water heaters were installed on homes of weatherization clients in communities throughout Florida
      • Program results allowed solar water heaters to be considered as an eligible measure in the US Weatherization Assistance Program
      • System costs and WAP budget limitations are challenges
      • Front Porch Florida Program reintroduced SWAP to their communities in 2004
      • Stimulus funding has significantly increased WAP funds, and solar is an eligible measure, subject to prior approval
      Page 
    • Solar Weatherization Assistance Program
      • Renewable energy systems such as solar water heating will be considered during WAP PY 2009-12.
      • Sub-grantees interested in installing this renewable energy system should contact the state office for clarification of guidelines.
      • Weatherization measures that are required through the Priority List and audits must be provided before installation of a renewable energy saving system may be considered.
      • Prior approval for installation of a renewable energy saving system is required from the state office.
      Page 
    • Miami Dade Community Action Agency
      • Miami Dade Solar Initiative
      • One of the most active WAP agency under the original SWAP program
      • Funded by the Board of County Commissioners, the Solar Water Heater Program provides for the installation of solar water heating systems in low income households
      • Originated by Commissioner Katy Sorenson to serve residents of her district, the program was extended to provide for installations county wide.
      Page 
    • Commissioner Sorenson, CAA Director and Solar Client Page 
    • For more information -
      • www.flaseref.org
      • 1-800-59SOLAR
      • www.flaseia.org
      • 1-800-426-5899
      • www.askaboutsolar.com
      • [email_address]
      Page 