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Flexkom Slovenija - obtainer article

  1. 1. Precisely at this moment, you have per- haps made yourself comfortable in your favorite chair, have your notebook on your lap, are enjoying a cup of coffee and are delving into our current cover story. Do you realize it? Whether you believe it or not, you are now a witness to a revolution that will fundamentally change the world. You don’t believe it? Just wait. a Visionary Company Is Conquering Europe and the World FlexKom a Visionary Company Is Conquering Europe and the World 10    OBTAINER WORLDWIDE 3/2013 3/2013 OBTAINER WORLDWIDE    11 INSIGHT
  2. 2. P recisely at this moment, you have perhaps made yourself comfortable in your favorite chair, have your notebook on your lap, are enjoying a cup of coffee and are delving into our current cover story. Do you realize it? Whether you believe it or not, you are now a witness to a revolution that will fundamentally change the world. You don't believe it? Just wait. 12    OBTAINER WORLDWIDE 3/2013 3/2013 OBTAINER WORLDWIDE    13 INSIGHT
  3. 3. Your day yesterday will not differ greatly from today's, which is why it is prob- ably hard to believe that exactly in this moment a development is taking place that may have previously unimagined consequences. If we look back to the invention of the combustion engine, the steam engine or the telephone, we are sure to all agree that these inventions changed the entire world and all of our lives extremely. Or could you still imag- ine reading by petroleum lighting today? Carrying your business correspondence exclusively by written letter (or carrier pigeon)? Taking care of your errands in the city with the horse and cart? Surely not! Behind the so-called "conveniences of our modern life" are terrific inventors, people who were far ahead of their time and who changed the entire world with their visionary ideas. And they also didn't do too badly for themselves either! But you do not have to look back too far to draw on examples such as Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell or the motorist duo Daimler and Benz. Steve Jobs and the inventionofthefirstmainstreamcomputer is a perfect example of a visionary idea that changed the entire world and our lives. In 1976, Steve Jobs and his colleagues paved the way for a technological development that is seen as a matter of course today, but at the time was rather ridiculed and dismissed as a gadget. In the late 1970s, no one could have imagined that a PC, notebook or tablet would be indispensable today,thatwewouldbasicallydoeverything potential to change the world, but are also unbelievably lucrative and profitable. The problem is that most people only recog- nize them once they have long been in the mainstream. You might be wondering what all of this has to do with you. Very simple: What if you could benefit from a visionary idea that has the potential to, let's say, fundamentally change our shopping and consumer behavior? What if you were among those who are already sitting comfortably in the proverbial train and are there from the outset instead of like many others who first jump on once the train is already going, once the visionary forward-looking idea has already become mainstream? In recent weeks, we at OBTAINER have been reporting on a new form of online commerce, known as m-commerce. M-commerce (mobile commerce) is basi- cally the advancement of e-commerce (electronic commerce) and has the poten- tial to revolutionize our shopping and business behavior. Already today, the Internet, only an incredibly short time after its mass avail- ability, is called one of the most important developments of mankind - and rightly so. For the Internet has not only changed our communication behavior and shopping habits greatly, but entire economic sectors have arisen that could not exist without the Internet. When Apple introduced the first iPhone on the market in 2007 and the first iPad in 2010, the company revo- lutionized our potential uses of the Inter- net. The (real) mobile availability of the Internet ushered in a new era and now, after e-commerce, is putting forth a new form of online commerce: m-commerce. M-commerce is still a very new concept, which is why there are only a few sophis- ticated and practical usage possibilities fromshoppingtocarryingoutbusinesswith this "gadget." The "toy" became an integral partofourlives,withoutwhichwecouldno longermakedo.Atthattime,hardlyanyone knew what potential was in the invention of Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. The small company Apple, which began in a garage with a starting capital of just USD 1,750 (the amount that Steve Wozniak mustered up the table by selling his old VW bus), grew into a billion-dollar corporationlessthan30yearslater.Hardly anyone could have guessed that – perhaps not even Jobs and co. Nevertheless, they stuck with their idea – a visionary, forward-looking idea. And that paid off in the truest sense of the word. Visionary ideas not only have the compared to e-commerce. Of course, most of us no longer only check our e-mails on thehomedesktopPC,butalsonaturallyon the go. Facebook has also already arrived in the mobile age. But so far no convenient and effective m-commerce concept that is suitable for the masses exists either in the conventional economy or in sales. And that is exactly what could change now. The company that is one of the first to start a functional m-commerce concept is a European sales company. It is no surprise, as the network marketing industry has alwaysbeenparticularlyflexibleandfuture- oriented.Whileconventionalcompaniesare often still unable to cope with a respectable socialmediapresence,asalescompanyfrom Europe is already ushering in the next era. We are talking about FlexKom, which started with an innovative and visionary business model in 2010 and since then has been able to record tremendous growth. The forward-looking core of the busi- ness model is the combination of local retail and online commerce. Now this model is being expanded by a functional m-commerce model. We are talking about FlexKom, which started with an innovative and visionary business model in 2010 and since then has been able to recordtremendous growth. The forward-looking core of the business model is the combination of local retail and online commerce. Now this model is being expanded by a functional m-commerce model. 14    OBTAINER WORLDWIDE 3/2013 3/2013 OBTAINER WORLDWIDE    15 INSIGHT
  4. 4. A visionary idea takes shape FlexKom International AG & FlexKom Holding AG Registered office: Istanbul and Switzerland, FlexKom Europe GmbH Registered office: Munich Operating business: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Neth- erlands, Great Britain, Belgium, France, Turkey and Macedonia Experienced international management team at the top of the company Member of the German-Austrian Chamber of Commerce and German-Swiss Chamber of Commerce Target figures for 2013 40 million customers in Germany, 3 million customers in Austria, 2.5 million customers in Switzer- land, 30 million customers in Great Britain, each with EUR 100 monthly turnover Top managers: Renze Delstrat (the Netherlands), Erwin Falley (Belgium), Ian Driscall (Great Britain), Alexander Eisenegger (Germany),JosefFischbacher(Germany),CarlosPlogner(Austria) Contact: contact@flexkom.com FlexKomFacts and figures Cengiz Ehliz, Founder Asker Sakinmaz, CEO Michael Scheibe, MarketingManager FlexKom officially began its business operations on August 8, 2012 in Turkey and was able to record stunning growth in the past two years. According to their information, FlexKom established more than 50,000 business partners, thousands of outlets and over 3 million customers (including many professional clubs from the Turkish football league) during this very short period of time. After a three- month pre-launch phase, FlexKom Europe GmbH was founded in Holzgerlingen near Stuttgart (now in Munich), thereby usher- ing in the official European expansion. Behind FlexKom stands Cengiz Ehliz, who as founder of the company was able to benefit greatly from his more than 20 years of experience in network marketing. During the course of his very successful career, Cengiz Ehliz built up an organiza- tion with over 63,000 partners and more than 1.5 million customers. Cengiz Ehliz did not want to find a traditional network marketing company, but rather establish one that stands out and that, above all, delivers on its promises. Ehliz learned something essential from his own career as a sales partner: "A system is important, but the product is even more important. A realpassiveincomecanonlybeestablished when I offer a product that the customer uses and in particular wants to use. Only when the customer purchases the product without me having to chase after him can a passive income be achieved." Cengiz Ehliz had the proverbial enlight- enment nine years ago. If it sometimes seems so difficult to win over custom- ers as a networker, why not then turn to retailers and use them as multipliers? Because retailers already have one thing: customers! The idea and system of FlexKom first took shape with this thought and led to the company's founding in the year 2010. The Turkish market was selected due to the low cost for product develop- ment and the sales establishment started successfully. It was possible to gain two top sales professionals for the pan- European structure who have a wealth of experience in the traditional corporate structure and in sales – Asker Sakinmaz and Michael Scheibe. Turkeywasdeliberatelychosenasthestart- ing point of the company, because not only was the product development there associ- atedwithlowcosts,butalsothediverseand fascinating country on the border between Europe and Asia Minor is considered one of the current hot spots for e-commerce. In Turkey alone, e-commerce has an annual volume of over 12 billion US dollars. This also has to do with the fact that, compared toEurope,theTurkishpopulationisdispro- portionately young and practically grew up with the Internet. Young Turks use the Internet and e-commerce as an everyday matter of course. Another important factor is that the Turkish economy is booming, despite the global crisis. 16    OBTAINER WORLDWIDE 3/2013 3/2013 OBTAINER WORLDWIDE    17 INSIGHT
  5. 5. FlexKom does not offer any physical prod- ucts – one focus of the business model is the five online portals (FlexShop, FlexOut- let, FlexDeal, FlexHoliday and FlexCall). Here, consumers can purchase products for daily use, household and health prod- ucts, communication gadgets, travel, personal care products and much more at very favorable prices. The products offered are absolutely among the most popular, not just in Turkey. What is revolutionary or forward-looking about an online shopping portal, you might ask yourself. Very simple: The FlexKom portals are only one aspect of the business model. The second focus that FlexKom brings forward in full is the combination of online andofflinecommercethroughtheaffiliation oflocalretailers.Thistakesplaceintheform ofloyaltycards,whichcustomerscanuseat affiliatedretailerstopocketlargediscounts. Thisproducesafour-foldwin-win-win-win situation for all groups involved. Custom- ers receive discounts for their purchases at affiliated retailers. Retailers benefit from acquiringnewcustomers.(Whatargument would be better than buying from a retailer who guarantees discounts on the products offered?) And the FlexKom sales partners also benefit, because they build up a lucra- tive and profitable business through the FlexKomsystemwitharealpassiveincome. Most of us today at least have one loyalty or payback card in our wallets, which is of course presented with every purchase in order to receive discounts or take advantage of bonus promotions. Buy rolls from the baker around the corner nine times and the tenth bag of rolls is free. Collect points and receive awards. Or receive a discount upon purchase that is immediately deducted at the cash register. That is how loyalty and payback cards work – and quite excellently. For a few years now, discounts and awards have been a successful sales tool and are simply now a part of business. Such discounts and awards can namely encour- agecustomerstomakeadditionalpurchases or can better retain new customers. According to a 2011 study carried out by theSwissKPMGInternationalCooperative (global network of independent companies fromthebusinessandmanagementconsul- tancy sector) with the title “Price portals, couponing, social networks – the impact of current online trends on buying behavior,” over 41% of the respondents regularly take advantage of online discounts. Providers of such discount and award promotions promise stronger customer retention and greater market penetration through online coupons,whichcanoftenalsoberedeemed The FlexKom systemThe FlexCard offline.Loyaltycardsintraditionalretailare alsoenjoyinggreaterpopularity.According to a TNS Emnid study, an average of 4.4 loyalty cards are hidden in the wallets of every German. And FlexKom is capitalizing on this with its business model. If a local retailer becomes a contract partner of FlexKom (these are referred to as FlexKobi), the customer receives percentage discounts on his purchase in the form of so-called FlexMoney when he uses the Flex- Card that he is issued. If the customer purchases on the FlexKom portals, he receives a discount of the same amount. The discounts are then transferred to the customer’s online account and in turn can then be redeemed at all outlets for the next purchase. The FlexMoney corresponds 1:1 to the respective national currency. Unlike most discount card providers on the market, FlexKom combines local retail and online shopping in an innovative way. In addition, FlexKom also vertically permeates all product segments: from the very popular consumer electronics, to attractive vacation packages to car rent- als. Theoretically, all product segments are conceivable, provided the corresponding individual retailer has joined the FlexKom retailer network. In particular for retailers, there are several goodreasonstobecomeaFlexKobi.Discount and loyalty cards increase customer loyalty and can generate greater sales, because customers are encouraged to make addi- tionalpurchases.Therealgrowthmultiplier at FlexKom, however, lies in the fact that card-issuing FlexKobi are involved in sales for all of their customer purchases, regard- lessofwhichpointofacceptancearoundthe world they are currently shopping at, online oroffline.Itisanenormouslyattractiveaddi- tional business for every retailer. With the FlexCard, customers also receive discounts on their purchases at affiliated online and offline retailers. Affiliated retailers benefit from increased customer retention and an additional share in the turnover of their customers. + additional sales without spending for advertising + timely doubling of customers (starting in phase 3) and therefore a doubling in sales + participation in online market volumes (starting in phase 3) + Notification on the online customer- side and through the FlexKom app (starting from phase 3) + Participation in customer sales in other outlets (starting from phase 3) + Backoffice + SMS video-mail system with which customers can be forwarded information in seconds + Advertising for retailers through the FlexKom system (starting from phase 3) + FlexKom app (starting from phase 3) benefits for retailers 18    OBTAINER WORLDWIDE 3/2013 3/2013 OBTAINER WORLDWIDE    19 INSIGHT
  6. 6. But that's not all. FlexKom is using large scale advertising campaigns for their own portals AND for affiliated retailers. In Turkey for example, advertisements are being shown on five major television channels. In addition, the Turkish football superstar and winner of the golden foot- ball shoe, Tanju Çolak, appears as a brand ambassador of FlexKom. In Europe, discussions are currently being held with some former football world champions and professional athletes that will be active in the future as brand ambassadors for FlexKom. FlexKom therefore has several unique features from which franchise partners benefit enormously. On the one hand, the company itself is actively taking on advertising, which is no matter of course, because in most network companies, sales partners are only provided with brochures and the like. One of the most prominent advantages, however, is the clear focus on a passive income. As the franchise part- ners benefit directly from the growing customer base of affiliated retailers and therefore do not necessarily have to build up their own organization, a true passive income is possible. The franchise partners of FlexKom can also enjoy additional advantages. Based on the franchise idea, every FlexKom busi- ness partner receives a turnkey concept for a small franchise fee. Everyaffiliatedretailerisequippedwiththe FlexCardPOSdevice(startinginstage3)as wellas1,000FlexCardsthatarecustomized to the retailer's own branding if desired. The sales potential or reimbursement for the retailer is up to 20% of the discount - regardless of whether these are gener- ated online or offline. As FlexCard users of courseprefertoshopattheFlexCardoutlets (sotheycanutilizetheirdiscountoptionsto themaximum),themarketandcompetitive situation of the respective retailer will also be strengthened. What does this mean for the FlexKom partner? The FlexKom business model allows this partner to benefit both from B2C as well as B2B business. In the first case, he can acquire a finished web shop, including a back office, for a certain fran- chise fee and therefore benefit from direct customer purchases in his online shop. The really big potential, however, lies in the B2B sector. The sales partner attracts online and offline retailers and earns along with the retailer's customer sales and discounts. As a sales company, FlexKom offers its sales partners (naturally just like any other MLM company) the possibility to profit from the sales of its acquired partners, the downline and the customers. Every part- ner can build his own sales team here and thereby participate in their sales according to the compensation plan. The multi-channel approach has made FlexKomintothetopachieverintheTurkish direct sales industry. 43,000 business part- ners who put the FlexCard into circulation inTurkeyaswellasthousandsofoutletsand three million customers in just six months - a clear sign of well above average success. In order to more strongly encourage Turk- ish customers to use FlexCards, an incen- tive program was launched that distributes special awards for collected FlexMoney. For just 1,000 FlexMoneys there is a free LCD TV. For 50,000 FlexMoneys there is a free BMW 5-series or a Mercedes Benz and for 100,000thereisevenahouse.Customersin other European countries may even be able to look forward to similar incentives soon. It is impossible to miss the fact that there is a great demand for loyalty cards and / or discounts. This is not least reflected in the thousands of FlexCard accep- tance points in Turkey. The demand for discounts or loyalty and retailer benefits does not need to be awakened, for it has long been there. Every affiliated retailer is equipped with the FlexCard POS device (starting in stage 3) as well as 1,000 FlexCards that are customized to the retailer's own branding if desired. The sales potential or reimbursement for the retailer is up to 20% of the discount - regardless of whether these are generated online or offline. 20    OBTAINER WORLDWIDE 3/2013 3/2013 OBTAINER WORLDWIDE    21 INSIGHTINSIGHT
  7. 7. phase. We do this through our business distributors, junior team and business team members. Starting in phase 3, the citycoordinatorsthenstarttheassociation, hotel and company customer concept. We are currently in phase 1 in Europe and are now starting to establish pilot accep- tance points. This gives our partners the capability to present the functionality of the FlexKom success concept directly on site, i.e. at each retailer. This increases trust in our concept - both on the part of the partners as well as on the part of retailers. Overall, however, hardly any time can pass between phase 2 and 3 and it takes truly active sales professionals and a perfect infrastructure to be able to commit thousands of retailers nationwide to our company in a few weeks! This is exactly why only select consultants can bring retailers into the network. For this, they must have already built up a large team of consultants in advance. What is then correspondingly important in phase 3 is namely when our consultants and the affil- iated retailers bring millions of customers into the system! Three phases for success The selection of these active sales profes- sionals takes place according to simple and understandable criteria. Whoever has reached certain career levels in a region qualifies for the partner and retailer programs in phase 3. It is therefore quite a competition for growth and activity among the franchise partners, which of course contributes considerably to the high level of motivation. And the prior success in Turkey shows what fantastic success can be achieved. In order to cover the German market, we do not need 100,000 consultants or even 500,000 consultants. We just need 4,000 consultants who each set up 10 retailers. We then already have 40,000 retailers and 40,000 retailers each establish 1,000 customers. This means there are 40 million customers. And we have therefore covered the entire German market – with only 4,000 partners, calculates Cengiz Ehliz impressively. At the same time, this also means that those who can be particularly very happy are those franchise partners and global team members for FlexKom who are underway. Every franchise partner has the exclusive marketing right for a certain region. Only he may pass the FlexCards on to retailers there and get them into busi- ness - and therefore establish a passive income. The individual regions are coor- dinated by the so-called city coordinators. They receive another 5% commission on all sales in their region. In Turkey, FlexKom has already success- fully completed the first two phases. On September 8, 2012, FlexKom ushered in the third phase for Turkish FlexKom partners as a part of a meeting in Konya. Within a few weeks, more than 1,000 retailers and acceptance points were established in Turkey alone with many corresponding customers. At the same time, the resounding success in Turkey gave FlexKom the opportunity to review the company's technical foun- dation for potential growth and stability – and the result was more than positive. The Turkish market therefore crossed over into the third phase at the end of 2012 and the ultimate goal was to establish 30,000 acceptance points in Turkey in the follow- ing months. Assuming that each outlet or affiliated retailer on average brings in 1,000 customers, this would mean for FlexKom that 30 million customers in Turkey alone could benefit from discount opportunities by linking retailers with the online shopping opportunities of FlexKom. The meeting in Konya was also the start- ing signal for partners outside of Turkey. The goal was for each of the 500 invited VIP Gold partners to acquire ten new Gold partners within the next eight to ten weeks (phase 1). This would expand the network to 5,000 partners. Then in the second phase, it was to be called for that the partners establish local retailers as cooperation partners. If each partner only acquires 10 retailers, this would mean a total of 50,000 affiliated retailers. And judging by the sample calculation from Turkey, 50 million new customers would be acquired this way. Assuming that each customer on average only spends 100 euros each month, this corresponds to a monthly turnover of 5 billion euros. That's how easy the FlexKom system works. The idea of incorporating online and offline retailers as multipliers proves to be as simple as it is brilliant. members (acceptance point facilitators) in the various cities and regions. If sufficient partners are acquired, then the second phase is initiated during which retailers become affiliated. Cengiz Ehliz explains the procedure in this phase as follows: In the second phase, we are securing individual retailers for our sales network. Retailers are of course inter- ested in giving benefits to a large group of customers. In addition, we are already establishing our first customers in this The market development and penetration takes place at FlexKom in three phases, which occur sequentially. The first phase is used for the pure constructionofasalesinfrastructure,says Ehliz as he explains the FlexKom phase model. We need experienced and active sales professionals as city coordinators in all major cities in a country. It is not about who is first, but very much about who is the fastest. The city coordinators take on the entire coordination of the global team 22    OBTAINER WORLDWIDE 3/2013 3/2013 OBTAINER WORLDWIDE    23 INSIGHT
  8. 8. The first acceptance points inGermany POS device from FlexKom After the first phase is completed soon in the German-speaking markets, i.e. the sales infrastructures and correspondingly large number of partners have been estab- lished, the second phase of expansion of FlexKom will be set up: the establishment of online and offline customers. Select franchise partners are now being provided with POS devices and loyalty cards for this purpose. Recently, each of the first 52 qualified global team members from Germany, Austria and Switzerland received 100 registered cards and POS devices, which are now being distributed to retailers in a pilot phase. These pilot acceptance points will be the first in the German-speaking regions that can utilize and offer the innovative FlexKom system. The pilot phase also serves as a test phase in which any existing difficulties can be taken care of so that the official launch of the second phase will be just as big, if not bigger, of a success as is already the case in Turkey. The pilot acceptance points can use the issued POS units to their entirety, but at FlexKom, attention must be paid that a broad regional market coverage is guaranteed - that is why not all partners can acquire retailers at this current stage. In order to show the Germans, Austrians and Swiss that our system works, we are now issuing so-called test or demo units. This allows our partners to show new partners that they have a fully functional deviceavailabletothem,explainsmarket- ingmanagerMichaelScheibe.Butitisstill not yet the case that all of our partners are goingout,becauseinMunich,forexample, we have many partners, but in Hamburg wehavefewer,andthenwewouldnothave the desired market coverage. The previously distributed 500 POS units make business in real-time possible. The magic number here is 0.2. For just 0.2 seconds after the corresponding retailer has slid the loyalty card through the POS device with the purchase amount, he sees what share of sales he himself has earned and what discount the customer receives. The franchise partner who has gained the retailer also finds out just 0.2 seconds later via text message what commission he has earned on the customer's purchase – passive income in its purest form. The rollout is in full swing in Germany and more countries will follow soon. The first major meeting with British leaders already took place in Birmingham. Michael Scheibe and Asker Sakinmaz got together with 300 highly motivated top leaders and prepared the rollout for the United King- dom, which has meanwhile also gotten started. After the meeting, more than 100 new applications were submitted to FlexKom within just four days – and the sales are incredibly good, says Michael Scheibe excitedly. The European expan- sion of FlexKom is making headway – steady and precise like clockwork. 24    OBTAINER WORLDWIDE 3/2013 3/2013 OBTAINER WORLDWIDE    25 INSIGHT
  9. 9. The FlexKom QR code Thefoundationmustberightandsolidfor a functional m-commerce concept, says Cengiz Ehliz. And at FlexKom, the founda- tion is there to connect online and offline tradethroughloyaltycardsandPOSdevices via the superbly functioning system. As a new feature, FlexKom is now offering itscustomers,partnersandaffiliatedretail- ers an expansion of the system. With the FlexKomapp,itispossibleforcustomersto alsopayfortheirpurchasesviatheirsmart- phone.Forthispurpose,thecorresponding function is activated with the downloaded app and an entered number. The POS FlexKom and m-commerce devices positioned at retailers have a touch screenthatgeneratesaQRcodewithinsplit seconds, which the customer can scan with his smartphone. So it is possible to collect the corresponding bonuses or FlexMoney via smartphone. This is actually a true m-commerce concept. The FlexKom app not only allows for paying and collecting bonuses via the smartphone, but also has a tracking feature that, if desired, can display all other affiliated retailers in the area as well as their discount offers. The FlexKom app also functions as a kind of autopilot that alerts the user of FlexKom acceptance points, thereby allowing him to save money by taking advantage of cashback offers. Given the fact that around 94% of all Germans regularly look for special promotions, discounts and coupons in their region, the FlexKom app meets a real existing need and therefore is absolutely at the cutting edge. Keep up with the times and time won't pass you by. We offer the retailer a system that allows him to keep up with the times and take advantage of innovations. This allows him to bring more customers into his business, says Cengiz Ehliz as he summarizes the advantages of the FlexKom app. As a part of the new m-commerce aspect, FlexKom is also carrying out a paradigm shift: away from the E-N-D-F concept to the M-N-D-F concept. The original business idea remains essentially unaf- fected. It will, however, be expanded through m-commerce and therefore carried over into a new era. This is now also reflected in the mission statement, which was previously summarized as a E-N-D-F concept. E-N-D-F stood for e-commerce - network marketing - direct sales - franchise. As e-commerce will change into m-commerce in the near future and FlexKom will be one of the first companies to offer a functional m-commerce concept, this will also now be reflected in the mission statement, which is now summarized as an M-N- D-F concept. The M of course stands for m-commerce. See saw with innovation and forward- looking trends - but you may argue that Another impressive advantage is of course in the context that no one has to sell a product. Loyalty cards are ultimately fast- selling items, because who does not want to save money when making purchases that you have to make everyday anyway? Another unbeatable benefit of the FlexKom system is as follows: Once the loyalty cards are distributed and enough retailers are affiliated, then a true, really true, passive income is possible. Without being directly involved, a fran- chise partner can profit from the sales of one of his affiliated retailers. This may be the bakery, butcher, hairdresser or greengrocer around the corner where you do your errands every day anyway. Let us assume that every partner only acquires 10 retailers and each of these retailers gives out 1,000 loyalty cards. The franchise partner could therefore take part in the sales from a total of 10,000 customers. And let us assume that every customer spends 100 euros per month at the affiliated retailer...the result: a true passive income this approach is too simple and too techni- cal for some. FlexKom does not offer any physical product that can be explained or demonstrated. FlexKom does not offer any product for daily use that everyone uses anyways, but rather a system that is relatively new and unknown still. But every visionary idea was either ridiculed initially, dismissed as useless nonsense or simply not understood. When asked how he would enthuse less tech-savvy partners of his system, Cengiz Ehliz answered confidently: We are not the traditional network marketing company. We have a system that is not suitable for everyone. Our target group consists of nearly 90% of entrepreneurs. Our system definitely attracts entrepre- neurs and they are exactly who we need, because entrepreneurs know other entre- preneurs-andtheyhavecustomers.We're not the classic Network, where you can get everyone in the business. We focus on the categoryandnotthemasses.Nevertheless, we also need traditional networkers who, for example, distribute loyalty cards and reach the masses. 26    OBTAINER WORLDWIDE 3/2013 3/2013 OBTAINER WORLDWIDE    27 INSIGHT
  10. 10. FlexKom has grand claims and the lofty objectives, in terms of the innovative business model (the lucrative combina- tion of online and offline trade) are well within the bounds of the probable, if not the certain. By the year 2015, FlexKom wants to have established 500 million customers world- wide in 50 countries. By the year 2020, the company wants to already be active in 170 countries. In order to further drive expan- sion and to carry over into the global stan- dards, starting April 26, 2013 FlexKom will offer all global team members the possibility to register new sales partners outside of the officially developed coun- tries in advance, free of charge. Once 500 pre-registrations are reached in one coun- try, FlexKom will check the legal and offi- cial requirements for the commencement of operations in the respective country and then begin phase 1 in the new market. In Turkey, you can already see how successful the FlexKom concept is and what potential it has. For in some cities in the country the FlexCard is already the only loyalty card in the wallets of people. This scenario is unbelievable. If only the FlexCard exists in the city, customers can then take advantage of discounts in almost every retail business – especially when shoppingforeverydayitems.Everytimeyou make a purchase at the baker or butcher, every time when you go to the hairdresser, money can be saved and FlexMoney is In addition, FlexKom has been develop- ing a cross-shopping model for the last year, which will revolutionize the adver- tising and financial industry, says Asker Sakinmaz, CEO of FlexKom. People with visionary ideas, whether Thomas Edison or Steve Jobs, were always ahead of their time. And they were often ridiculed for their visions or simply considered crazy dreamers who were not grounded in reality. Time, however, has proven them right. The trouble with visionary ideas is that most of them are only recognized as such in retrospect. And then it is usually too late to benefit from them materially. Would you have guessed in 1976 that Apple would become a global, multi-billion dollar group? Would you have purchased company shares at the time? Probably not, right? Today on the other hand... E-commerce has developed into one of the largest economic sectors there is within a very short period of time. And few would have guessed it when the Internet was first making its way into our own homes. Today, it is a matter of course to shop on eBay or Amazon. E-commerce will change to m-commerce. This can be said with certainty, given the technological development to smart- phones and tablets. And one thing is also certain: The company that is the first to launch an effective m-commerce concept that is suitable for the masses will create an immense competitive advantage for themselves that is worth real money - more than you can imagine now. The company that launches such a concept on the market could draw level with the e-commerce giants like eBay and Amazon - and even surpass them. What if this company already exists? What if it is a European start-up that in just two years has recorded incredible success stories with a simple and yet distinctive business idea? What if you recognize and take advantage of a visionary idea that is just beginning to sprout? You can obtain more information here: contact@flexkom.com Future prospectsearned. FlexMoney can then be used to, for example, invest in a Turkish vacation (free ofcharge,thankstotheearnedandcredited discounts throughout the year). You can also save a great deal of money there with the FlexCard – and as a highlight, bonuses beckon for earned FlexMoney. FlexKom has definitely recognized the signs of our times and is increasingly focusing on m-commerce. The equation is simple: FlexKom + m-commerce = FlexCommerce = success. M-commerce will lend the business of FlexKom an addi- tional boost, but that is not the end of it. Currently, the launch of the World Wide Mega Mall is being prepared, which is the largest online shopping mall in the world. 28    OBTAINER WORLDWIDE 3/2013 3/2013 OBTAINER WORLDWIDE    29 INSIGHT