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FlexNet Manager Suite Leverages Microsoft System Center to Deliver Next Generation Software Asset Management
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FlexNet Manager Suite Leverages Microsoft System Center to Deliver Next Generation Software Asset Management


FlexNet Manager Suite Leverages Microsoft System Center to Deliver Next Generation Software Asset Management

FlexNet Manager Suite Leverages Microsoft System Center to Deliver Next Generation Software Asset Management

Published in Technology
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  • 1. FlexNet Manager Suite LeveragesW H I T E PA P E R Microsoft System Center to Deliver Next Generation Software Asset Management
  • 2. FlexNet Manager Suite Leverages Microsoft System Center to Deliver Next Generation Software Asset Management Executive Summary FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises provides next Flexera Software boasts a long history of partnering with generation Software Asset Management (SAM) and Microsoft to deliver solutions that add value to Microsoft license optimization capabilities that also complement products such as Microsoft System Center Configuration Microsoft solutions. This paper provides an introduction Manager (SCCM), Windows 7, App-V, MDOP, Visual to best practice software asset management using FlexNet Studio, etc. Flexera Software’s flagship InstallShield and Manager Suite and illustrates the value-add for Microsoft AdminStudio product lines are essential tools in the tool and its customers. belts of Systems Center administrators. Flexera Software’s Leverage Flexera Software and SCCM to Manage the Full Lifecycle of the Enterprise Software Estate Application Enterprise License Readiness Optimization A Single Solut ion for MSI Software License Packaging, App-V, Management and and Windows 7 Migrat ions License Compliance Workflow Manager Discovery, Inventory & Identify Usage Tracking Rationalize Purchased vs. Installed Reconciliation Assess Compatibility Chargeback, License Reharvesting Plan Optimize License Fix & Package Consumption via Entitlements Deploy Forecast Future Needs Speed Adopt ion of Rat ionalize Value of Windows 7/8, Monetize Business Enterprise Agreement App-V, IE 8/9 Relevance of SCCM2
  • 3. FlexNet Manager Suite Leverages Microsoft System Center to Deliver Next Generat ion Software Asset ManagementEffective Software Asset Management (SAM) provides device inventory, application usage data, and configurationorganizations with many tangible benefits including management. Building on Microsoft SCCM’s discovery andreduced risk of unbudgeted expenses for software license inventory capabilities, Flexera Software’s products providenon-compliance, contract optimization, and “right sizing” reconciliation of information from multiple data sources—IT software spend. An effective SAM practice within Microsoft SCCM, Contracts, HR, Purchasing—to provide ancustomer environments also greatly benefits their software optimized license position in accordance with the vendorproviders such as Microsoft. With the knowledge that product use rights that apply to a given software title.customers are accurately managing their software portfolio FlexNet Manager Suite produces actionable data for (i)and continuously maintaining license compliance, vendor negotiations—avoid over-buying and under-buyingMicrosoft can trust the true-up process, avoid unlicensed licenses; (2) annual Enterprise Agreement true-ups; and (3)software installations, avoid use rights violations, ensure ongoing license compliance.the proper contractual agreement level, and ultimatelydrive more revenue. Enabling Application Lifecycles with SCCM Unlike the fairly simple lifecycle of hardware assets,Given that software applications comprise over 30% of software asset management involves a complex lifecycle inthe typical IT budget, organizations are anxious to track the organization. Applications:these expenses, reduce their software costs, and eliminate •  ust be packaged and deployed Mrisk in their software portfolio. Microsoft customers want to •  an become shelfware Cbe in compliance, but in today’s world of complex license •  an be upgraded or migrated to new platforms Cmodels and product use rights, organizations encounter •  ome with product use rights that govern installation Csignificant challenges in understanding their license position and usageand achieving continuous compliance. Flexera Software’s •  ave ongoing costs associated with maintenance and HFlexNet Manager Suite provides a comprehensive and supportrobust solution to automatically reconcile licenses acrossthe organization. Applications follow two distinct lifecycles within the organization: the operational lifecycle and the contractual/Flexera Software’s next generation software asset governance lifecycle. Microsoft SCCM is central to both themanagement and license optimization solution leverages operational and contractual application lifecycles and formsMicrosoft SCCM as a foundational component for enterprise the foundation for successful application management. Upgrade/ True-Up Migrate Maintenance ManageApplicat ion Reconcile Applicat ionOperat ional Contractual Lifecycle Lifecycle Deploy Upgrade Test Procure Package Contract 3
  • 4. FlexNet Manager Suite Leverages Microsoft System Center to Deliver Next Generat ion Software Asset Management On the operational side, applications must be packaged, contractual compliance, eliminate under-buying, and avoid tested, distributed to the proper users, inventoried, and over-buying. managed for high availability. As applications move through their lifecycle, the computing environment is Flexera Software’s FlexNet Manager Suite automates the constantly changing. Legacy applications need to be software asset management function and optimizes ongoing migrated to ensure compatibility with new operating software spend throughout the contractual lifecycle of the systems and technologies such as Windows 7, 64-bit, software estate. FlexNet Manager Suite leverages Microsoft Internet Explorer 8/9, Office upgrades, etc. Newer SCCM as the basis of the SAM process and provides technologies such as App-V emerge requiring detailed license consumption reports based on the actual applications to be re-packaged and re-deployed under license model or license metric. different formats. Flexera Software delivers solutions to automate packaging for deployment through Flexera Software is the only organization that provides Microsoft SCCM and automates the adoption of solutions for both the operational and financial asset Windows 7 and App-V with our Application Readiness management lifecycles of applications and seamlessly product line. Using AdminStudio, organizations are able integrates with Microsoft SCCM. Microsoft SCCM is to adopt Windows 7 and App-V faster and more cost the intersection of Flexera Software’s enabling solutions effectively. AdminStudio also enables organizations to including AdminStudio and FlexNet Manager Suite. realize the full value of Microsoft SCCM by providing a Flexera Software works with Microsoft SCCM customers fast and flexible packaging solution for all applications to drive cost savings, eliminate risk, and effectively in the organization. manage the software portfolio. With AdminStudio and FlexNet Manager Suite, Flexera Software moves At the same time that applications are progressing through organizations from a state of SAM chaos to a state their operational lifespan, the procurement arm of the of control. organization is managing the contractual or financial lifecycle of the software estate. The contractual lifecycle Expanding the Community of SCCM Stakeholders includes price negotiations, selection of the most efficient Effective SAM encompasses several areas of the enterprise procurement channel, agreement on terms of Master including Purchasing, Finance, Operations, Legal, and License Agreements and other contracts, procurement, Governance. Information pertinent to software licenses organizational chargeback, true-ups and renewals, in most organizations is silo-ed from both a technology license reconciliation, vendor management, and ongoing and process perspective. The Purchasing, Contracts/legal, maintenance payments. internal Governance, and Operational IT groups typically do not have the technologies or processes in place to share Most importantly, both the operational and financial critical information about software purchases, installations roles within an organization have an obligation to ensure and license entitlements. Best Pract ice SAM Software Asset Management Purchasing IT Operations Legal Internal Audit The purchasing department is responsible for purchasing committee is responsible for ensuring the company is the business applications the company needs to achieve fiscally responsible and safe from litigation and fines maximum productivity. The IT department is responsible related to non-compliance issues. for delivery and ongoing support of business applications. The legal or contract management department is These groups all play key roles in the software asset responsible for protecting the company’s best interest management lifecycle. Each department is accountable when negotiating contracts with software providers. for maintaining license compliance, but has no method The internal audit department or corporate governance to collaborate. FlexNet Manager Suite provides the4
  • 5. FlexNet Manager Suite Leverages Microsoft System Center to Deliver Next Generat ion Software Asset Managementcollaboration technology for these groups to share critical IT Operations. FlexNet Manager Suite provides the bestinformation, align licensing intelligence, and implement of both worlds – deep, out-of-the-box Microsoft SCCMeffective SAM. integration with a business portal tailored to the needs of the financial and procurement community. By deliveringAlthough some SAM solutions provide “add-on packs” business information to business users in a financially-to Microsoft System Center for the purposes of asset oriented web-interface, Flexera Software is able to expandmanagement, business users who negotiate software the community of stakeholders with a vested interest incontracts are not typical users of Microsoft SCCM. ensuring the successful rollout and expansion of MicrosoftTherefore, the visibility and accountability into the success SCCM within the organization.of Microsoft SCCM within the environment is limited toFlexNet Manager Suite customers typically realize 8-27% Managing Complex License Modelssavings on their overall software spend after implementing The major challenge for organizations in implementing aFlexNet Manager Suite. It reduces risk and enables SAM solution is the pure complexity of licensing.organizations to optimize their entire software portfolio. Most organizations own thousands of applicationsWith these tangible benefits, business users become provided by hundreds of software publishers. Eachchampions and drive executive sponsorship for the success software publisher typically has five or more differentof Microsoft SCCM. FlexNet Manager Suite protects an license metrics to calculate the license consumption fororganization’s investment in Microsoft SCCM by making their products. Without a solution to automaticallyit an integral integration point for the strategic business calculate license position, it becomes impossible forfunction of SAM. organizations to manage their entire software portfolio. 5
  • 6. FlexNet Manager Suite Leverages Microsoft System Center to Deliver Next Generat ion Software Asset Management Licensing generally falls into five broad categories of license licensing category has multiple license metrics, varied levels models – Desktop, Datacenter, Concurrent, Enterprise of risk, cost, and remediation techniques. Applications, and Company Metrics licensing. Each Desktop Licensing Datacenter Licensing Concurrent Licensing Enterprise Applications Company Metrics Licensing Licensing Example Per-Device Per-Processor Network Professional Company Revenue Per-User Per-Core Concurrent Use Developer Product Revenue License Named User Tiered Employee Number of Employees Metrics OEM Processor Value Units Microsoft Visio Microsoft SQL Server Autodesk ERP Microsoft Exchange Example Microsoft Office Windows Server Cadence CAL CRM Applications Adobe Professional Symantec Veritas Line Bentley SFA Flexera Software InstallShield Risk of Non- High High Low Medium Low Compliance Potential Cost Medium High High High Low Savings Recycle, Reharvest Apply Entitlements, Track Usage, License parking, Renegotiate License Mgmt Apply Entitlements Rearchitect, Outsource Optimize License Accurate User Techniques Counts, Remix, Lease Assignment Amount of Software Spend FlexNet Manager Suite Each of the categories presents unique license management FlexNet Manager Suite provides customers with the ability challenges. In the desktop environment, organizations have to ensure compliance with all of their software vendors, limited visibility and control over installations, increasing including Microsoft. For Microsoft, whose products span the amount of risk. The datacenter environment is highly multiple categories of license metrics, implementing FlexNet virtualized, heterogeneous, and is comprised of expensive Manager Suite enables Microsoft’s customers to deliver applications adding to the pre-existing challenges of the business outcomes of transparency and accuracy in accurate consumption calculations for complex license licensing. Customers will be able to see the full breadth models. Expensive concurrent licenses are typically assigned of their Microsoft relationship and stay in continuous to the organization’s valued knowledge workers, so finding compliance. With FlexNet Manager Suite, organizations the optimal license count and application mix is critical are immediately and continuously aware of necessary to preventing productivity loss while avoiding overspend. Microsoft software purchases and can true-up based on Enterprise Applications are critical and strategic to the accurate numbers. Ultimately, FlexNet Manager Suite organization, but licenses are frequently over-bought and drives more software revenue for Microsoft products within under-deployed. In today’s world of M&A, outsourcing, and enterprise environments. divestitures, licenses based on company attributes such as number of employees need to be negotiated and managed Service Provider License Agreements (SPLA) carefully as well. In addition to helping enterprises stay in compliance, An enterprise-caliber SAM solution must meet the Flexera Software also provides solutions to large sophisticated license management needs and challenges service providers to accurately calculate SPLA fees for across all licensing categories. However, most SAM hosted software and services. FlexNet Manager Suite solutions in the market only support the simpler desktop provides a SPLA license model and calculates monthly licensing scenarios. Desktop-only license solutions are SPLA usage based on user access to hosted server less strategic and do not reconcile licenses for the most farms. The SPLA licensing capability within FlexNet expensive applications within the organization thereby Manager Suite enables Microsoft to easily capture limiting their ability to meet an organization’s true SAM revenue from service providers. business needs.6
  • 7. FlexNet Manager Suite Leverages Microsoft System Center to Deliver Next Generat ion Software Asset ManagementProduct Use Rights from violation of Product Use Rights than by softwareIn addition to verifying purchased versus consumed, piracy itself.companies must also ensure they are in compliance withlicense entitlements, such as Product Use Rights (PUR). Product Use Rights are extremely complex across allMost software vendors believe they lose more revenue licensing categories: Desktop Licensing Datacenter Licensing Concurrent Licensing Enterprise Applications Company Metrics Licensing Licensing Example Per-Device Per-Processor Network Professional Company Revenue Per-User Per-Core Concurrent Use Developer Product Revenue License Named User Tiered Employee Number of Employees Metrics OEM Processor Value Units Downgrade, Upgrade, License Mobility, Geography or Transaction Type Merger, Divestiture, Multiple Installation, Virtualization Rules, Site Usage, Restrictions, and Subsidiary Example Secondary Use, Clustering Rights, Overdraft Rights, Upgrade Categories, Language, Product “90 Day” Rules, Hot/Cold Backup Use, Feature/Product License Level Average vs. Use Transferability Disaster Recovery, Bundle Use, Remix Rights, Watermark, Rights Installations, Virtualization Rights, Role Restrictions, Calculations, Production vs. Named User License Parking Rights Employee vs. Non-Production Rules, Recycling Rules Contractor Usage Platform RestrictionsProduct Use Rights may also differ across agreement levels, –  umber of CALs required by the hosting machine of Nfor example, customers on Microsoft’s Software Assurance each installation?program often enjoy expanded Product Use Rights. – s the installation on a virtual machine? IProduct Use Rights in the datacenter licensing categoryare especially daunting. These include: number of virtual –  umber of processors dedicated to the virtual machine? Nservers allowed per edition, license consumption rules for –  irtual machine rules per the edition and agreement? Vcold backup or disaster recovery (DR) servers, license rules –  ole of the machine where installed? Rfor non-production servers, provisions for multiple-nodeactive/passive cluster servers under single licenses, etc. The –  re the entitlements covered under Software Aintricacies of datacenter Product Use Rights compound the Assurance (SA)?complexity of capacity-based license models (e.g. processor, – f under SA, does “cold backup” use right apply? Icore license metrics). FlexNet Manager Suite provides the needed automationAs a simple example, to accurately calculate a license to arrive at the accurate license position for Microsoft SQLposition for Microsoft SQL Server, below are just a few of Server and thousands of other products. The probabilitythe questions that need to be answered: that Microsoft customers can arrive at an accurate license –  ow many SQL Server entitlements do we own? H position without an automated solution that incorporates Product Use Rights is low. FlexNet Manager Suite is the only –  dition of each entitlement? E SAM solution that calculates license compliance according –  ow many entitlements are CAL-based and number H to actual Product Use Rights and agreement levels. of CALs? –  ow many entitlements are processor-based and H License Mobility Product Use Right number of processors for each? In July 2011, Microsoft will launch a License Mobility –  here is SQL Server installed? W Product Use Right enabling enterprises on current –  dition of each installation? E Software Assurance to move licenses for specific – s there a corresponding entitlement match for I products to off-premise cloud or service providers. each installation? Only FlexNet Manager Suite incorporates this product use right into compliance calculations and tracks the – s the installation/entitlement covered by downgrade/ I off-premise consumption of licenses. FlexNet Manager upgrade rights? Suite provides the transparency Microsoft requires to –  umber of processors on the hosting machine of N enforce the License Mobility product use right. each installation? 7
  • 8. FlexNet Manager Suite Leverages Microsoft System Center to Deliver Next Generat ion Software Asset Management FlexNet Manager Suite Overview FlexNet Manager Suite is a next generation Software Asset FlexNet Manager Suite delivers unprecedented levels of Management (SAM) and license optimization solution automation for management of software assets within that allows organizations to effectively manage software the organization, producing the highest possible return assets throughout their lifecycle. FlexNet Manager Suite on investment (ROI). With FlexNet Manager Suite, provides out-of-the-box integration to Microsoft SCCM to organizations optimize application spend and eliminate import software and hardware inventory details. FlexNet under-spending scenarios. The FlexNet Manager Suite Manager Suite also gives license administrators the ability solution manages software recycling, re-harvesting, to turn application usage collection on and off based on software allocation analysis, cost center chargeback, license licensing events and dates. FlexNet Manager Platform, the compliance remediation, optimized software procurement, core software asset management foundation of the Suite, is and optimized maintenance renewals. built on Microsoft technologies including Microsoft Server, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft IIS. With FlexNet Manager Suite, organizations achieve: Rights library to apply the use rights and accurately count licenses consumed by applying upgrade/ 1.  ccurate, Automated License Reconciliation A downgrade rights, secondary use rights, multiple FlexNet Manager Suite automatically compares use rights, machine roles, virtualization rights, etc. purchased versus consumed licenses (i.e. the software FlexNet Manager Suite also provides a SKU library balance sheet). License consumption is calculated to accurately identify entitlements based on the according to the appropriate license metric or license purchase agreement and other factors. Flexera model (per processor, per user, etc). Understanding the Software understands that license management is much number of available licenses is a crucial decision point more complex than simply counting the number of in the procurement process and enables organizations installations in the environment. to reduce risk of non-compliance. 4.  oftware Identification and Rationalization in S 2.  udit and True-up Preparedness A preparation for Windows 7 and App-V migrations Without an automated solution, software audits As organizations rapidly adopt Windows 7 and and true-up processes become large projects for App-V, they rationalize the software portfolio and the enterprise resulting in static data that cannot eliminate duplicate applications. FlexNet Manager be leveraged for ongoing decision making. FlexNet Suite provides valuable reports that identify the Manager Suite enables organizations to be applications which should be migrated to Windows 7 continuously compliant, ready for software audits, or App-V based on licensing rights and actual usage in and builds confidence in the accuracy of the true- the environment. This enables organizations to move to up process. For Microsoft, the benefits of customer Windows 7 faster and more efficiently. Combined with compliancy results in increased revenue and cost the Flexera Software Application Readiness solutions, savings from audit prevention. no company does more to propel Microsoft Windows 7 and App-V adoptions than Flexera Software. 3.  n Optimized License Position A FlexNet Manager Suite provides a Product Use8
  • 9. FlexNet Manager Suite Leverages Microsoft System Center to Deliver Next Generat ion Software Asset Management Data Feeds Optimization Engine Reports & Alerts Agent & Agent-less • Asset Reports Discovery for Application • License Windows, UNIX, Recognition Library Compliance Linux, MAC, VMs, etc. • Entit lement Management POs & Contracts b SKU Library • Savings Helpdesk/ Service Catalog Product UUse Org/User Data Rights LibraryKey functionality provided by the FlexNet Manager Suite •  orrectly applies Product Use Rights and Entitlement CEnterprise License Optimization solution includes: information to calculate an accurate license position • Reconciles entitlements to installations based on  •  obust contract management functionality including the R complex license models ability to track and alert based on terms and conditions • Supports desktop, datacenter, concurrent, enterprise  •  rovides Microsoft agreement wizards for Enterprise, P application, and business metrics licensing models Select/Select Plus, Open, and Software Assurance agreements. Integrates contractual, entitlement, and • Provides an Application Recognition Library to translate  inventory data based on agreement terms raw inventory data into commercially-off-the-shelf software titles, versions and editions •  racks software maintenance payments T • Leverages Microsoft SCCM inventory  •  rovides License Breach and under-buying reports to P reduce unbudgeted true-up risk • Ability to integrate into purchasing system to import  software purchasing data FlexNet Manager Suite seamlessly integrates with Microsoft • Provides a Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) library to  SCCM, purchasing systems, HR data, Active Directory, normalize software purchase data and automatically and service desks to provide hardware and software asset map it to installations management for the enterprise. Service Software Manager Catalog Workflow License Assset Deploy PO Available? State Software Purchased • Vendors • Contracts Purchasing • Maintenance SCCM Flexera Software • Installations HR Core Configuration CMBD FlexNet Manager • License Optimization Management Active Directory Suite • Usage Tracking • True-ups Directory • Audit Prep Federated Reports • Compliance State Inventory CMBD Optimization • Exceptions Usage Reallocation/Retire Assets 9
  • 10. FlexNet Manager Suite Leverages Microsoft System Center to Deliver Next Generat ion Software Asset Management FlexNet Manager Suite also provides reports that detail About Flexera Software the “cost of compliance” for Microsoft True-ups and license Flexera Software is the leading provider of strategic breaches. With FlexNet Manager Suite, customers take solutions for Application Usage Management; solutions the guess-work out of Microsoft licensing events and are delivering continuous compliance, optimized usage and continuously aware of Microsoft license liabilities due to maximized value to application producers and their under-buying or use rights violations. customers. Flexera Software is trusted by more than 80,000 customers that depend on our comprehensive solutions- Conclusion from installation and licensing, entitlement and compliance FlexNet Manager Suite provides complete and full management to application readiness and enterprise license integration with Microsoft SCCM and other Microsoft optimization - to strategically manage application usage technologies to deliver optimized license management for and achieve breakthrough results realized only through the enterprises. FlexNet Manager Suite is a complementary systems-level approach we provide. Flexera Software is a solution that customers can use to manage their entire privately-held company and an investment of private equity software portfolio – from desktop to datacenter and firm Thoma Bravo, LLC. For more information, please go to: concurrent licensing to ERP/CRM systems. Most SAM providers have a very limited desktop licensing focus and therefore do not meet the SAM business needs of enterprise organizations. FlexNet Manager Suite provides these advantages to Microsoft and its customers: • Protects client’s investment in Microsoft SCCM. Fully  integrates with Microsoft SCCM to provide full contractual lifecycle management of software assets. • FlexNet Manager Suite uses Microsoft SCCM as a  foundational component of the SAM solution and extends the Microsoft SCCM value proposition. • Introduces new executive sponsorship for Microsoft  SCCM and creates business champions within the procurement, legal, and compliance groups. Increases the value of Microsoft SCCM to line of business executives. • Calculates license consumption based on license  models. For example, accurately reporting SQL Server license requirements. • Leverages Microsoft Product Use Rights so both clients  and Microsoft can feel comfortable that clients are using Microsoft applications in compliance with terms and conditions. • Enables clients to accurately plan for new and future  investments with Microsoft • Shortens or eliminates Microsoft license reviews with  clients • Increases customers’ confidence in the negotiation  process. Drives new sales and revenue. • Transforms the Microsoft relationship to a strategic  partnership with ultimate transparency and accuracy • Helps clients validate and justify investments in  Enterprise Agreements and Software AssuranceX
  • 11. FlexNet Manager Suite Leverages Microsoft System Center to Deliver Next Generat ion Software Asset Management XI
  • 12. Flexera Software, Inc. Schaumburg United Kingdom (Europe, Japan (Asia, For more office locations visit:1000 East Woodfield Road, (Global Headquarters) Middle East Headquarters): Pacific Headquarters): www.flexerasoftware.comSuite 400 +1 800-809-5659 +44 870-871-1111 +81 3-4360-8291Schaumburg, IL 60173 USA +44 870-873-6300© 2011 Flexera Software, Inc. and/or InstallShield Co. Inc. All other brand and product names mentioned herein may be the trademarks and registered trademarks of their respective owners. FPS_WP_TenSteps_Jun11