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Hot longevity-repair-flexible-led-screen

  1. 1. Dear Wil,I’m glad to hear of your news again, please check my comment below with green letters.Dear Fisher,Thanks for your reply and quote.We have sold numerous LED Walls/Screens as we are active in sales ofequipment for rental companies. We are serious about marketing yourproduct as light weight, quick installation and flexibility is very goodfor the market. the Philippines can be challenging. I hope you can support us as introducing a new and expensive product in>> I’m very glad to hear of that you have much experience on LED wall (LEDScreens), we are specialized in making flexible led screen with foldable, light-duty(only 8 to 10 kgs per square meter), ultra slim body and small volume(only 1.5cm maximum) and fast installation (only need to hang on the truss oron the bracket), it is widely used for rental, road show, stage, shopping mall,concert, hotel lobby and mobile application.Theoretically (from theory of the electronic), our led wall is similar with allother led wall, as I introduced above, the most characteristic of our led screenis flexible (foldable and curved), light weight and slim body, the operationmethod and the software are also the same with traditional led wall.I have a few questions:a.) Price -- can you extend us lower dealer price so we can competewith existing products. We like the product, however I am concerned themarket may be unable to afford the "upgrade">>The price largely depend on the quantity, if your order quantity is large orwe are making long term business, we will offer you the price with largediscount.
  2. 2. Our flexible led screen is a brand new product, we have the invention patentand utility model panel in China, and we have invention patent in USA andEuropean Union, it will cost us large money and time to invent and test a newproduct, so it is hard to only compare the price with all other traditional ledscreen.In another word, our light weight, small volume and easy installation ledscreen can save you much transportation cost and installation time. The moretimes you use it, the more cost you save.b.) Repair -- it is not uncommon for one or two panels to malfunction(i.e., dead or blinking led) after some time. Considering the .192x.192mconnected to each other in sets of 3.072m (height), can you provide us,your dealer, spare parts (steel wire, extra panels, etc) andinstructions (repair manual) on how to replace small panels so we can doit locally?>>Our LED screen is composed of small modules ( 0.192m x 0.192m, or0.16m x 0.16m), we can replace the module if there is any problem.If only the LED lamps is dead, we just need to replace the LED lamps; if themodule have problem and you cannot find where is the problem, you canreplace the module directly.When we deliver the goods, we will send you the spare parts, and within oneyear guarantee, if the spare parts is not enough, we will send you more spareparts for free.After shipping the goods, we will send you the user’s manual that contains themethod of repair.
  3. 3. c.) Heat and Life -- Since this product is flexible and very thin, itdoes not have room for heat sink and fan. Like any LED, this affectsheat dissipation and life. What is the actual tested service life of theproduct?>>Our flexible led screen is very slim (thin), that’s because the power isseparate from the body of the led screen, there is fun for power switcher itself,there is nearly no heat emit from the body of the led screen, you just need toinstall the led screen in the ventilative place (breezy / draughty place).So our flexible led screen do not have heat dissipation problem.d.) Steel Wire -- is the steel wire connecting the panels stainless? Weare concerned about rust / oxidation.>>Definitely the steel wire is stainless.e.) Size -- If client purchase 4sets, can they be combined to make onevery big video/picture that is 7.68m x 6.144m? Can this be expanded tolink 16sets to create 15.36m x 12.288m? Are all units similar intemperature so they can be combined without distrotion?>>Because of the package, transportation and installation, we’d better do notmake the single panel too large, usually the width of one single panel is0.768m ( or within one meter), for example, one panel is 0.768m width and3.072m height, we can connect many such panel vertically and horizontally tomake a bigger screen as you want.f.) Picture Quality -- how does picture quality compare to conventionalP6 flat panels? Is there no difference?>> If the pitch size, LED lamps, driving model and the configure data are thesame, the image quality have no difference.Thanks in advance for taking the time to answer our concerns. I hopeyou understand that purchasing, promoting and locally supporting (futurerepairs) these would be substantial effort and investment for our
  4. 4. company.>>I hope you can bring our product in your market and wish wecan make long term business in near future.Looking forward to good cooperation between us.Can we visit your factory?Thanks and regards,Wilvideo flexible LED curtainP6
  5. 5. P20 online: question and answer: http://mobile-led-screen.ledaliveshow.comfacebook: other LED display product, please check:
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