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Sterling commerce at_impact_2011_final

  1. 1. SteSterling Co g Commerce at Impact 2011 e ce pact 0Why You Should Attend
  2. 2. Agenda Overview of Impact Sterling Commerce and IBM Q&A2
  3. 3. Carolyn Layne Corporate Marketing p g Sterling Commerce IMPACT 2011 – PLEASE COME!3
  4. 4. April 10th – 15th Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas With over 6,600 attendees expected – this is the all-in-one conference for Business and IT leaders to learn, network and get access to the best experts in the industry An extensive Technology Program offering over 500 sessions that includes a wide array of implementation success stories, developer education, lectures, workshops, hands-on labs, and networking opportunities A Forbes sponsored Business Leadership Forum that will offer over 40 sessions focused on the business value and implications of new technology opportunities A state of the art Product Technology Center offering open labs, Meet the Experts sessions and product demos integrating networking, hands-on training, and other social learning into a single program A world class Solution Showcase Center featuring over 130 business partner and IBM exhibitors demoing the latest technology A dedicated Industry Zone in the EXPO plus targeted sessions by industry featuring best practices and specialized demos along with the collective experience of 300+ industry leading experts on site More than 300+ customer, analyst, and thought leader speakers available to share their insights and experience4
  5. 5. Impact 2011 – Highlights Sterling Commerce Customer Highlights The Sterling Commerce Solutions are integrated into Impact’s curriculum with over 30 Sterling Commerce sessions An exclusive Sterling Commerce Networking Lounge, Mini Main Tent Session, and Luncheon at Impact 2011 A new dedicated Marketing Track in the Business Program for marketing executives and professionals who support marketing functions A new Smarter Commerce & Exceptional Web Experience Track featuring sessions on how IBM helps organizations deliver more personalized web experiences Comprehensive Solution Showcase p A total of 29,000 sq ft – with 79 Business Partner Sponsors and 45 IBM pedestals More networking opportunities with the Business Partner Café Industry Café, Lounge and Business Agility Lounge, and the Sterling Commerce Customer Networking Lounge5
  6. 6. IMPACT 2010 Week at a Glance Sterling Commerce at Impact 2011… Week-at-a-Glance Sunday, April 10 Monday, April 11 Tuesday, April 12 Wednesday, April 13 Thursday, April 14 Friday, April 15 Opening General General Session Session Session 8:15-10:15AM 8:15 10:15AM 8:30-10:00AM 8:30-10:00AM SOLUTION SOLUTION SOLUTION Product Tech Ctr. CENTER CENTER CENTER 9:00-10:30AM 11:00-4:00PM 11:00-4:00PM 11:00-2:00PM Registration Opens Breakout Breako t Sessions and 1 1 Meetings 1:1 Analyst & Press Events Business 11:45AM Partner Sterling Conference Ends Summit Luncheon 10:30-5PM 12:00-1:45PM Sterling Customer Networking Lounge 5:00 – 8:00PM Smarter Sol. Center Commerce 7:00PM-11PM Reception Mini M i T Mi i Main Tent Inner Circle 2:00-3:30PM Special Event 7:00PM-11PM 5:30 – 8:00PM 7:00PM- 10PM Inner Circle OPEN Sol. Center Special Event Evening Special Event Reception Product Tech Ctr. Product Tech Ctr. Product Tech Ctr. Product Tech Ctr. 10:30-5:30PM 10:00-6:00PM 10:00-6:00PM 10:00-6:00PM6
  7. 7. Five days focused on your success 570 technical and business sessions More than 1,000 IBM business partners Over 310 client speakers presenting their expertise Build your agenda A 93% ‘good to by role, industry or y , y excellent’ specialty area satisfaction rating7
  8. 8. Forbes Business Leadership Forum at Impact 2011 For the second straight year, Forbes and IBM have partnered to bring two days of unmatched resources and innovative solutions on how organizations can transform their business The two-day Forbes Business Leadership Forum is for business leaders who understand the importance of technology in achieving business objectives The 40+ sessions in the program are designed for individuals looking for innovative ways to respond to the rapidly changing and increasingly complex business environment Key topics to be discussed at the conference are: – Business Innovation and Technology Outlook – Key Strategies for New Growth – Mastering the Art of Leadership: Skills to Get Ahead – Bringing Science to the Art of Marketing – Case Studies in Driving Business Agility for your Industry The Th most forward-thinking institutions and companies from around the world will participate, t b i an tf d thi ki i tit ti d i f d th ld ill ti i t to bring unmatched depth of resources with unparalleled expertise and experience8
  9. 9. Program Structure for Impact 2011 Forbes Business Two Day Business Technology Program Leadership Forum Program &Two-Day Pass ($950) Tracks Tracks Business Innovation and Application Infrastructure Technology Outlook Sterling Commerce Key Strategies for New Growth: Application Development content in 35 – Re-engineer the Customer Connectivity and Integration Experience dedicated sessions Smart SOA – Increase Operational Agility and Dexterity BPM and Decision Mastering the Art of Management World-class Leadership: Skills to get Ahead Smarter Commerce and technology and Bringing Science to the Art of Exceptional Web Experience business leaders Marketingg Implementing Industry Case Studies for driving Solutions for Improved ROI Business Agility in your Industry A new track targeting Marketing Professionals Virtual Curriculum / Roadmaps Roadmaps Roadmaps Roadmaps Cloud By Role Industry Specific Build your agenda by Sterling Commerce Workload Optimization Product Specific role, industry or Business & IT Alignment System z Business Analytics specialty area Appliances9
  10. 10. Forbes Business Leadership Forum Forbes Business Leadership Forum Business Innovation Mastering the Art Grow your Business with Key Strategies for New Bringing Science to the and Technology of Leadership: Next Generation Growth Art of Marketing Outlook Skills to Get Ahead Marketing “Top Tech-Enabled Re-engineer the Building Creative Transforming Business Bringing Science to the Business Trends & Customer Experience Leadership Through the Science of Art of Marketing with Their Organizational Understanding and Creativity In Smarter Marketing Next Gen Marketing Impacts” Reaching Your Leadership & Marketing Campaign Panel “Trends That Increase Customers Partnerships Excellence Marketing Campaign Your Ability to Get and Co-creating With Your Inspiring Next Gen Marketing Excellence Keep More Customers” Customers Performance. Panel Discussion: Consistent brand & “What Do Healthcare What Healthcare, Pleasantly Surprising Managing in a Analyst led customer customer experience Retail, Banking, Your Customers Connected World panel – Forrester, Optimized Marketing Insurance, and Increase Operational Understanding Stephen Gould Processes Government Have to Agility and Dexterity Success, Decision Marketing Analytics Deep Customer Insight Look Forward to?” Turn Your Organization Making, & Trends Market Relationships, “Extending Your into a Laboratory Collaborating and Not Products Business Network Simplify Processes Strategy Beyond the Enterprise” Manage Complexity “Four Insightful Increase Decision- Visionaries Share How Making Speed and Complexity is the Flexibility Mother of Innovation in Pilot a Porous, g Their Organizations” Networked Organization Go “Global”10
  11. 11. Sterling Commerce Sessions in the Forbes Business Leadership Forum Track Product Area Title Key Strategies for New Growth - Increase Operational Agility and MFT Why File Transfer is Back on the CIO Agenda Dexterity Key Strategies for New Growth - Building a Comprehensive B2B Integration Strategy g p g gy Increase Operational Agility and B2B Integration with On-Premise and Cloud Solutions Dexterity Key Strategies for New Growth - Grow Your Business by Reaching B2B and B2C Increase Operational Agility and MCS Customers Through e-Commerce Dexterity Key Strategies for New Growth - Increase Operational Agility and OM Increase Efficiency to Thrive in Difficult Times Dexterity Drive Business Growth and Optimize Creating a Customer-Driven Buying Experience with MCS, B2B Results for Your Industry New e-Commerce Solutions11
  12. 12. Technology Program Technology Tracks T h l T k Business Process Application Connectivity and Application Infrastructure Management and Development Integration Decision Management Sub tracks Sub-tracks Development Tools WebSphere Application BPM: From Projects Messaging Infrastructure Rational Tools for Server Infrastructure: to Programs Universal Messaging development and problem Latest information on WAS How to model, simulate, administration, deployment, determination Best practices execute, rapidly change, optimization, security, and WebSphere sMash Problem determination monitor, and optimize core problem determination Eclipse Migration business processes Managed file transfer Cloud development Security & Management throughout the process Pub/Sub Java Development and WebSphere Security including SSO lifecycle Enterprise Integration Programming Models Infrastructure hardening Decision Management ESB Java EE, including latest Tivoli Security Software BRMS Service Federation on JPA and EJB CICS Event Processing Application integration OSGi CICS Tools Analytics B2B Integration SCA Systems Management & BPM Infrastructure Integration patterns Open Source Administration Administration WPS, WLE Integration technology Web 2.0 Web 2 0 Support 2.0 Deployment, optimization Deployment optimization, Secu ty Security Rich Internet Application Cloud Computing, migration, WPS, WLE Development Virtualization, & Performance Security and Performance Dojo, AJAX Private or hybrid clouds best practices, WPS, WLE JAX-RS Virtualization REST Extreme Transaction Processing (XTP) Performance tuning and best practices Target Application Programmers Software Engineers Business Analysts Architects Software Engineers IT Project Managers LOB Execs IT Consultants Audience Web Designers Software Engineers Architects Software Developers Enterprise Architects Infrastructure Managers System Integrators Infrastructure Managers System Integrators Server- Operations Managers Infrastructure Managers IT Executives side and Web System Administrators Systems Integrators Application Developers IT Consultants Software Developers12
  13. 13. Technology Program (cont’d) Technology Tracks (continued) Smarter Commerce & Implementing Industry SOA and Governance Exceptional Web Experience Solutions for Improved ROI Sub-tracks SOA Principles and Practices Smarter Commerce Banking and Financial Markets Methodologies and patterns in design WebSphere Commerce Communications Service Providers and development of SOA Sterling Order Management and Process Integrity Fulfillment Energy & Utilities SOA Governance B2C, B2B and extended business IBM’s SOA Governance strategy models Government SOA Policy Management Capabilities The latest in Web, mobile, and social Service -level management technologies Healthcare & Life Sciences Managing complex organizational M i l i i l Delivering E D li i Exceptionalti l change Web Experiences High Tech & Manufacturing SOA in Action WebSphere Portal and the IBM Industries Real-world examples from clients, Customer Experience Suite business partners, and the IBM Content management Insurance community Cloud services Enterprise portal framework, framework Retail, Retail Consumer Products Social and real-time communication Personalization and search Travel & Transportation Marketing tools Unique industry solutions for all the Mobile device support above Real-time analytics Target Audience IT Executives Enterprise Architects IT Executives Enterprise Architects Architects Solution / Software Architects IT Executives IT Executives Software Designer & Developers LOB Execs Web Designers LOB Executives IT Consultants Business Analysts IT Project Manager j g LOB Execs System Integrators13
  14. 14. Technical Track – B2B Track Product Area Title Implementing Industry Solutions B2B Software Architecting for the Future - Moving to a Payments Hub for Improved ROI (Total Payments) B2B Integration - Critical Nerve Center for the Connectivity & Integration B2B Software Transportation Industry Implementing Industry Solutions B2B Software B2B Integration - Gateway for Retail Industry for Improved ROI B2B Portfolio Overview: Integrating with Customers, Connectivity & Integration B2B Software Partners, and Suppliers Outside the Enterprise B2B Integraton: Issues Relevant to B2B Gateway Connectivity & Integration y g B2B Software Implementations Understanding IBMs Strategic Directions on B2B and Connectivity & Integration B2B Software (SI) Transformation Delivering Greater Business Value with Smarter Managed Connectivity & Integration MFT File Transfer Consolidating and Modernizing Your File Transfer Connectivity & Integration MFT Infrastructure Connectivity & Integration MFT Gaining End-to-End Visibility to Govern Data Movement14
  15. 15. Technical Track – B2B Track Product Area Title Connectivity & Integration MFT Implementing a Scaleable MFT Gateway B2B Software Implementing Industry Solutions for (Sterling Total Getting a Handle on Payments Management Improved ROI Payments) Quick Start and Document Manager Services for Sterling Connectivity & Integration B2B Software Integrator Get the Most Out of Your B2B Community: B2B Services Connectivity & Integration B2B Services Overview Connectivity & Integration B2B Services Effectively Expand Your Electronics B2B Community B2B Collaboration Challenges in a Global Economy and Connectivity & Integration B2B Services How Cloud Services Can Help Companies Achieve Success B2B Services Implementing Industry Solutions for How We Successfully Manage a Highly Diverse, Global Network and N k d Improved ROI B2B Community Managed Services E-Invoicing - B2B Connectivity & Integration Simplify VAT Compliance in Europe by Using e-Invoicing Services & Software15
  16. 16. Technical Track – Selling and Fulfillment Suite Track Product Area Title Smarter Commerce and Exceptional Extend Your Existing Technology Investments with IBM Sterling CPQ (MCS) Web Experience Sterling Commerce Selling Solutions Smarter Commerce and Exceptional Leverage Order Hub Technology & Methodology to IBM Sterling Order Management (MCS) Web Experience Drive Profitability: Case Study Implementing Industry Solutions for Critical Success Factors for Deploying IBM® Sterling IBM Sterling Order Management (MCS) Improved ROI Order Management Smarter Commerce and Exceptional Selling & Fulfillment Suite PCI Compliance and Security - What You Need to Web Experience PCI Compliance Know Smarter Commerce and Exceptional IBM Supply Chain (MCF) Key to Success: Creating a Connected Supply Chain Web Experience Smarter Commerce and Exceptional Integrating Cloud Investments with On-Premise to IBM Sterling Selling Solutions Web Experience Drive Business Synergies Smarter Commerce and Exceptional IBM Sterling Configurator IBM® Sterling Configurator: Maximize Advanced Web Experience (MCS) Configuration Modeling Smarter Commerce and Exceptional IBM Sterling Order Management Optimizing Order Promising for Cross-Channel Web Experience (MCS) Demands in a Complex Supply Chain Network Smarter Commerce and Exceptional IBM Sterling Selling Solutions Scalability of Sterling Pricing and Promotion Engine Web Experience16
  17. 17. Impact 2011 Summary The Premier IBM Conference for Changing the Way Business & IT Leaders Work Optimize for Growth. Deliver Results. A compelling and insightful agenda for both the Information Technology and Line of Business attendees. Forbes Business Leadership Forum exclusively for Line of Business execs execs. Attendees can build their customized agenda and with several roadmap options by either technology suite, industry, product category or by role. Continued emphasis on clients presenting to clients - More than 300+ customer, analyst, and thought leader y g speakers available to share their insights and experience. Increased focus on the Marketing Professional and highlighting IBM s CMO Initiative at Impact IBM’s Impact. Sterling Commerce – event within the event!17
  18. 18. Sterling Commerce at Impact Sterling Commerce sessions in Forbes Business Forum Sterling Commerce sessions in Technology Program Sterling Commerce pedestals in Solutions Showcase Center Exclusive Sterling Commerce Luncheon Exclusive Sterling Commerce Customer Networking Lounge18
  19. 19. Joel Reed Product Prod ct Line Management E ec ti e – B2B and Commerce Executive STERLING COMMERCE AND IBM TOGETHER19
  20. 20. A New Chapter, a New Beginning20
  21. 21. The Modern Enterprise is a Network of Complex Interactions Together IBM and Sterling Commerce help clients manage complexity and improve agility with Industry leading technology and services for cross-channel commerce g y y g gy and integration across trading networks. Wholesalers Affiliates Enterprise Internal Employees B2C B2B21
  22. 22. IBM and Sterling Commerce Jointly Deliver Critical Integration Capabilities for Improving Business Agility ESB Messaging and Enrichment delivers fast, flexible, and reliable access to business i f b i information ti B2B Integration and Community Management a age e t enables seamless and secure integration of customers, partners, and suppliers Managed File Transfer gain control and oversight of the movement of critical data within and beyond your enterprise Visibility & Governance seamlessly manage and monitor transactions across internal operations and external constituents p © 2010 IBM Corporation.22
  23. 23. Sterling Commerce B2B Integration and MFT Solution Capabilities Collaboration Network of over 300,000 pre connected 300 000 pre-connected trading entities supporting any data type, any data format Enterprise Pre-defined Pre defined process automation for critical business processes such as e-Invoicing and Payments Community management and self- service onboarding Secure, high volume file transfers , g and compliance Solutions for secure B2B Affiliates communications and process automation23
  24. 24. With Sterling Commerce, IBM is Now the Leader in B2B Integration Solutions B2B Integration extends and compliments IBM’s ESB portfolio for multi-enterprise integration multi enterprise Sterling Integrator will provide the foundation for IBM’s B2B Integration IBM s Solutions The Sterling Collaboration Network is strategic to IBM, g , leveraging the power of the network to provide differentiated B2B solutions Multi-Enterprise Organization Value-added Collaboration Network offerings for trading partner community development, onboarding, and management g, g Trading Partners P t24
  25. 25. With Sterling Commerce, IBM Now Offers Comprehensive Managed File Transfer Capabilities p g p Addressing multiple use cases and scenarios for both internal and multi-enterprise file transfer p Sterling File Gateway will continue to provide broad file transfer protocol support, support management, and visibility Sterling Connect:Direct provides peer-to-peer file transfer optimized for high-volume data p g delivery of files within and between enterprises WebSphere MQ FTE delivers MQ-based file transfer, exploiting the underlying MQ transport protocol For comprehensive file transfer needs, IBM intends to offer Sterling File Gateway as the central file transfer environment with “cartridges” cartridges for MQ FTE and Connect:Direct extensions25
  26. 26. IBM Provides Strong Visibility and Governance Capabilities Eliminate redundancies, promote reuse of existing services and ensure your services are secure secure, reliable and high quality Manage ESB and B2B messaging and services, no matter where Trust existing services, accelerate reuse and cut costs Service mission-critical services and documents with consistent policy enforcement Visibility of transactions and key performance indicators (KPI’s) (KPI s)26
  27. 27. Resulting in Business Value to Clients IBM delivers agility by enabling dynamic business networks to integrate, interact, interact and execute across internal operations and extended value chains chains. Improve business agility through efficient communication across and extended management of trading partner communities Eliminate “blind spots” and improve business performance with real-time business transaction visibility and performance metrics Minimize business risk and protect your brand with consistent policy enforcement and compliance27
  28. 28. IBM and Sterling Commerce Connectivity and Integration Portfolio Opportunities End-to-End Integration with IBM ESB, Transformation and Governance solutions solutions, and Sterling B2B Integration solutions Multi-Enterprise Business Process Innovation & Visibility with Sterling B2B Integration and IBM Business Process Management Solutions Rapid integration with as-a-Service Applications with Sterling B2B Integration solutions and IBM Cast Iron Enhanced B2B as-a-Service Solutions with Sterling Collaboration Network and IBM Business Process Management, Business Analytics, Social Networking & Collaboration, and Industry Solutions Comprehensive MFT with integration across IBM and Sterling Commerce File Transfer Solutions28
  29. 29. Cross-Channel Commerce Improve customer satisfaction and Supplier loyalty by enhancing the customer Sales, Marketing, experience with seamless cross Fulfillment channel e-commerce Deliver a rich customer and partner experience by extending a common set of business services across all points of interaction i t fi t ti Effectively manage orders across the extended enterprise and optimize complex order f lfill l d fulfillment and l i ti t d logistics processes Outlet Capabilities available in a variety of delivery models fit for purpose (on premises, as-a-service or hybrid)29
  30. 30. IBMs Strategy is to Address Your Needs Across the Complete Marketing-to-Fulfillment Lifecycle p g y Marketing Selling Fulfillment Resource M t R Mgmt Campaign Mgmt Marketing Execution Performance Analysis Network Optimization Cross-Channel Order Cross Channel Order Mgmt. Transportation Capture, Cart, Catalog Configure, Price, Quote Optimization Analytics Customer-centric Shopping Multi-vendor Catalog Product Segmentation Experience B2B Partner Network Optimization Reporting B2C/B2B St f t Storefronts Logistics & Warehousing Inventory Search Optimization Precision Marketing Supply Chain Visibility Optimization Supported by: IBM Application Infrastructure, Database & Integration Middleware30
  31. 31. Delivering a Best In Class Solution… True cross-channel customer enablement solution Market-leading distributed order management solution Market-leading M k t l di e-commerce marketing and selling engine k ti d lli i Market-leading web analytics and marketing optimization solution Leading end to end order visibility and execution across disparate end-to-end systems, suppliers, and partners Targeted mobile extensions across the solution On-premise and as-a-Service software All F From IBM with Global Reach and Scale ith Gl b l R h dS l 31 © 2010 IBM Corporation.31
  32. 32. Driving Customer Benefits Improved Customer Experience with more targeted marketing interactions and complete cross-channel commerce capabilities Increased Supply Chain Optimization fulfillment, greater visibility, and supply i ibili d l chain execution management Faster Business Innovation by leveraging an integrated SOA solution platform 32 © 2010 IBM Corporation.32
  33. 33. Come to Impact to… Become familiar with the broad B2B and Commerce portfolio Learn how Sterling fits within IBM’s portfolio of software solutions Get d t d G t updated on the Sterling product i th St li d t investments and direction t t d di ti Understand the opportunity to leverage other IBM solutions to gain more value from your Sterling investments y g Hear other customers like yourself describe how they are gaining real business value from solutions like yours See demonstrations of Sterling, B2B and Commerce and IBM software solutions 33 © 2010 IBM Corporation.33
  34. 34. Plan to Join Us at Impact 2011 Visit to register Register before F b R i t b f February 18 2011 t t k advantage of th 18, to take d t f the Early Bird discount34
  35. 35. Thank You Thank You Please register for Impact 2011 at www ibm com/impact