Organ Donation Communication Boot Camp


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Advance Presentation to Association for Multicultural Affairs in Transplantation (AMAT) attendees at 2012 Annual Conference - by Lindsey C. Holmes & Myra Burks-Davis. Robust guide for anyone in the organ donation industry or health industry in general, looking to market to potential donors.

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Organ Donation Communication Boot Camp

  1. 1. Communications Boot Camp at AMAT 2012 by   Myra  Burks-­‐Davis,   MBD  Strategic  Communica2ons Lindsey  C.  Holmes,   LCH  Business  SM  &  Tech
  2. 2. One student, significant foot pain first called her mom, then searched online for information, and THEN went to the campus health center. When it came to how they use technology to pursue health, the students displayed impressive savvy they went to high- quality online resources, fact-checked what they found and sought medical attention when needed. She said her online research calmed her because she was pretty sure she was dealing with a ganglion cyst. Her doctor was amazed to confirm the diagnosis, but the student laughed: “How did I know? I Googled it, of course.” A Story...
  3. 3. MODULE 1: Marketing Through Your Social Media Communications Bootcamp at AMAT 2012
  4. 4. Social Media is media designed to be disseminated through social interaction, created using highly accessible and scalable publishing techniques (i.e. Facebook, Twitter). Social media supports the human need for social interaction, using Internet and Web- based technologies to transform broadcast media monologues (one to many) into social media dialogues (many to many). - Source, Wikipedia Module 1: Marketing Through Your Social Media
  5. 5. What is Social Media Marketing? Module 1: Marketing Through Your Social Media
  6. 6. What is Social Media Branding? Module 1: Marketing Through Your Social Media
  7. 7. MODULE 2: YOU - Group Activity Communications Bootcamp at AMAT 2012
  8. 8. • What kinds of social media tasks are you responsible for in your organizations, if any? If not you, who is? • Do you think social media is relevant to your agency? • What are the challenges around social media in your agency? • Who are you trying to reach with your social media activities? Who should you be trying to reach? Module 2: You - Group Activity
  9. 9. MODULE 3: Find your Target Online Communications Bootcamp at AMAT 2012
  10. 10. • African-Americans • Hispanics/Latinos • Asians • Caucasians • Men • Women • Everyone ? Module 3: Find Your Target Online
  11. 11. BRAIN BREAK
  12. 12. Selecting the right channels will help you • effectively manage your content goals • create a diverse and targeted donation presence Module 4: Five Outreach Tools for Success
  13. 13. Facebook: What is it? Facebook allows you to connect and network with others of like interest. Allowing users to post text, photo, and viral components, Facebook has quickly become a core social media and social media marketing tool for its ease of use and content aggregation. Additional features like Facebook Pages, Groups, and Social Share Buttons found throughout popular search engines like Google, keep Facebook at the forefront of online business success, even organ donation... Module 4: Five Outreach Tools for Success
  14. 14. Module 4: Five Outreach Tools for Success
  15. 15. Twitter: What is it? Twitter is a popular micro-blogging service that has made great use of its 140 character limit. Quick news, sentiments, photos and video links spread like wildfire through the tweet and re- tweet. Twitter is especially popular for its ‘listening’ capability. Enabling users to search for the terms that interest them, and respond to their creators, makes for a welcome dialogue, provides networking opportunity, market research, and your business success. Module 4: Five Outreach Tools for Success
  16. 16. Pinterest: What is it? • An online pin board social media site • A visual mood board that users can share publicly • Users virtually pin images of interest from the internet onto their Pinterest page and share their pinnings publicly. • Users can re-pin their friends’ pinnings or browse the dozens of categories on the site. • Great format for brands to communicate a look and feel to their followers. • Multilingual Platform... A picture is worth a thousand words—in any language Module 4: Five Outreach Tools for Success
  17. 17. YouTube: What is it? Online video make the most of today’s short attention spans. In a few minutes a video can demonstrate and explain a topic, as well as convey a passion and tell a visual story that written content takes pages to do, and sometimes not effectively. YouTube is the largest aggregator of video on a range of subjects that can be categorized for quick and efficient search. Like most online platforms today, YouTube also has sharing features, so sending videos to potential donors is easy as pie! Why not create a repository of medical research videos for your agency and place them on YouTube? It’s free after all. Module 4: Five Outreach Tools for Success
  18. 18. Module 6: Five Outreach Tools for Success Evernote
  19. 19. BRAIN BREAK
  20. 20. African Americans and the Digital Connection Module 5: Multi-cultures in Donation & Transplant
  21. 21. African Americans • Use Twitter at a higher rate • 28% of online African Americans using Twitter, with 13% remaining active on a daily basis • Approximately 26% of young adults (18-29) use Twitter • 31% of those on the younger side of this age range (18-24) reported to use Twitter • The study revealed that urban and suburban residents were significantly more likely to use Twitter than individuals located in more rural regions Module 5: Multi-cultures in Donation & Transplant
  22. 22. In 2011: • 13% of all those who received transplants were Hispanic/Latino • 65% of Hispanic/Latino transplant recipients received kidneys • 23% of Hispanic/Latino transplant recipients received livers • 13% of all deceased donors were Hispanic/Latino Module 5: Multi-cultures in Donation & Transplant From
  23. 23. • Pew Internet and American Life Project reports online non-Hispanic whites and non-Hispanic blacks use Twitter at 5% and 13% respectively, 18% of Hispanics online are Twitter users, a statistically significant difference • According to online marketing company BIG Research, Latinos have taken to Facebook faster than non- Latinos. In all, 54.2% of Hispanics online regularly use Facebook, just above non-Latino blacks at 47.7% and non-Latino whites at 43% • Another Pew Internet study found that 10% of online Hispanics use these services – significantly more than non-Hispanic whites at 3% or non-Hispanic blacks at 5% Hispanics/ Latinos Module 5: Multi-cultures in Donation & Transplant
  24. 24. uSamp surveyed 650 adult Hispanics and found that they fell short compared to the general population in their use of: • Twitter (31 % vs. 33 %) • LinkedIn (5% vs. 21 % ) The study also revealed that Hispanics are less likely to share information in a social media setting than other users. Hispanics/ Latinos Module 5: Multi-cultures in Donation & Transplant
  25. 25. • Women use social media more than men • About 57% of Facebook and 59% of Twitter users are women • Nielsen reports that women of all ethnicities use media in similar ways with the exception of smart phones which ethnic women use at a far greater rate • Just 33% of Caucasian women have a smartphone in their household, compared to penetration rates in the 60s for women of other ethnicities, a fact that marries nicely with Pinterest’s smart phone app. Women Module 5: Multi-cultures in Donation & Transplant
  26. 26. MODULE 6: Case Study - Montefiore Communications Bootcamp at AMAT 2012
  27. 27. BRAIN BREAK
  28. 28. Make your Social Media Marketing a part of your daily schedule and you won’t have to use any other form of marketing. Pro Tip Spend some time lurking on friends’ pages commenting on their content or simply to say Hi. Do this at least 3 times a week to solidify relationships and get ‘Friend Suggestions.’ Module 7: Grow Your Presence, Grow Your Business
  29. 29. • Invoke the inner narcissist. Follow people first and they’ll follow back to see why you are interested in following them. • Participate in #FollowFriday. Tweet the @names (@lindseycholmes) of people you like to follow and most often they will ‘retweet’ to their followers with your @name included. #FF @NewCenturyIncomeTax @JUNCBrands @LamarMCarter - Successful NJ Entrepreneurs - and - RT@lindseycholmes #FF @NewCenturyIncomeTax @JUNCBrands @LamarMCarter - Successful NJ Entrepreneurs • Trend - Participate in Trending Topics to find interesting people to follow and be a part of the Global Timeline. • Add yourself to a Twitter Directory - • Say interesting things... On Twitter Module 7: Grow Your Presence, Grow Your Business
  30. 30. Updating Module 7: Grow Your Presence, Grow Your Business
  31. 31. • Keep your updates simple and personal. Social Media is about speaking for your brand, and should therefore be your voice. Post quotes, advice, thoughts, interests and listen to others, and the sale will seem more like an invitation, as you are now friends. • Be creative and indirect when selling. If an interest is music, post about songs and artists that inspire you. Sell your business by adding a picture to your wall with you on the beach, sipping a Margarita, and earphones with a caption that says ‘Listening to Aretha sounds so much better at the beach. Everyone should work as hard as I do.’ • Schedule your updates in advance. Try a service like Module 7: Grow Your Presence, Grow Your Business
  32. 32. Conversation is the key to Social Media. Talk to people, discover their interests and win. I tweeted his website to my 20,000 followers simply because he started a conversation! He received 600 hits to his blog as a result of this tweet. Module 7: Grow Your Presence, Grow Your Business
  33. 33. • Post inspiring stories of lives saved through organ and tissue donation on Facebook or tweet to friends. • Make registries easy to find and use - make them digital. • Let people need to know how easily they can register online by clicking a button or two, their willingness should increase. • Include social sharing on your registries. Once a person joins the registry, he or she has the option to share this information via Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks which should drive awareness among family and friends. Module 7: Grow Your Presence, Grow Your Business
  34. 34. Questions? Communications Bootcamp at AMAT 2012
  35. 35. Myra Burks-Davis With close to 20 years as a Public Relations and Communications Professional, Myra has provided strong and decisive leadership to diverse organizations. Myra’s accomplishments include the launch of MBD Strategic Communications, Inc., a full-service public relations, media relations and event planning firm. She lists securing national media placement for NJ Sharing Network on ESPN and The Oprah Winfrey Show as a career highlight. A frequent presenter on the effective uses of social media, she is also founding member of NJ Chapter of The Black Public Relations Society. In 2000, she joined NJ Sharing Network’s public affairs department as the Manager of Communications and was later promoted to Assistant Director, Public Relations and Community Affairs. Her key duties focused on media relations, advertising, special event planning, and the strategic development of public messages geared toward diverse ethnic communities. Before joining the Network, Myra worked as a community relations liaison for the Superior Court of New Jersey, a newspaper reporter for Worrall Community Newspapers and an assistant editor for City News Publishing. She graduated cum laude from Rutgers University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English/Journalism. She received the Peter C. Christian Award for Excellence in Journalism upon graduation and credits her college experiences with WBGO-FM, Jazz 88.3, New Jersey Network News (NJN) and Prudential with rounding out her college media education. A native of Newark, NJ, she currently resides in Piscataway, NJ with her family.
  36. 36. Communications Boot Camp at AMAT 2012 by! Myra!Burks*Davis,! MBD$Strategic$Communica2ons Lindsey!C.!Holmes,$ LCH$Business$SM$&$Tech Get Your Journal Today! $49.99 Communications Bootcamp at AMAT 2012 $99.99 for AMAT Members during AMAT 2012
  37. 37. KEEP IN TOUCH Myra Burks-Davis MBD Strategic Communications Email: Website: Facebook: MBD.Strategic.Communications Pinterest: mbdstrategies Twitter: @myrabd LinkedIn: myraburksdavis Phone: (732) 306-3111 Lindsey C. Holmes LCH Business SM & Tech Email: Website: Facebook: lchbusiness Pinterest: lindseycholmes Twitter: @lindseycholmes LinkedIn: lindseycholmes Phone: (973) 968-4792