Excel project planning tool BPM complexity


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Excel project planning tool BPM complexity for PID

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Excel project planning tool BPM complexity

  1. 1. Sheet1 Section 7 - BPM (Workflow) Activity Low Complexity Workflow Med Complexity Workflow High Complexity Workflow Flow Hrs to install and configure each BPM server 4 complex Handle customer Complaint sub complex Hrs for detailed design / Define workflow 12 24 48 srs medium Handle Customer Complaint main Hrs to define form -> GIForms Apart 0 0 0 simple Handle Customer Complaint Sub letters Hrs to build workflow 16 24 32 bouw simple Escalation to Expert Variant Hrs to unit test workflow 8 12 24 test medium handle Inbound documents # BPM server instances 0 simple change all processes to include UD_AgentID en UD_Partner id # Workflows 4 2 1 simple process to Self % Reusable workflows after 1st simple opname extra stap in processen/services to add Bussiness Partner id to Casedata if it becomes available Total Estimate (Hours) 0 144 120 104 Total Estimate (Person-Days) 0 18 15 13 46 Section 8 - iDecisions (RULES) Activity Low Complexity Rules Med Complexity Rules High Complexity Rules Rules Hrs to install and configure each BPM server 4 medium Complex letter Determination Hrs for detailed design / Define Ruleflow 4 12 32 srs simple Close Contact Rules Hrs to build Rules 8 16 48 bouw simple CA Block Rule Hrs to unit test Rules 4 12 24 test simple PhoneNumber Check # Rules server instances 2 simple Next Step Determination Handle Next steps complex complaint # RuleSets 8 1 1 simple BP Does not call Back Rule % Reusable Rules after 1st simple CA unblock rule Total Estimate (Hours) 8 128 40 104 simple Type of Complaint ?? Rule of Veld ? Total Estimate (Person-Days) 1 16 5 13 35 simple Next Step Determination handle simple Complaint complex GetQueue and Task priority (werkverdeling) Section 9 - Gi Forms Activity Low Complexity Forms Med Complexity Forms High Complexity Forms Forms Hrs to install / configure Browser Client 1 simple T010 Authorise Leniency Hrs for detailed design / Define Forms 8 12 24 srs simple T020 mailbox flowers Hrs to build Forms 12 18 32 bouw simple T030 Bouquet flowers Hrs to unit test Forms 8 16 24 test simple T300 Select Letters # Browser Client instances 2 complex T310 Edit letter text # Forms 9 5 3 complex T320 Create ITP-Letter % Reusable Forrm after 1st 50% 25% medium T100 Analyse Total Estimate (Hours) 2 140 184 240 medium T110 Contact BP Total Estimate (Person-Days) 0 18 23 30 71 simple T120 Wait for BP medium T130 Result phone call medium T140 Resolve complaint simple T160 Contact BP 2 6/9/2014 flevy__814.xls 1 (2)
  2. 2. Sheet1 Section 11 - Custom Components medium T200 Agreement complex T400 Create Escalation to Expert Variant Activity Hours simple T410 create task Detailed Design IPE Config for SAPBi 8 simple T420 handle escalation Config 8 simple t430 Handle task Unit test component 8 Total Estimate (Hours) 24 Total Estimate (Person-Days) 3 3 Section 6 - BW Processes (Automated) Activity Low Complexity Process Med Complexity Process High Complexity Process BW processes *the strikeouts are existing services others need new services Hrs to install each BW Instance 2 Hrs for detailed design / Define process 6 12 24 srs simple gettaskPriority and queue rules call has to be build Hrs to build process 8 16 24 bouw simple PreComplaintsLetterDeterminationRule rules call Hrs to unit test process 4 8 16 test simple Sw006LogContact # BW instances 0 simple Sw028Send Confirmation letter # Processes 12 5 0 simple Sw007 Update Contact % Reusable processes after 1st simple CloseContactRule rules call Total Estimate (Hours) 0 216 180 0 simple Determine Ca Rule rules call Total Estimate (Person-Days) 0 27 23 0 50 simple sw026 Update Payment Details simple PhoneNumber Check rules call simple determine next steps BP Doesnotcallback rule rules call simple handleNextsteps Subcomplex(leniencyChecks) rules call medium SWxx CreateOpenItem simple CA unblockRule rules call simple TypeofComplaint rules call simple determine nextstep s Main (lijkt op leniency checkthis) rules call medium SWxx SendMailbox Flowers simple Determine Type of Document rules call medium SW054 Update documentum object medium SR001 Find Bussiness patner medium sw038 Identify customer simple SW024 Validate Customername simple SW004 Create Bussiness Partner simple Sw055 Create Archive link medium BW publisher for SAPBi medium BW publisher for TotalView simple Change BW Process starter to add AgentID and Partnerid to Case data medium Werkverdeling Smartmapper 6/9/2014 flevy__814.xls 2 (2) This document is a partial preview. Full document download can be found on Flevy: http://flevy.com/browse/document/excel-project-planning-tool-bpm-complexity-814
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