Frt 110523.3A - Vision Meeting - Intrapeneurship - Alcatel-Lucent - Presentatie Lucent- Merck - Ulrich Betz - Barcelona


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Presentatie die gebruikt is door Guido Petit van Alcatel - Lucent tijdens de Vision Meeting 'Intrapeneurship: wat leert ons de praktijk?'.

Bron: Alcatal - Lucent | Guido Petit

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Frt 110523.3A - Vision Meeting - Intrapeneurship - Alcatel-Lucent - Presentatie Lucent- Merck - Ulrich Betz - Barcelona

  1. 1. Breakthrough Innovation, Barcelona 2010InnospireThe global innovation initiative@ MerckDr. Ulrich BetzDirector, Head of DepartmentCenter of InnovationMerck SeronoMerck KGaA
  2. 2. Milestones in the history of MerckMerck is the oldest pharmaceutical and chemical company in theworld1668 1827Friedrich Jacob Merck (1621-1678) Heinrich Emanuel Merck (1794-1855)buys the Angel Pharmacy (Engel- starts production on an industrial scaleApotheke) Innospire 2009 1
  3. 3. Merck is not the same as Merck• Merck KGaA and the U.S. pharmaceutical company Merck & Co. have been two independent companies since 1917.• Common historical roots: • 1891 Merck & Co. founded in New York by Georg Merck, a member of the Merck family • As a consequence of World War I, Merck & Co. was expropriated and became an independent company.• Today, Merck & Co. holds the rights to the name within North America. Merck KGaA operates there as EMD and holds the rights to the name Merck in the rest of the world. Innospire 2009 2
  4. 4. Corporate structure Merck Group Business sectors Pharmaceuticals Chemicals Divisions Merck Serono Liquid Crystals Performance & Consumer Health Care Life Science Chemicals Central functions Innospire 2009 3
  5. 5. Merck GroupFY 2009 by division Innospire 2009 4
  6. 6. Merger between traditional Pharma and BiotechOpportunity to take the best of both worlds Merck Ethicals Serono Division of Merck KGaA (family-owned since Family-owned since 1906 1668) Major success with Rebif®, the leading multiple Major success with Erbitux® in developing a sclerosis product outside the U.S. world-class Oncology franchise Strategy of focusing on specialized therapeutic Successful CardioMetabolic Care franchise areas for serious medical needs (fertility, built on core product families (Glucophage®, metabolic endocrinology) Concor® and Euthyrox®) Strong capabilities in developing biotech compounds Founded 5th January 2007 Focus on innovative small molecular and protein drugs Around 17000 employees € 4.993 billion sales in 2009 Headquarter in Geneva, Switzerland Innospire 2009 5
  7. 7. Reaching the next level Innospire 2009 6
  8. 8. The 7 sources of innovation The Innovator Mindset Company Line Collabo- Open wide Consul-organi- Scouts ration Customers Innovation idea tantszation Partners platform sourcing Evaluate - market potential - probability of success - exploitability - cross-divisional synergies Enable operational phase „fit for purpose“ New business Innospire 2009 7
  9. 9. To proudly go where nobodydared to go before… Innospire 2009 8
  10. 10. Or …to proudly go where nobodydared to go before… Innospire 2009 9
  11. 11. Mobilize Merck‘s full innovation potentialin challenging times Established processesinnospireInvolvement of all employees • Across organizational units • Across the hierarchy • Beyond existing businessesFostering entrepreneurial spirit Innospire 2009 10
  12. 12. Corporate structure Merck Group Business sectors Pharmaceuticals Chemicals synergies Divisions Merck Serono Liquid Crystals Performance & Consumer Health Care Life Science Chemicals Central functions Innospire 2009 11
  13. 13. What is innospire ?• innospire: The Chemical and Pharmaceutical divisions have jointly started a new worldwide process to source and develop ideas from all Merck employees• innospire mobilizes Merck‘s full innovation potential in economically challenging times• innospire created an environment for entrepreneurial individuals to form highly motivated professionally trained teams and move forward with innovative business ideas and professional business plans• innospire especially welcomes ideas that benefit both chemical and pharmaceutical divisions• innospire is complementary to the Merck Innovation Award, local suggestion schemes and the divisional R&D pipeline processes Innospire 2009 12
  14. 14. The innospire Process –Five phases towards global success Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4 Phase 5 Idea Idea Innovation Innovation Enabling Sourcing Selection Market- Bootcamp Projects place Kick-off 462 17 6 Grand March 30 submissions business concepts projects Jury April May June Oct Dec 2010Three key differences to „classic“ idea competitions:1) Idea matures and evolves (the idea put in does not need to be identical to the idea that comes out of the bootcamp)2) Team matures and evolves (it can be different people that propose the idea, that mature the idea to business case and that finally implement it, teams get training and consulting to overcome hurdles)3) Self-assembling teams, survival of the fittest (only those ideas survive that manage to convince a team to work on them) Innospire 2009 13
  15. 15. innospire - Call for Ideas Innospire 2009 14
  16. 16. Innospire 2009 15
  17. 17. Thank you! Innospire has received 462 submissionsfrom 550 idea champions out of 32 countries Innospire 2009 16
  18. 18. Total Number of Entries Entries by Date Date Innospire 2009 17
  19. 19. Number of Entries 100 120 140 160 20 40 60 80 0 Au st ra Be lia 3 lg iu m 1 Br az il 2 C hi C na ol 61 um bi a 5 Fr an G c 5 er e m an G y r 136 G eec ua e 3 te m al a 1 In In di do a 3 ne si a 1 Ire la nd 1 Ita ly 9 Ja pa M n 52 Entries by Countries N exi et he co 5 rla nd s 3 Pe Ph ru 3 illi pi ne Country s 9 Po la R nd uInnospire 2009 1 Sa ma ud nia i 1 So Ara bi ut h a 1 Ko re a 9 S Sw pa itz in 2 er la nd Ta 36 iw Th an U 16 ai ni la te d n 7 Ar Tu d ab rk U Em ey 1 ni i te d rate Ki 4 ng s do m 17 U Ve SA ne 60 zu el Vi a 2 et na m 118
  20. 20. Entries by targeted Business Sector 22% Pharma Entries 45% Chemicals Entries Pharma+Chemicals Entries 33% Innospire 2009 19
  21. 21. Entries by Idea Type 16% 21% Application Entries Material Entries 22% Process Entries 41% Service Entries Innospire 2009 20
  22. 22. The innospire process –Phase 2: Idea Selection 1st set of Criteria 2nd set of Criteria Phase 2 • Suitability for further optimization • Prioritization of joint Chemical to a full business plan & Pharma ideas Idea Selection • Market attractiveness, potential revenue • Balance Blue Sky (long term) ideas, medium-term ideas, 462 ideas • Industry attractiveness, and Quick Wins (fast sales competitive situation generators) • Risk profile, proof of concept • Balance ideas with a focus feasibility on materials, technologies, 17 member • Breakthrough vs. applications and new cross-functional incremental innovation business models evaluation team • Synergies with existing business Re- EvaluationPre-assessment Evaluation 40 interviews evaluation with by 2nd set by 1st set with idea by 1st set of criteria scorecards of criteria of criteria owners Innospire 2009 21
  23. 23. The innospire process –Phase 3: Innovation Marketplace Phase 3 Objectives and Criteria The Objectives of this Phase Criteria for next Phase 4• First presentation of idea on marketplace • Refined business concept events • Are the different roles, e.g. champion, finance,• Recruitment of bootcamp teams marketing/sales, present in the team?• Creative entrepreneurial colleagues can • Is there a clear leader? apply to join a team. • Do the team members have a consistent vision?• Refinement of business concepts • Are the team members very committed? Innospire 2009 22
  24. 24. Innovation Market Place• Presentation of 17 business concepts - Market Place Kick-off event - Poster sessions at key locations including Darmstadt, Geneva and Boston - Date: June 2009 - Presentation by Poster, Powerpoint, or Video - Intranet portal for global coverage• Recruitment of bootcamp teams and refinement of business concepts Innospire 2009 23
  25. 25. Innovation BootcampThe innovation bootcamp has the objectiveto nurture and coach early stage ideas inMerck, to advance in the company and tobecome successful businessesModules- Teaching - Coaching - Writing - FunContent- Case studies - Basic theory - Presentation skills- Marketing plan - Market Forecasting - Manufacturing issues- Financial plan - Legal issues - Team building- Integration plan - Launching planFacultiesProf. Stefan Stremersch, Chair of Economics and Chair of Marketing at Erasmus University RotterdamProf. Dr. Walter Van Dyck, Professor of Technology and Innovation Management, Tilburg UniversityDr. Guido Petit, Director of Alcatel-Lucent Technical AcademyMerck internal experts on manufacturing, patent, financial, integration issues and HR Innospire 2009 24
  26. 26. Teams are inspired and innovative I need innospire because I need innospire because It gives a chance to make cross-divisional It adds a lot to the fun I have at my job and ideas real, that have no home in the makes Merck a more attractive employer. It business units is a great opportunity to broaden my and would not have a chance otherwise expertise and knowledge. Innospire 2009 25
  27. 27. Statements from innospirebootcamp participantsI need innospire because – It gives a chance to make cross-divisional ideas real, that have no home in the business units and would not have a chance otherwise – It gives us the possibility to think of innovations by combining different divisions expertise – The process brings ideas to reality – It encourages Merck employees to use their own creativity for the good of the company – It adds a lot to the fun I have at my job and makes Merck a more attractive employer. It is a great opportunity to broaden my expertise and knowledge. Innospire 2009 26
  28. 28. The Grand Jury• Composed of members of the Executive Management Boards from Merck Chemicals Division and from Merck Serono• 20min for each team leader to present the business plan• 10min Q&A• Selection of projects that are endorsed to move to the enabling phase• Allocation of budget• Debriefing of teams• 5 of the 6 presented business plans were endorsed! Innospire 2009 27
  29. 29. From idea to business TAs/BUs LC/PC/AT Pipelines direct uptakeinternal idea call later uptake innospire formation of new business unit innovation Innovation spin off incubator incubator out-licensing mature with innovation funding Project selection and governance via Innovation Steering Committee Innospire 2009 28
  30. 30. Merck Innovation SteeringCommitteeMembers• Head Porfolio Development Head Advanced Technologies Head R&D Head Performance Life Science Head Patents Head Innovation ManagementMandate• Fully exploit cross-divisional synergies• Promote innovation @ Merck• Align on innospire calls and other innovation initiatives• Governance of cross-divisional incubator projects Innospire 2009 29
  31. 31. Two cross-divisional project teams are in theenabling phase supported by innospire funds Innospire 2009 30
  32. 32. Additional ideas will be followed-upand qualified in 2010 2009 2010 2011 2012Idea InnovationCall Bootcamp Project Enablement2009 Idea Follow-up Innovation Bootcamp Project Enablement Workshops Idea Innovation Call Bootcamp Project Enablement 2011 2010: Focus on idea evaluation and maturation from 2009 call feedback to all idea submitters, new idea call in 2011 Innospire 2009 31
  33. 33. innospireA success story• Highlighting the importance and the support for innovation at all times• Fostering global inter-divisional collaboration• Supporting innovative thinking and an entrepreneurial mindset• Training, coaching and support for project teams• 5 endorsed business plans on their way in highly motivated project teams to generate new business for Merck Innospire 2009 32
  34. 34. Thank you! ulrich.betz@merck.deInnospire 2009 33