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  • Compuscore Bcan be used for the on-going management of customers throughout their credit life-cycle. Ultimately it was developed to predict the on-going default risk in a 12 month outcome period which allows credit providers to constantly monitor the risk of debtors and take appropriate action.
  • Compuscan

    2. 2. ABOUT
    3. 3. Compuscan Information Technologies We combine trusted advice, information, world-class analytics and innovative applications to help you make smart business decisions. • Established in 1994 • We collect, validate, load, verify, house and distribute consumer credit information • We are a recognised market leader in developing markets • We partner with organisations and businesses around Africa to establish and strengthen customer relationships and provide businesses with a competitive advantage • We strive for innovative and quality products • 200 staff members • BBBEE rating of Level 4 + value add
    4. 4. Our Markets Compuscan received a tender in 2010 to provide a consumer and business credit information bureau in Ethiopia. In Botswana microlenders have to register with the MLA and only once the Compuscan installation is In 2006 Compuscan was selected by completed do they get issued with a the Bank of Uganda to build the first- license of trade. ever Ugandan credit reference bureau and biometric identity smart card system.In Namibia microlenders are mandatedby NAMFISA and the MLA to subscribeto Compuscan. Compuscan South Africa collects, validates, loads, verifies, hous es and distributes consumer credit information.
    5. 5. ScoreSharpSpecialised credit risk management consultancy focused on providing scoring,analytical and consulting solutions.• Established June 2007• Started by 4 industry professionals with combined 50+ years risk management experience• Local and international experienceSolutions include:• Data Analytics• Predictive Modelling• Consulting• Software
    7. 7. Compuscan IT Prospecting and Marketing Credit Customer Collections Bureau Data Acquisition Customer
    8. 8. Compuscan ITCredit Bureau Data: • Accounts data & repayment information from entire population • Full CPA file from 2007 (+/- 50 million accounts updated monthly) • NLR information (+/- 8 million accounts updated monthly) • Compuscan microloan (+/- 3 million accounts updated monthly) • Adverse/Default Data • Public domain information: Judgements, administration orders, sequestrations, liquidations, rescindments, default/adverse orders (+/- 1.5 million annually) • Contact information • Previous enquiries • Debt restructuring information • Disputes information • Deeds/property information • Identification/contact information • Collections information • Fraud/SAFPS
    9. 9. Compuscan ITData Statistics: Variable Amount Consumers on file 47 514 034 million Addresses 128 454 529 million Telephone Numbers 96 773 698 million Employee Information 24 501 332 million SAFPS Listings 40 165 Active CPA Accounts 46 909 042 million NLR Accounts 9 993 723 million Enquiries per month 941 334 million Statistics dated: 18 October
    10. 10. Compuscan IT Prospecting & Marketing: Marketing Information Services: By combining propensity-to-purchase, response models, bureau screening and credit scoring criteria we can assist you to profile potential clients. Prolinx: Prolinx is a loan portal linking originators, credit providers and consumers. It offers benefits for credit providers, microlenders and originators. For more information, visit
    11. 11. Marketing Information Services Propensity to purchase Response models Bureau screening Credit scoring criteria Prequalified
    12. 12. Prolinx Prolinx is an online portal which broadens the market-place for microlenders and gives them the ability to partner with larger credit providers who have the capital necessary to provide long-term loans thus positioning microlenders as financial intermediaries, enabling them to offer larger loans to their client base. It offers benefits for: • Credit Providers Credit providers disburse their loan products to as many customers as possible. • Microlenders Microlenders can earn commission by offering loans risk free on behalf of multiple finance houses. • Originators Originators have contact with the end consumer and mediate between consumer and credit
    13. 13. Compuscan ITCustomer Acquisition:Credit Check: Credit Check provides direct online and offline accessto Compuscan’s comprehensive credit bureau database.Xcelerator: With Xcelerator you can automate the entire creditapplication cycle by employing workflow techniques which control and monitor eachstage of the application process.CompuScore A: (Application) CompuScore A was created for risk assessmentat the customer acquisition stage.Codix: Codix is a decision making tool which takes your specific business rules foreach loan product into account and provides you with recommended actions foreach of your loan products.Codix Lite: Codix Lite is an effective decision making solution for smaller unsecuredloan
    14. 14. Credit Check • Provides direct online and offline access to a comprehensive credit bureau database of consumers (50 + million ID’s , 18.5 million credit active consumers, over 60 million accounts). • Submit and receive credit information through a method of choice, - Web front-end - Integration into various packages through DLL’s or web services - CPU – CPU • Can link to CompuWatch to monitor your borrower’s movements in real- time. - Get alerts everytime your borrowers enquire at other institutions or have changes made to their credit
    15. 15. Xcelerator The Process: Xcelerator External Credit Links to Codix to Prints pre- checks for Prints final Check is calculate agreement existing client agreement conducted creditworthiness documentation
    16. 16. CompuScore A(Application Bureau Score ) • Bureau loan application scorecard • 3 digit score used as a credit risk assessment tool to predict the probability of payment default at acquisition stage • Takes all aspects of CPA, NLR, CS loans, credit history and both positive and negative information into consideration • Predicts probability of a default occurring in 12 months of an account opening • Predicts acceptance rate at a particular score cut
    17. 17. Codix • Takes your business rules into account for each loan product • Is calibrated to your data • Automatically filters through credit bureau information • Displays a concise summary with recommended
    18. 18. Codix – Example
    19. 19. Codix Lite in a Nutshell • Codix Lite is a scoring solution for smaller or emerging unsecured loan providers. • Codix is calibrated to your data, but with Codix Lite the calibration process is performed on a random industry sample (of NLR accounts with terms between 1-6 months) and not on your own loan
    20. 20. Compuscan IT Customer Management: Proloan: Proloan provides you with a complete loan servicing, management, tracking and collection software platform to manage the entire loan cycle. Compuloan: Compuloan is an enhanced loan management system offering a centralised database linking all your business branches which allows for a range of reporting options. Both Proloan and Compuloan are NCR compliant, integrated into various payment gateways, submits data to NLR/CPA , statistical compliance reporting etc. Credit Life Insurance: Compuscan, in collaboration with various credit life providers, offers you Credit Life Insurance which takes care of any outstanding debt the borrower/policy holder may leave
    21. 21. Compuscan IT Customer Management: Biometrix: We offer integrated solutions for customer and employee identification and verification in the form of biometric applications which provides your business with the highest security and best possible solution to keep track of your borrowers. CompuWatch: CompuWatch gives you the power to monitor your debtors’ movements throughout the credit industry and be alerted to changes to their credit profile in real-time. CompuScore B: CompuScore B is a Behavioral score used in the ongoing management of customers throughout their credit
    22. 22. Proloan Proloan manages the entire loan cycle and ranges from capturing new business to performing collections on outstanding loans. Functionalities include: • Utilises biometrics to identify applicants • Capturing of new business • Integration with Compuscan Credit Check • Generates all documentation • Communicates with clients regarding payment • Performs collections on outstanding loans • Generates management reports • Integrates with Credit Life Insurance • Modularised • SMS and bad debt module • Payroll collections exporter • Integrated into: • ALLPS- Fully integrated • Inso123 – Fully integrated on Individual Payment Instructions • Realpay – Fully integrated • NuPay - Loan Creations, Nupay Batch Receipt
    23. 23. CompuLoan CompuLoan, Compuscan’s advanced loan management system provides a centralised database, linking all your branches which allows for a range of reporting options. Functionalities include: • Centralised database • Origination module • Advanced reporting • Ensures NCR compliance • Enhanced security features • Provides detailed loan history • Flexible loan product management • Bad debt management functionality • Numerous integrations including bureau, biometrix and ALLPS • Automated cost and interest rate calculator • Supports single cash box and multiple pay points • Audited accounting system • Supports multiple loan products • Schedule batch receipts • User friendly
    24. 24. Credit Life Insurance Protect the credit you extend. • Protect borrowers from unforeseen events • Earn commission • Increased profitability • Amount of the policy matches the loan balance – ensuring the loan will be repaid in full • Offered by Compuscan in collaboration with Real
    25. 25. Biometrix Identity theft costs the South African economy around R1 billion each year. By making use of our integrated solutions for customer and employee verification you can be confident in the knowledge that your business will not be identity theft’s next victim. Benefits include: • Know Your Clients • Enhance Your Security Levels • Combat Fraud • Improve Efficiency • Easily Integrated •
    26. 26. CompuWatch Monitor your debtors’ movements in the credit industry. 1. Submit debtor file to Compuscan run against defined HIT rules 2. Matches returned in pre-arranged format. 3. Non-HITs loaded on Trace database for real-time monitoring through CompuWatch: Alert & Triggers 4. Hits returned & removed from Trace. Additional debtor files
    27. 27. CompuScore B • A behavioural score for use in the ongoing management of customers throughout credit life cycle. • Developed to predict ongoing default risk in a 12 month outcome period. • Development sample was created using customers having open CPA and NLR accounts at specific observation
    28. 28. Compuscan IT Collections: Trace Services: With Compuscan’s up-to-date consumer data and powerful trace and alert tools you can take early action by tracing, monitoring and locating debtors. CompuScore C: CompuScore C was developed to predict the probability of receiving payment on overdue accounts based on key performance indicators on the Compuscan credit
    29. 29. Trace Services Locate consumers quickly and easily with Compuscan’s Trace Services which provides updated consumer identity and contact information. This information can be received via batch or through Compuscan’s advanced online Trace application. Consumers not found on the system can be loaded onto a real-time Watchlist service that will immediately notify credit providers when any new contact or public domain information is received, allowing them to take immediate
    30. 30. CompuScore C• Indicates the probability of receiving payment on accounts overdue based on bureau performance variables.• Built for collection books across industry types.• Overlays collection probably with balance due to set collection priority.• Automated process to receive file, add score & deliver
    31. 31. Skills Training:Compuscan Academy (CSA), established in 2004, is the sister company of Compuscan, aSouth African based credit bureau.We specialise in the following three training areas:• Credit & Microfinance Skills Training• Business & Personal Development Training• Personal Computer Skills TrainingOur services include the following:• Design & Development of Training Programs: CSA has an in-house research and development department responsible for design and development of all our skills training programmes. We strive to offer a customised solution and believe it is often the most effective.• Skills Development Consulting Services: We assist companies to identify existing skills in their organisations and any skills needs. We then put in place training interventions to address identified skills
    32. 32. AccreditationsAccredited with BANKSETA • Registered Qualification: National Certificate in Micro Finance (Level 3) • Registering Qualification: National Certificate in Micro Finance (Level 4) • Registered various skills programmes & short courses in credit / micro-finance and business skillsAccreditation with Institute of Credit Management (ICM) • Delivering National & Advanced Certificates in Credit ManagementNational Credit Regulator (NCR) • Delivering Debt Counselling
    33. 33. Thank you for your time. Any questions?
    34. 34.