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  • 1. We all share the same road.
  • 2. The roads that connect us, the vehicles we use for transport, and the way we interact with each other on these roads, are killing us.
  • 3. Each year 1.3 million people are killed in road traffic accidents, and many more are seriously injured.
  • 4. Traffic-related fatalities are the greatest killer of youth aged 5 to 29 on the planet.
  • 5. In economic terms, the average annual costs of road traffic accidents in a low- or middle- income country represent 2.5% of the gross national product.
  • 6. Founded in 2003, Fleet Forum seeks to add value to transport effectiveness by providing leadership and support to the aid and development and commercial transport sectors in low- and middle- income countries in the areas of road safety, environmental impact, and cost efficiency.
  • 7. Fleet Forum works with transport and fleet professionals to set the standard for sustainable transport management.
  • 8. We deliver a complete range of services and products that improve safety, efficiency, and effectiveness while reducing the environmental impact of transport.
  • 9. These “green” practices are vitally important as we save lives and save the planet.
  • 10. And in our convening role, Fleet Forum brings together all stakeholders to discuss, to learn, and to facilitate collaboration.
  • 11. The 200+ member organisations of Fleet Forum have joined together in a singular commitment to create a safer, greener, and more sustainable world through improved road safety and efficient fleet policies.