Governance in Virtual Worlds 2010: Virtual Self Governance - Fleep Tuque

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Panel: Virtual Self-Governance …

Panel: Virtual Self-Governance

How do communities govern themselves in virtual worlds? What do members want from virtual communities, and how are those things provided? How much do national laws and policies actually affect virtual self-governance? What tools are needed that we don’t have yet? How do the platforms enable or hinder effective community governance?


John Carter McKnight, Adjunct Professor of Law, Arizona State University Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law

Rose Springvale, Attorney, former Sultana, Al-Andalus Sims in Second Life

Kim Smith, COO, World2Worlds, Inc.

Chris Collins, Project Manager, University of Cincinnatti in Second Life

Jamie Palisades, Former Chancellor, Confederation of Democratic Simulators, Second Life

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  • 1. Virtual Self Governance: The Chilbo Community Chris Collins (SL: Fleep Tuque) Founder & Executive Director Chilbo Director,
  • 2. What is Chilbo? Our Town! •Established in 2006, started with 512 plot E bli h d i 2006 d ih l •Mainland, Southern Continent (Jeogeot) •230+ Members, speak 11 languages •Cover 11 sims over 130 locations sims, •Shops, school, library, art, music, coffee!
  • 3. Location on the Grid
  • 4. 2006 Initial Focus – Our Neighborhood N i hb h d 2007 2008 • Meeting neighbors • Removing banlines • Installing sidewalks • Providing P idi community resources i • Building facilities (Town Hall)
  • 5. Mix of Group & Privately Owned Land • Mixed model provides flexibility fl ibilit • Group land used for community facilities, infrastructure, and newbie homes
  • 6. Governance • Town Hall seat of government • Monthly meetings • Community news, resources • Consensus based • Services for residents • Community driven
  • 7. Governance
  • 8. Why join virtual communities? • Seek a sense of belonging b l i • Place to be creative • People who share their passions • Want some AGENCY
  • 9. Why join virtual communities?
  • 10. Why join virtual communities?
  • 11. Why join virtual communities?
  • 12. Engagement Increases 40+ hrs 41+ Hrs/Wk 21-39 hrs 21-40 Hrs/Wk 11-20 hrs 11-20 Hrs/Wk 2008 2009 5-10Hrs/Wk 5-10 hrs 2-4 Hrs/Wk 2-4 hrs 0-1 Hrs/Wk 0-1 hrs
  • 13. Visitors Welcome! ☺ In Second Life, search for Chilbo… Subscribe to the Chilbo Road Press
  • 14. Virtual Self Governance: The Chilbo Community Chris Collins (SL: Fleep Tuque) Founder & Executive Director Chilbo Director,