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Life Resonance Fact Sheet 0209

  1. 1. Life Resonance, Inc. Zurich / Switzerland A Swiss Developer and Manufacturer of Certified Natural Cosmetics and Treatment Systems Fact Sheet Company and Product Philosophy Life Resonance, Inc. ( was founded in 1987 by Rahel M. Zeier and Marianne Seger. The company’s purpose is the development and production of a line of certified natural cosmetics and treatment method under the label “Life Resonance”. The company is fully owned by the founders. Life Resonance products and treatment method enhance clients’ well-being, good looks and feelings of energy balance. Gentle and regenerative face or complete body treatments result in deep relaxation, harmony and the gradual increase of energy reserves. Products and treatment are suited for women and men. The company sets itself apart for two reasons: • All products are bio-activated. Bio-Activation is a technology to imprint energy resonance patterns into plant essences and other materials thus allowing the client’s body to faster regenerate, to beautify, to restore organization and to maintain energy balance. • The products are certified by BDIH – a label which stands for products that satisfy extremely high criteria1 on the purity and ecological impact of the products and the ingredients used. 1 See
  2. 2. Life Resonance AG 2 Life Resonance products are manufactured in Switzerland. They are distributed through a number of channels: • Spas • Direct Marketing • Health-Care Pharmacies in Switzerland and Germany • Distributors in the United Kingdom, Japan and Germany Bio-Activation Bio-Activation is a proprietary technology to imprint energy resonance patterns into plant essences and other materials. It is based on specifically designed bio- physical and electronic devices. The energy resonance patterns imprinted into the cosmetics help the body to faster regenerate, to beautify, to restore organization and to maintain energy balance. The treatment method follows the same principles. The basic effect is a transmittance of energy in a resonance-like interaction between emitter (product or treatment system) and absorber (customer). The Bio-Activation technology is based on working principles of alternative treat- ment systems such as Chinese Medicine, Homoepathic Therapy, Dr. Bach Remedies that address the body's energy field for improvement of organization, restorance and energy balance for health and well-being. Since quantum physics modern scientists describe our existence as being based on particle and wave, matter and information, taking into consideration that high levels of organization and coherence support and maintain complex biological sys- tems. • Fritz A. Popp, German physicist, quality test of foods by "Delayed Luminescence of Biological Systems in Terms of Coherent States". • Konstantin Korotkov, Russian physicist, tests organization and energetic states of materials by his "Gas Discharge Technology". • K.P. Schlebusch, W. Maric-Öhler and F.A. Popp: "Biophotonics in the Infrared Spectral Range Reveal Acupuncture Meridian Structure of the Body". • Erwin Schrödinger, Austrian physicist, Nobel Prize for his contribution to quantum mechanics:..."The knack by which an organism is able to maintain a highly organized level is achieved by the perpetual 'soaking up' of order from its surroundings."... Bio-Activation and the Life Resonance product lines are based on long years of therapeutic experience of the two founders and their recognition that optimal bodily function, mental well-being and a pleasing, radiant vitality - as well as simply feeling good - are the result of consistent energy care.
  3. 3. Life Resonance AG 3 Products and Services 1. BDIH-certified Natural Cosmetics and Wellness Products The rich and varied selection of plant ingredients offers numerous syner- gistic characteristics amd properties. They provide the skin and body maxi- mum protection and support. The carefully selected plant extracts, oils and natural fragrances originate from certified organically grown sources and reflect the abundance of regenerative wealth that Nature has to offer. Product Overview • Facial Care • Body Care • Body and Massage Oils • Hair and Scalp Care • Oral Care • Energy Balancing Products • Room Harmonizing • Pet Care 2. Professional Method "Beauty + Energy" Life Resonance beauticians are trained in this method which involves the application of treatment systems built according to bio-activation principles. Deep relaxation, harmony and the gradual increase of energy reserves create an intense experience generated through gentle and regenerative face or complete body treatment. Key Success Factors • Fragmented and growing market The market for natural products has double-digit growth rates. Since it is highly fragmented, new players can enter with relative ease. • Very Interesting value proposition for retailers The bio-activation concept is new on the market and has a very high potential. Life Resonance thus offers distributors a chance to position themselves in an interesting, but increasingly competitive market landscape.
  4. 4. Life Resonance AG 4 Life Resonance made Kline & Company elaborate a Positioning Report for the Life Resonance Program end of 2007. The report shows high scores in quality and efficiency. Within the scale from 1 to 5 Life Resonance reaches the highest scores among the key success factors in – Natural Ingredients (5) – Therapeutic Effect (4) – Innovative Offering (4) • Market niche The spa market provides an interesting niche into the beauty and wellness market. Some highlights: – "Spa time is everyday..." Life Resonance has unique products and services that align with the American spa customers desire for simply indulgence in both products and regimen. – "Small is big..." Life Resonance is a European niche brand and that positioning will be very appealing to American spa customers and spa owners. – "I want it all naturally..." The all natural products of Life Resonance are on trend with the wants of American spa customers and can help spa owners differentiate themselves in this increasingly competitive channel. • License partnerschip for professionals The licensing optimizes recognition value and brand awareness by standardizing certified training, implementation and corporate identity in order to guarantee consistent quality. • Swiss quality and safety Life Resonance products are manufactured in Switzerland and thus represent quality and safety.
  5. 5. Life Resonance AG 5 Related Company – Institute for Bioinformation The Institute for Bioinformation is jointly owned by the founders Rahel M. Zeier and Marianne Seger of Life Resonance. The Institute's mission is to provide pro- ducts and therapeutic concepts which benefit health and vitality by harmonizing the flow of energy. The Institute for Bioinformation has developed the Bio-Activation Technology for Life Resonance products and treatment tools. Specifically designed bio-physical devices, procedures and protocols are used for the transmittance of frequency/ resonance patterns taken from Nature (e.g., plants, precious stones, colors). Possible Business Relationship The Kline & Company Positioning Report shows that the highest key success fac- tors in the Life Resonance program are represented in the quality of the involved Natural Ingredients, in the Therapeutic Effect and the Innovative Offering. In other words, Life Resonance offers excellent products with a very interesting value pro- position and a very high potential. However, Life Resonance is a product development company, not a marketing or sales company. Therefore, Life Resonance is looking for distribution partners who are willing to help spreading the brand and selling the products.
  6. 6. Life Resonance AG 6 Life Resonance History 1987 Establishment of the Institute for Bioinformation, Zeier + Seger, in Zurich. Opening of the therapeutical practice for Bioinformation Therapy for humans and animals 1989 Training program for therapists 1990 Life Resonance® bio-activated cosmetic products 1991 Life Resonance® Professional Method «Beauty and Energy» and bio-activated treatment system for the cosmetic institute 1999 Extension of the product range and professional treatment system 2000 International distribution (Germany, Great Britain, Japan and South Korea) 2004 Establishment of Life Resonance AG in Zurich Development of Life Resonance Products New Generation with organically grown plant extracts 2005 Launching of the new Life Resonance generation – Pilot operation of the Life Resonance license program 2006 Certification of the first 8 license partners in Switzerland Start of the periodicum "Newsletter" New Developments: – Room Therapy Sprays – "Animal + Energy"-Products 2007 Launch of Life Resonance New Generation in Japan New developments: – Lip Care Pure Natural – Hand Care Natural – Bath and Shower Products – Integrating of Chinese Secret Herbal Formula into reformulated products Bio-Label of BDIH «Certified Natural Cosmetics» ( 2008 Launch of «Certified Natural Cosmetics» at Profi Exhibition 4Beauty Show in Switzerland 2009 Establishment of Life Resonance Asia Ltd., Hong Kong