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Life Resoance Cosmetics  Insert E

Life Resoance Cosmetics Insert E






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    Life Resoance Cosmetics  Insert E Life Resoance Cosmetics Insert E Document Transcript

    • Beauty + Energy – The revolution worth discovering... Life Resonance is based on the explosive knowledge that it is not sufficient for optimal cosmetic products to be composed of top quality ingredients, but also vital they contain energy enhancing factors. Life Resonance fulfils both criteria offering Beauty + Energy Care in one! An assortment of natural extracts and plant oils derived from biologically culti- vated and strictly controlled production, generate an inexhaustible wealth of richness with which Life Resonance cosmetics benefit mankind. Life Resonance treats the living energy of its components with extreme care, and the valuable ingredients are furthermore supported by energy enhancing resonance pat- terns that create renewed energy resources of the skin. Through listening to nature, these regulating and harmonizing impulses have been captured and integrated in the extraordinary range of cosmetics through a special biophysical process unique to Life Resonance. Regenerative optimal care is the aim! Together with its additional energizing components, Life Resonance offers more than just the feeling of perfect cosmetic wellness during the day: an all-round feeling of enhanced vitality and intense radiance are also more than welcome benefits that graciously compensate today’s greater necessity for improved qualities in our everyday lives.
    • Utilization Effects CLEANSING BALM Morning and evening cleansing Suitable for all types of skin. Performs a dual function: cleanses mildly, TwO-IN-ONE Apply to the face and neck, after a brief thoroughly and at the same time tones the skin. Also suitable for extremely CLEANSES period of time rinse off with lukewarm water. sensitive skin types. Removes eye make-up without burning. Optimally pre- ANd TONES Cleansing Balm can also be applied to other pares the skin for the care product to follow. Relaxes and harmonizes the 100 ml parts of the body and is suitable for children. skin’s metabolism. Contains natural antibacterial properties. SKIN ELIXIR Morning or evening care Refreshes and stimulates the skin and surrounding tissue. Harmonizes the REPLENISHING SERUM Apply after cleansing or a facial mask and allow skin’s energy flow ensuring deep revitalisation. Promotes breathing and 30 ml the product to be absorbed. elasticity of the skin. Soothes irritated skin and encourages the regeneration Finally, apply a cream suited to your skin type. of problem skin. For gents: Soothes after shaving and cares for reddened and irritated skin. INTENSIVE RESTORANCE Morning or evening care Provides a deep moisturizing effect, nourishes and mineralizes the layers of FACIAL MASK Apply to the face, throat and lower neck the skin. The ultimate care for the positive treatment and repair of stressed, 50 ml 2 – 3 × per week. difficult, dry and impure skin. Soothes and reduces wrinkles and fine lines. Allow 5 – 10 min. for the product to act Intensifies the skin’s energy and promotes renewed vitality and radiance prior to rinsing with lukewarm water. resulting in a silky and youthful appearance of the skin. Donates an incom- Finally, apply Skin Elixir or facial cream parably soft and smooth touch. suited to your skin type.
    • Utilization Effects ENERGY GEL An essential part of facial care Generates energy-packed and lively radiance. Tingles and refreshes! VITALIzING PHENOMENON Apply to the face, throat and lower neck after Replenishes immediately and reorganizes energy flows. Provides tired and FACE + BOdY cleansing. lethargic tissue with new zest. Tones slack tissue and activates lymphatic func- 50 ml An essential part of body care tionality. Relieves blocked tissue. Reduces lachrymal bags and encourages the Apply several times daily to the selected body efficient transportation of the metabolic process from the body. Invigorates zones. tired legs, swollen ankles and burning feet. Releases tension and blockages and Essential care for travel, fatigue, tension, contains cooling properties by sunburn. Maintains energy reserves and donates nervous tension and weakness a light and carefree body feeling. Acts favourably against nervous tension, fa- Apply to the face, throat, neck and solar tigue and general weakness. Provides a desirable kick for sport and fitness! plexus (stomach region). INTENSIVE CARE Morning and evening care Protects and cares for the delicate and sensitive eye and lip zones. Well tol- EYE + LIP SUPPORT Apply twice or more times daily to the eye erated by the mucous membrane of the eyes. Provides in-depth nourishment HIGHLY SENSITIVE SKIN and lip zones. and vitaminization of the skin as well as protection against damaging environ- 30 ml Do not massage but apply patting gently. mental factors. Retards aging and wrinkles. Soothes and reduces existing lines Contains no essential oils and is ideal for and wrinkles. Refreshes with valuable cucumber oil which enhances the product use as a facial cream for highly sensitive with an incomparable fragrance. Generates a radiant and clear field of vision. skin.
    • Utilization Effects FACIAL BALANCE 1 Morning or evening care Integral care that offers your skin all that it needs and more. Nourishes and PERFECT REPLENISHMENT Apply Skin Elixir, Energy Gel or Facial Mask provides a deep moisturizing effect of the skin. Protects against harmful en- 50 ml sparingly after cleansing for in-depth vironmental influences and retards skin aging. Soothes and reduces existing energization and regeneration. lines and wrinkles. Regulates sebum production. Grants the face a miraculous silky smooth appearance. Assists intensive radiance and donates a daily ex- perience of sensual well-being. FACIAL BALANCE 2 Morning or evening care Provides dry and stressed skin with all that it needs for optimal renewal. In- TOTAL REGENERATION Apply Skin Elixir, Energy Gel or Facial Mask depth regeneration that aids restructuration and nourishes. Provides the skin 50 ml sparingly after cleansing for in-depth with new vitality and radiance. Replenishes exhausted energy reserves and energization and regeneration. offers protection against harmful environmental factors. Soothes and reduces existing lines and wrinkles resulting in a miraculous silky-smooth appearance. Assists intensive radiance and donates a daily experience of sensual well-being. FACIAL BALANCE 3 Morning or evening care Moisturizes, energizes and regenerates the multiple layers of the skin. OPTIMAL HYdRATION Apply Skin Elixir, Energy Gel or Facial Mask Smoothes and tones and provides protection against harmful environmental 50 ml sparingly after cleansing for in-depth factors. Retards aging. Soothes and reduces existing lines and wrinkles. Reg- energization and regeneration. ulates sebum production. Grants the face a miraculous silky smooth appear- ance. Assists intensive radiance and donates a daily experience of sensual well- being.
    • Utilization Effects FACE + BOdY SCRUB Facial care Double action – a unique experience for your senses! dOUBLE ACTION Apply to face after cleansing. Massage gently. Peeling and in-depth cleansing at the same time. Revitalizes tired slack tissue EXFOLIATING CREAM Allow 5 – 10 minutes for the product to act and problem skin. Tautens and tones. Removes old and horny cell particles. 150 ml prior to rinsing it off with lukewarm water. Stimulates the skin’s energy flow and activates the entire energy field. Pro- Body care motes blood circulation bringing about a fresh, shimmering, velvety appear- Apply to selected zones or the whole body. ance and an incomparably soft touch. Massage gently. Allow 5 – 10 minutes for the product to act prior to rinsing off or showering. wHITENING Morning and evening care or frequent Acts naturally, safely and without chemical bleaching agents. Pure plant extracts ESSENTIAL CREAM daily use from the Swiss mountains bring about an efficient whitening effect and assist 50 ml Apply as a day cream after cleansing or use in balancing discoloration. Restrains melanin production of the skin. Reduces as a base under the day cream. coloration and size of age spots. Stimulates the skin’s energy flow. Tones and Apply to face, throat and lower neck as well cares for the skin granting intensified grace and brilliance. as all light-exposed zones. ANTI SPOT Frequent daily use Highly concentrated serum of natural basis. Acts naturally, safely and without NATURAL SERUM Apply frequently to pigment and age spots chemical bleaching agents. Achieves a lightening effect through pure plant 20 ml before using a day cream or the Whitening extracts from the Swiss mountains. Fades age spots and pigmented zones of Essential Cream. the skin. Restrains melanin production of the skin.
    • Utilization Effects LUXURY BOdY BALM Morning or evening care, Nourishment and care for the whole body. Transports ample vital nutrients and ENERGIzING BOdY after sport and fitness, vitamins to the multiple layers of the skin. Revitalizes both stressed and dry skin COMFORT after sunbathing and is generally well tolerated by sensitive skin. Moisturizes and donates con- 150 ml After showering or the use of Body Scrub, centrated energy resulting in a marvellously smooth and velvety feeling of the apply to either selected parts or the whole skin. Supervises energy reserves and brings about a vital, fresh and light body body once dry. feeling. Relieves fatigue caused through hours in front of computer screens. dETOX BOdY MASK Purifies, tautens and revitalizes Purifies, cleanses, tautens and revitalizes. Activates lethargic metabolism of TIGHTENS ANd TONES Apply to the whole body or selected zones the skin and surrounding tissue. Encourages lymph activity. Reorganizes the 100 ml 2 – 3 × per week. Allow 10 – 15 minutes for the skin’s energy flow and improves blood circulation. Tones and nourishes. Com- product to act. Shower or rinse off with luke- bats irritated skin. Mineralizes and strengthens the skin. Relieves, supports and warm water. Continue by applying Luxury Body enhances the suppleness of body tissue. May also be used as an intensive cure Balm or Balance Fluid. by applying daily for a period of 1 – 2 months and is well tolerated. For exam- Cellulite treatment ple, during slimming diets or cellulite treatment. Reduces nervous tension and Apply to affected areas daily and allow 10 – 15 assists positive mood swings. Refreshes and soothes the entire body. minutes for the product to act. Finally, rinse off with lukewarm water and apply Balance Fluid. Body cleansing the refreshing way Apply to the whole body and allow a few min- utes for the product to act. Finally, shower and apply Balance Fluid or Luxury Body Balm.
    • Utilization Effects BALANCE FLUId For general use Caringly soothes irritated and reddened skin. Revitalizes and stabilizes both RHYTHM + ENERGY Apply to the whole body or selected zones. body and soul. Protects sensitive energy fields with a beneficial fluid wrap. 100 ml As an ideal summer treat Favourably influences the skin’s metabolism. Increases resistance. Contains Refrigerate before using! antibacterial properties. Refreshes and strengthens. INVIGORATING For general use Dynamic smooth-gliding massage oil. Stimulates and reorganizes with the MASSAGE OIL Apply to the whole body or selected zones. construction of new energy resources to compensate energy deficiency. 100 ml As a part of treatment for dry skin Stimulates blood circulation. Releases muscular tension and energy blocks. Apply to the whole body or selected zones. Perfectly suited as a pre or after-sport booster. Provides optimal care for dry skin. An additional tip: Equal quantities of the Invigorating Massage Oil and Luxury Body Balm mixed on the palm of your hand and applied to the body grant an irresistible feeling of well-being! RELAXING For general use Releases energy blockages and harmonizes energy flow. Influences lymph BOdY OIL Apply to selected zones or the whole body. acitivity favourably. Soothes irritated skin. Counteracts skin and tissue tension. 100 ml To counteract skin and tissue tension Supports metabolism of the skin. Strengthens and supports with the provision Apply several times daily to the affected areas. of high-quality care properties. To counteract pressure in the legs Apply twice daily to the legs, groin and buttocks.
    • Utilization Effects SUN CARE Natural tanning Is not a sun block! Encourages self-protection of the skin through naturally PURE NATURAL Apply to exposed zones before exposure activating pigmenting (melanin). Optimally nourishes the skin after sunbathing. 100 ml to the sun. Practice only brief periods of Prevents dehydration and promotes elasticity of the skin. Refreshes and vital- exposure to the sun in the beginning. izes. Is also perfectly suitable as an after-sun treatment. Supports and main- Apply repeatedly during sunbathing and tains browning offering natural protection against the sun. after swimming. Sun care Apply after sunbathing. HAIR + BOdY SHAMPOO Shampoo Thorough and gentle cleanliness for the hair and scalp without irritation of CLEANSING RITUAL Apply with a gentle massage and allow a the eyes or scalp. Strengthens existing hair and encourages the healthy growth 150 ml brief period of time for the product to act. of new hair. Causes no dryness of either the scalp or hair. Is well tolerated and Rinse thoroughly. hence also suitable for stressed hair and delicate skin. Combats hair and skin Body cleansing / showering problems resulting in a clean and energized sensation of both the head and Apply rubbing gently. Rinse off / shower. body. HAIR MASK Wet hair Provides protective care against harmful environmental influences. Suitable ESSENTIAL CONdITIONER Apply after shampooing and allow 5 – 10 min. for use on both dry and wet hair. Donates the hair essential moisture leaving 100 ml for the product to act. it soft to touch. Enhances the hair’s natural springiness giving it volume and Rinse thoroughly. elasticity. Revives the scalp through increased micro-circulation and combats Dry hair hair loss. Grants the hair vitality and a beautiful silky sheen. Provides natural Apply a small amount (the size of a pea) resilience leaving the hair easy to comb and set as desired. to the palm of your hands and spread throughout the hair with both hands whilst gently massaging the scalp.
    • Utilization Effects PROTECTING CARE Baby care Provides ample gentle care for tender skin. Ideal for a baby massage. Offers OIL FOR BABIES + Apply to the whole body daily. active protection and acts as a prophylaxis for body and soul. Eases communi- CHILdREN Children’s care and prophylaxis cation between the inside and outside world. Influences development positively 100 ml Apply to the whole body or selected and strengthens resistance. zones 2 – 3 × per week. To strengthen resistance Apply to the whole body once daily. PREGNANCY CARE Abdomen and breasts For an energy-conscious pregnancy. Encourages blood circulation. Increases BALANCE + SUPPORT Apply mornings with a gentle massage. elasticity of the skin and surrounding tissue. Prevents stretch marks. Supports 100 ml Integral body care the mutual metabolism process of mother and child. Provides optimal care of Apply mornings with a massage. the skin. MOUTH wASH OILS Mornings Cleanses mucous membrane. Purifies and develops new energy reserves. ESSENCE FOR GENTLE Put 15 – 20 drops into the mouth and swill Counteracts tartar and problems of the mouth and throat. Strengthens dETOX FOR NON-SMOKERS around the mouth thoroughly for approx- resistance. ANd SMOKERS imately 5 minutes. 50 ml Important: not to be swallowed but spat out afterwards! Rinse thoroughly.
    • Swiss Cosmetics Life Resonance AG Zurich / Switzerland www.life-resonance.ch