'eGo' make the web work for you! (2013)


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Updated to reflect the ability to add any content via the new LinkedIn Profile. Also includes using Pinterest as a portfolio.

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  • Cover pictures and profile photos are public so choose with careTo check how others see your profile (and what is shared publicly) click on the upside down triangle icon next to Activity Log at the top of the page.See http://mashable.com/2011/10/14/facebook-timeline-tips-tricks/ for tips on customizing your timeline & removing posts from viewYou graduating counts as a ‘Life Event’!To add a ‘subscribe’ button go to ‘Account Settings’ > ‘Subscriptions’ & click the check box to enable others to subscribe to your public posts‘The Beginner’s Guide to Facebook’ is from Mashable.com
  • Build Your Professional Brand – from the LinkedIn Learning Centre10 Tips to a More Professional LinkedIn Profile – from Brian at hongkiat.com8 Creative Tips to Maximise Your LinkedIn Profile – from Neal Schaffer, WindmillNetworking.com
  • More apps are available specifically for Business, Lawyers, Programmers, Sales & Tourism Professionals
  • You can also upload video with a Pro-account – or, if you use video a lot, create & link to a YouTube public playlist for free.
  • There are also other free blogging platforms such as http://www.blogger.com or https://www.tumblr.com/You can choose the ‘look’ of your blog through selecting a theme – many of these are free and can be customised. The ‘WordPress Ultimate Guide’ is from http://www.makeuseof.comWhen writing a blog post, keep sentences and paragraphs short & concise.
  • You will probably be a bit cynical when you watch ‘Twitter in Plain English’ – I was! There’s much more to Twitter than just telling the world that you’re having coffee! See ‘Twitter Search in Plain English’ to see how useful it can be…It can also be amusing to follow conversations on Twitter while watching TV programmes like The Apprentice, or sport (I follow Formula1)!
  • The eBook, ‘eGo: make the web work for you: using the web safely & confidently to promote yourself & your work’ follows on from the presentation and links to more in-depth information and tips around identity management, e-safety, information literacy and legal considerations such as copyright.
  • 'eGo' make the web work for you! (2013)

    1. 1. eGomake the web work for You! Manage your online image & take advantage of social networking opportunities to promote yourself & your work using… • Facebook • LinkedIn • Twitter • Blogs • Pinterest
    2. 2. Did you realise…?
    3. 3. See http://www.onlinedegrees.com/degree360/visuals/social-recruiting.html for the full picture
    4. 4. Make the most of your Facebook ProfileTimeline = your personal profile Check your public view to manage best self-promotion activityAdd a ‘subscribe’ button so non-friends can view your publicposts on their newsfeed Create ‘lists’ to manage who sees whatSeeThe Beginner’s Guide to Facebook
    5. 5. Using LinkedInLinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networkIncludes job search & recruitment toolsJoin groups to share news, search for jobs & network with othersPost status updates – share what you’re working on or readingSee ‘Get started with LinkedIn’
    6. 6. Building your LinkedIn ProfileRepresents your professional imageCompletely controlled by you to showcase your skills & talentsEmbed content from your other online accounts‘Build Your Professional Brand’’10 Tips to a More Professional LinkedIn Profile’‘8 Creative Tips to Maximise Your LinkedIn Profile’
    7. 7. Adding ContentYou can embed visual content, such as… videos you have created (for PowerPoint presentations) WordPress (for blog posts) Behance (online portfolio for creative industries)
    8. 8. Graeme Anthony C.V.I.V - Intro
    9. 9. Using SlideShare • SlideShare gives you the ability to share PowerPoint presentations, Word documents & PDFs • You can also view, download & embed others’ presentations • Sign up for a free account athttp://www.slideshare.net
    10. 10. Blogging with WordPressA WordPress blog is an online journal & website.You can embed pictures, presentations, Google maps, videos,etc…Blogs are good for sharing expertise and showing writing,journalistic and design skills. Readers can also leave comments,which can be good for getting feedback or developing ideas.Leaving comments on someone else’s blog is a good way ofexpanding your network.Get started with a free blog at http://wordpress.com/ You mayalso find this ‘WordPress Ultimate Guide’ useful.
    11. 11. Using BehanceAn onlineportfolio toshowcaseyour creativework • Behance is a network for promoting, selling & finding work in the creative industries • Free, easy to manage & supports unlimited multimedia content • Sign up at http://www.behance.net/
    12. 12. Twitter al dudley @dude Watching ‘Twitter in Plain English’ ann expert @twittergirl Users share updates in 140 characters – these can include links & is great for real-time news – see ‘Twitter Search in Plain English’ eIla knowles @curlygirly Twitter is a great tool for expanding your professional network even further through ‘following’ like-minded users Luki Here @lookinup See ‘The Twitter Guide Book’
    13. 13. A virtual pinboard you can share with othersPinterest is another platform which is becoming increasingly popular. You can easily create an online portfolio of your work by uploading images or linking to your content . See‘5 Ways to use Pinterest for Your Job Search’ & ‘Pinterest: A Job Search Tool?’ for inspiration. Be aware though, others can repost your work and copyright implications can be complicated. See guidance from JISC Legal.
    14. 14. See eGo: using the web safely &confidently to promote yourself & yourwork
    15. 15. Also ‘make the web work for You creatively!’ formore ideas & inspirations…
    16. 16. Contact (and examples…)• http://www.facebook.com/flea.palmer• http://uk.linkedin.com/in/fleapalmer• https://twitter.com/#!/fleapalmer• http://fleapalmer.comPresentation updated February 2013