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Fig Whitefly

  1. 1. Fig Whitefly Singhiella simplex (singh) Greg Hodges, FDACS-DPI Catharine Mannion, UF-IFAS
  2. 2. Whiteflies  Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae  2 subfamilies: Aleyrodinae and Aleurodicinae  Approximately 75 species of whiteflies in Florida.  Piercing/Sucking J. Castner, UF-IFAS Mouthparts  Immatures found on underside of leaves  Adults small, gnat-like and usually with white Lyle Buss, UF-IFAS wings.
  3. 3. Fig whitefly  First found in Florida in 2007  New U.S. Continental Record  October 2007, homeowners start noticing leaf drop with C. Mannion, UF-IFAS Ficus benjamina plantings Lyle Buss, UF-IFAS Adrian Hunsberger, UF-IFS
  4. 4. Damage  Leaves turn yellow  Rapid defoliation Photos: H. Glenn and C. Mannion, UF/IFAS
  5. 5. Fig Whitefly (Singhiella simplex (Singh)) o Hemiptera o Aleyrodidae o Aleyrodinae Lyle Buss, UF-IFAS o Dialeurodini o Similar species (Dialeurodini) in Florida o Citrus whitefly (Dialeurodes citri) o Cloudy wing whitefly (Singhiella citrifolii) o Schefflera whitefly (Dialeurodes schefflerae) Lyle Buss, UF-IFAS
  6. 6. Singhiella simplex (Singh)  The wings are white with a faint grey band towards the middle of the wing  The pupae are small tan to light green; 1.3 mm Catharine Mannion, UF Catharine Mannion, UF
  7. 7. Gray Bars Jeff Lotz, FDACS-DPI
  8. 8. Citrus whitefly Slide preparations of fig whitefly look very similar to that of citrus whitefly Fig whitefly Citrus whitefly
  9. 9. Fig Whitefly  Prior to introduction to Florida, the fig whitefly was known only from China, Burma and India.  Little literature exists on the biology of this insect but it is noted as a minor pest of Ficus species in India.  The only natural enemy listed in literature was the parasitic wasp Encarsia tricolor (Hymenoptera: Aphelenidae)
  10. 10. Fig whitefly  There have been approximately 130 samples submitted to FDACS-DPI to date.  Broward and Miami-Dade Counties  Over 20 nurseries have been identified as having Fig whitefly.
  11. 11. Current Distribution of Fig whitefly, Singhiella simplex March 17, 2008
  12. 12. Florida Hosts  Ficus aurea (Strangler Fig)  Ficus benghalensis (Banyan Tree)  Ficus benjamina (Weeping Fig)  Ficus lyrata (Fiddle Leaf Fig)  Ficus maclellandi (Banana Leaf Fig)  Ficus microcarpa (Cuban Laural)
  13. 13. Predators Collected in Miami on Ficus Infested with Whitefly Harmonia axyridis Olla v-nigrum Exochomus childreni Chilocorus nigritis Curinus coeruleus Photos: H. Glenn, UF/IFAS
  14. 14. Parasitoids Collected in Miami on Ficus Infested with Whitefly Encarsia protransvena Amitus bennetti Photos: H. Glenn, UF/IFAS
  15. 15. Other Common Fig Pests In South Florida
  16. 16. Fig Wax Scale, Ceroplastes rusci  First reported in Florida in 1994.  Now considered common in south Florida.  Commonly collected on Ficus.  Wax appearing grayish pink, with wax plates
  17. 17. Fig wax scale  Samples are coming in that are parasitized. Lyle Buss, UF  Parasitized scales look very different, brown in color Lyle Buss, UF
  18. 18. Lobate Lac Scale  First reported in Florida, 1999.  Has been found on over 300 plant species.  Resembles small black or maroon bow- ties.
  19. 19. Ficus and Cubal Laural Thrips  Gynaikothrips ficorum  Cuban Laural Thrips  Gynaikothrips uzeli  Weeping Fig Thrips  Leaves appear folded
  20. 20. Greenidea ficicola, Asian ficus aphid Exotic aphid from Asian Infests various Ficus species Infests Ficus benjamina, at least in the laboratory Colony on Ficus Note long hairy siphunculi Winged form
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