Youth Culture Germany


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Youth Culture Germany

  1. 1. COMENIUS – projectJulian Labuch, Victoria SchlingheiderFriedrich-List Berufskolleg
  2. 2. Youth culture1990s - today
  3. 3. General Information• most youth cultures of today developedfrom similar groups of the past• minorities influence the big majority ofyouths--> in topics like music and clothes• industry wants to sell typical products tomany, so the culture becomes much moregeneral and common
  4. 4. What Is Youth Culture?• social networks• home• possibility to be respected for who youare• good for self-confidence
  5. 5. How To Differentiate YouthGroups• Differences in:• language• gestures• rituals• outer features (e.g. clothes)
  6. 6. Youth culture Gothic
  7. 7. Gothic Scene- In General• female scene• literature is very important• developed from „Punk“• --> Gothics are more calm, less rebellious• believe in rebirth• think and talk much about death to losescaredness
  8. 8. Outer Features• make-up: dark• long and vintage dresses– black, red, violet– often with frills• coloured hair (mostly black, sometimesred)• men`s clothes: long coats with manybuttons, also fantasy-oriented andvintage
  9. 9. Characteristics• hate violence• mostly from „good“ families• education is very important• often artists (good at drawing and painting)• write their own poems• like quiet places (forests, old/ lonely ruins)• describe themselves as „thinkers and poets“
  10. 10. Religion And Satanism• most are not religious, but accept thereligion of others• no satanists (think they are to extreme)• rituals: meditation, spilling wine and wishfor health and luck
  11. 11. Riot Girls (1990s)• began in Washington (state of the USA)• protest against male majority and sexismin music business• many girl groups• --> camps for girls to teach them in „band-instruments“• wear short dresses and much make up
  12. 12. Cosplay• from Japan• unknown in Germany/ Europe yet• consists of manga- and Japanfans• girls dress up like their favourite mangacharacter• colourful, cute and brash costumes• just for special days(weekends, appointments with friends,...)
  13. 13. Youth Culture Hip Hop
  14. 14. • Roots  slave culture• Bronx 70er  bad situation• African-Americans• Result: Violence + huge amount of drugs• Hip Hop should improve situation  stopviolence + drugs + be a possibility toexpressHip - Hop Accruement
  15. 15. • Rap (Mcing)• Djing• Breakdance (hier bitte video link• Graffiti WritingHip - Hop Constituent Parts
  16. 16. • Rap  basis of the youth culture• based on beats• comprehend a messageHip Hop Music
  17. 17. • Wide and low pants ( baggy pants)• Strong brand preference• Bright, colourful clothes• Sneakers + sport shoes (white)• Over – size• Necklace ( gold, silver, platinum)• Stud ( gold, silver, platinum)Hip Hop Clothing
  18. 18. • Headscarf ( bandana)• Caps• College jacket• Sport jacket• All in all Street fashion/Street wearHip Hop Clothing
  19. 19. Hip Hop Clothing
  20. 20. • Originally left• Exceptions right• Mainly unpolitical• Political attitude got lost during the lastcenturies• Political attitude no more linked withyouth cultureHip Hop Political Attitude
  21. 21. • Based on diversity• Spontaneity ( events )• Special instrument of expression forimmigrants• Great social links  gangs are secondfamilyHip Hop Awareness Of Life ( Earlier)
  22. 22. • Origin got lost• Easy life• Positive awareness of life• Enjoy life !• Generally: cool and casualHip Hop Awareness Of Life ( today)
  23. 23. • Gesture while dancing• Rhythm very important• Gestures show affiliation• Totally new communication• Used to show: warning, gangaffiliation….Hip Hop Gesture
  24. 24. Youth Culture Techno
  25. 25. • Theoretical idea since beginning of 20thcentury• Pioneer in Europe  Kraftwerk 70th• Place of birth  DetroitTechno Accruement
  26. 26. • Techno City = first great success techno spread• In 90 techno gets out of theunderground clubs to public• Techno reaches all parts of societyTechno Accruement
  27. 27. Techno Accruement
  28. 28. • Based on electronical music• Sound is created electronically• Techno  collective term• Rhythmic monotonous structure +spherical sound  stimulate dancingTechno Music
  29. 29. • Motto :” anything goes”• Orange reflective west• Plastic aesthetics• Sportswear from passed eras• Individuality and Creativity veryimportantTechno Clothing (earlier)
  30. 30. Techno Clothing (earlier)
  31. 31. • Creativity + Individuality still important• Important to be conspicuous• Influenced by commercialization• Clothes of labels  clubwearTechno Clothing (today)
  32. 32. • Dancing, celebrate, community, freedom, partyand fun  guiding themes + basicelements of techno• Target: escape from daily grind + reducestressTechno Awareness Of Life
  33. 33. • Drug consumption: ecstasy, LSD, Speedpart of the culture  increase feeling• Partys from midnight until noon drugshelpTechno Awareness Of Life
  34. 34. • Techno one of the few youth cultureswithout political background• Techno  no political attitude• Politic obtain no entry• Tolerant of different political attitudes• basically reduce stress and celebrateTechno Political Attitude
  35. 35. • Not existent like in Hip Hop culture• Social links aren‘t as strong as in otheryouth cultures• Main aspects  celebrate and reducestressTechno Gestures