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Lextant SXSW 2013 Innovation Intervention
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Lextant SXSW 2013 Innovation Intervention


Published on

Initial visual resource for SXSW 2013 entry "Stop the Nonsense: Staging an Innovation Intervention" by Spencer Murrell and Sherie Masters. …

Initial visual resource for SXSW 2013 entry "Stop the Nonsense: Staging an Innovation Intervention" by Spencer Murrell and Sherie Masters.

Published in: Design, Technology, Education

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  • 1. THE INNOVATION CHALLENGE1) FIGURE OUT WHAT’S IMPORTANT. Every innovation program has the same questions. What is the opportunity? How should it be delivered? What is the best way to get there? Insight translation provides the answers. Copyright © Lextant, Inc. 2012
  • 2. CUSTOMER-LED INNOVATION1) FIGURE OUT WHAT’S IMPORTANT. Understand the experiences people want to have- and THEN use technology to enable it. Customer understanding provides a shared frame of reference for development teams. Copyright © Lextant, Inc. 2012
  • 3. 1) FIGURE OUT WHAT’S IMPORTANT. Make the qualitative, quantitative using frequency and cooccurence analysis.WHAT WE ARE GOING TO DO WITH THE DATA? (ANALYSIS, SYNTHESIS, & TRANSLATION) CODE DATA IDENTIFY DEFINE IDENTIFY BUCKETING EXPLORE ARTICULATE PATTERNS PATTERNS THEMES THEMES RELATIONSHIPS RELATIONSHIPS Transaction experiences Daily Cash Experiences Usage ExperiencesAssign codes to all of Organize coded data Review raw data to Group patterns with Group themes with Examine buckets for Develop clear visual andthe qualitative data to across groups using tools understand and define the similar meaning and related meaning to distill possible relationships, written language tomake it easier to find based on frequency and meaning of key patterns. redefined as a succinct information. such as hierarchy or embody the relationships.patterns. co-occurrence. theme. causality. Ensure you’re designing for the right opportunity. Copyright © Lextant, Inc. 2012
  • 4. 1) FIGURE OUT WHAT’S IMPORTANT. Align your team. Involve all stakeholders in the process of discovering what’s important. MGMT DESIGN ENG R&D MKT Innovation moves faster when everyone is moving in the same direction. Copyright © Lextant, Inc. 2012
  • 5. 2) DEVELOP A FRAMEWORK. Connect emotions to attributes. EMOTIONS 1 2 BENEFITS How do people want to feel? What does the product have to provide to make EXAMPLE: people feel this way? a) I want to feel confident that my phone will never fail. EXAMPLES: a) My phone will not break. b) My phone always looks new. 3 FEATURES How does the product deliver the benefits? EXAMPLES: a) My phone is shockproof. b) My phone is scratch proof. 4 ATTRIBUTES What sensory cues do people associate with these features? EXAMPLES: It’s not about WHAT you make- it’s how you make people feel. a) My phone has a recessed screen. b) My phone has rubberized contact surfaces. Copyright © Lextant, Inc. 2012 Anatomy of an
  • 6. 2) DEVELOP A WHAT’S IMPORTANT.1) FIGURE OUTFRAMEWORK. Develop a structure that organizes the insights. IDEAL EXPERIENCE | PATIENT ROOM CLEANING & DISINFECTION We have minimal trips in and out of the patient room to change gloves/rags to avoid disruptions. The tools we use are separated to eliminate We feel Confident. cross contamination. For example, mops that have been used are not stored the same place We know that our process of disinfection as clean mop heads. works every time. The products we use ensure minimal risk for cross contamination (i.e. don’t leak, tear, When we are finished cleaning a break or increase risk for exposure). Our routines are consistent and room we know there are no germs. everyone cleans the exact same way. We are Informed. Clear signals make it obvious that disinfection has occurred. Chemicals are mixed to ensure appropriate level of disinfection for each use. The information provided to us is isolated educational, accurate, timely and clear. Our cart is organized to minimize verifiable consistent We are Efficient. disruption. Our communication devices are mobile Our verification method is quick and Our process is streamlined. We have multi- can be carried with us. REASSURED and match the dynamic nature of the environment. functional tools that are easily accessible. We can disinfect the patient room without waiting for the chemical to work. Instant communication access to hospital staff helps us mitigate schedule disruptions. This help us get the job done quickly. We have minimal interactions with the timely We can communicate effectively with the bed tracking system. For example we can The items we are responsible for are cart. Which decreases the reasons for us to leave the room once we start cleaning. streamlined make it clear when we start cleaning a room vs. showing up at a room. seamless, therefore easy to clean. Steps are combined to save time without sacrificing effectiveness. For example, we can Confident Individual responsibilities for hospital staff are D clear. For example, we know who is responsible RME sweep and mop in one step (a.k.a “Smop”). for removing equipment from a room, or We are Reassured. cleaning up biohazard. EFF We can use one chemical for FO everything without risk of damage to seamless EN clear The appropriate PPE requirements are clear. We are consistent in our routines and IC IN furniture or equipment. T I We can easily track where we are in the process product use, and can easily isolate items so multi- so nothing is at risk of being missed. there is minimal risk for cross-contamination. Hospital furniture and equipment functional The process is simple and easy for us to Structure brings clarity. have fewer areas for biohazard follow. It outlines the details of each step in accurate We know that the room is disinfected or dirt to accumulate. the procedure. because our procedure is verifiable. We can clean and disinfect accessible educational Information is communicated clearly, using minimal codes and straightforward language. simultaneously. We are aware of the Fewer tools and chemicals are risks associated with required. Copyright © Lextant, Inc. 2012 the room. For example, if the room has a Cdiff contamination we’re aware We have everything we need to clean a room. Verification methods provide us and prepared. We don’t have to interrupt our procedure to with educational information. borrow from nurses or go to storage to resupply. We can prioritize disinfection over Tools, such as the cart as well as items to be disinfected, the perception of clean. such as the mattress are lightweight and easily
  • 7. 3) MAKE IT “STICKY” Communicate the big ideas, hierarchy, and relationships. The brain processes visual information quicker and with greater comprehension. Copyright © Lextant, Inc. 2012
  • 8. 3) MAKE IT “STICKY” Build empathy by bringing the user to life. Being in the mindset of the user helps guide unanticipated design decisions. Copyright © Lextant, Inc. 2012
  • 9. 4) FOCUS CREATIVITY. Match the organization’s abilities with the customer’s desires Uncover new opportunities. Copyright © Lextant, Inc. 2012
  • 10. 4) FOCUS CREATIVITY. Identify, organize, and prioritize opportunities. Provide clear direction for the organization’s short and long term future. Generate momentum. Copyright © Lextant, Inc. 2012
  • 11. 5) ENVISION THE FUTURE. Take the selected opportunity and embody the emotions and benefits the design needs to deliver. Build alignment around a design concept. Copyright © Lextant, Inc. 2012
  • 12. 5) ENVISION THE FUTURE.  Embody the features and attributes the design needs to communicate. SIMPLE FORMS + Rayban Aviator RUGGED MATERIALS AT&T is represented by Steve Jobs. Drop proof, multi- functional His entreprenurial skills led him Accommodating, Entrepreneurial to found Apple Computer in the 1970’s. His innovative products are helpful to the end user making Hermes attache their tasks easier to accomplish. The ipod and the iphone have become the most successfulSteve Jobs products in their categories CLASSIC PHONE FORMSCEO, Apple TRADITIONAL MATERIALS, Bar phones and flip phones making Apple a powerful and are familiar CONTEMPORARY SHAPES Established, Accommodating familliar brand outside the Dramatic contrasts Established, Risk-taking, Familiar computer industry. The products Porsche Cayenne he uses are of the highest quality, exclusive, contemporary, and use traditional materials. Ikepod 34 in gold METAL FINISHES + RUGGED TEXTURES established big, powerful, familiar, Dramatic contrasts Established, Accommodating everywhere “...experienced yet willing to worldly wise, stable, AT&T style mature accommodating helpful, take risks.” entrepreneurial supportive innovative, risk established, wordly, accomodating, silver CONTEMPO taking entreprenurial CLASSIC F black gold Inspire and inform design in an actionable way. Copyright © Lextant, Inc. 2012