Most Popular Sight Seeing Visits in Dubai


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Dubai is a home to many must see places. It is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world, purely because of the numerous experiences it provides.

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Most Popular Sight Seeing Visits in Dubai

  1. 1. Most Popular Sight Seeing Visits in Dubai Dubai has become a commonly visited vacation and business destination.
  2. 2. • Dubai City Tour – Dubai offers a wide horizon of the most beautiful landmarks you can see. – You can enjoy the most modern manmade architecture by taking a sightseeing tour that will take you through the Jumeirah Mosque where even non-Muslim can enter, through the Jumerah beach road and the Islamic Art centre where there are hosts of Arts and design and continue to the Sheikh Zayed road and see the most popular skyscrapers building standing alongside. – You can enjoy the famous Dubai World Trade Center and the historical world places.
  3. 3. •Abu Dhabi is a great place you must visit in Dubai and enjoy the beach as well as the famous Ferrari world amusement park. It is just few hours' drive from Dubai and there are some beautiful mosques that boast of great architecture and are worth seeing. •It is the most popular place you can visit and cycle along the beach on exclusive and safe cycling lanes. You can choose to stay overnight at Abu Dhabi to make the most of your tour and return to Dubai the next day. •It is a smaller, slightly more conservative version of Dubai with luxurious hotels, slick shopping malls, and lively souks. •There are numerous restaurants, nightlife, shopping and hotels in Abu Dhabi (although it feels less chaotic than Dubai) •Abu Dhabi has many mosques, a museum and numerous offshore islands that have a surprising amount of wildlife living on and around them. •Dolphins can be spotted, along with flamingos, parrots, camels and gazelle and you can take a dhow cruise out to tiny sandbars that disappear in high tide.
  4. 4. • This is an orientation tour on Dubai's shopping wonders that you’ll not miss. • It is the most experienced and westernized shopping experience in Dubai. • It is the most advanced city in Middle east, referred to as the shopping center of the world, With one of the biggest malls in the world where you can enjoy different things besides just shopping. • The emphasis is on high fashion, gold and jewellery, carpets and handicrafts and many more. • You can discover the best things in Dubai and enjoy the Sprawling supermarkets. • The Emirates city will fulfill all your shopping needs.
  5. 5. • AL Ain is another most popular sleepy town which sits inland 100km from Abu Dhabi, near the border of Oman. • It is the most popular place for desert safaris with spectacular sand dune scenery along the journey from Abu Dhabi. • It includes a camel market, zoo and museum containing old and new artifacts and Mesopotamian pottery. • You can discover the ancient sites at Jabal Hafeet (Hafeet Mountain), Um Al Nar which is an archaeological Island discovered in the year 1959 to feature a number of artifacts that date back to the third century BC. • Up to the north and almost 15 kilometers from Al Ain, Bida Bent Saud sits to include many historical monuments most important of which is Qarn Bint Saud which rises 40 meters above the surrounding landscape. Since 1970, numerous tombs have been found on the top of this outcrop and in the surrounding foothills.
  6. 6. Fujairah city is a stretch of coastline that makes a great change from the city, with steep and rocky mountains. You will enjoy the most popular sleepy sandy beaches, ancient fortresses and date palm groves sloping down to the edge of the Indian Ocean with its host of marine life. Many forms of water sports are available at the hotels and scuba diving and snorkeling are also very popular in this part of the world.
  7. 7. • Helicopter ride offers Private flights in Dubai with a precision helicopter and aerial filming or helicopter aerial photography. • Enjoy with highly experienced team of pilots together with a luxury fleet of helicopters based in Dubai and servicing the Middle East region. • Whether choose a Helicopter Tour for a helicopter sightseeing tours of Dubai or aerial filming and photography, you can be assured of a professional and highly efficient service.
  8. 8. • You can enjoy flying from Margham to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve and experience the desert. Other tours include: – Pickup from your hotel in Dubai – Drive towards Hazar Mountains – Sunrise Photographic Opportunity – Refreshment & Snacks provided by us – Fly one hour over Hazar mountains • You can feel cool as you enjoy the magic carpet ride over the endless ocean of sand dunes and emerald green oases. – Ballooning in Dubai is an amazing way to explore the Arabian Desert, Dubai's geography and climate. – It is a fascinating experience where you fly like a bird over the sand dunes. – You will see the wandering camels and gazelles from a gently floating hot air balloon.
  9. 9. The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world that consists of 124 floors. It has an outdoor observation at the topmost floor that features the telescope which allows visitors to view the whole city. It is basically the best sightseeing place to visit in Dubai where you can view the surrounding areas, and other previous pictures taken by other visitors as well as many different attractions and hotels.
  10. 10. The Marina Diner cruise are exiting and entertaining. Everyone dreams about having a diner cruise in a beautiful background. There are categories of Diner cruises you can come across in Dubai: • Domantic dinner cruise in Dubai cruise • Dinner in Dubai marina cruise dinner in • Dubai creek dhow cruise bookings • Dubai sightseeing tours best dhow • Dinner cruise Dubai dhow dinner cruise • Dubai bateaux Dubai dinner cruise You’ll get a change to enjoy in different ways and dress up yourself in an Arabic costume. You’ll access colouful waterfalls, well lit gardens, dancing fountains and exclusively decorated moles you will never forget in your life.
  11. 11. •This is a non-stop 2-hours tour, giving the visitors the opportunity to discover the sparkling sights of Dubai by Night, in the Following routes: Deira City Centre Wafi and Raffles Hotel Sheikh Zayed Road Mall of the Emirates Atlantis on The Palm Souk Madinat Jumeirah Jumeirah Beach Road Jumeirah Mosque Al Dhiyafah Street Downtown Bur Dubai Al Maktoum Bridge •It focuses the famous city sites with a fully Qualified guide who will point out the magnificence of the city by night. The tour departs from Deira City Centre at 7.30pm and returns at 9.30pm or from Souk Madinat Jumeirah at 8.30pm to return at 10.30pm. Burj Dubai Dubai Mall Burj Al Arab Dubai Creek side
  12. 12. Conclusion • There are many other popular sight seeing visits in Dubai you can make. It is considered one of the most attractive tourist destination. • A flight to Dubai can be one of the most amazing experience with varied sports and innovative structures to witness. You can visit this link if you want to visit UAE to contact a travelling agency specializing in plannin in the best places Dubai has to offer. • Planning the complete tour through the help of a travel expert can be the best decision, because you can avail the cheapest flights, the safest and secure hotels. • You can enjoy a tension free holiday for the whole family and worthwhile sightseeing tours.