Flat Classroom Conference Go virtual 2013 slides


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Information on how to use social media and other tools to connect during the Flat Classroom Conference Japan 2013 http://conference2013.flatclassroomproject.org/

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  • Julie
  • Vicki: Backchannel
  • Before we move into our presentation, let’s get a few things out of the way.
  • Flat Classroom Conference Go virtual 2013 slides

    1. 1. Welcome to Real and Virtual ParticipantsFlat Classroom Conference Yokohama, Japan #flatclass2013
    2. 2. Connected #flatclass2013
    3. 3. Conference Virtual Tools Wikispaces Twitter #flatclass2013 Etherpad Skype Ustream Blackboard Collaborative Google Hangouts Google Docs YouTube Backchannelchat #flatclass2013
    4. 4. Flat Classroom Conference Wikispace#flatclass2013 http://conference2013.flatclassroomproject.org/
    5. 5. Flat Classroom Conference Ning Network#flatclass2013 http://flatclassroomconference.ning.com/
    6. 6. Twitter Twitter#flatclass2013 Share conversations in 140 characters include hashtag #flatclass2013 Conversations can be experiences, something heard or learnt at the conference, plea for resources, sharing resources etc And/or use tweetchat, key in the hashtag #flatclass2013 and watch the twitterfall #flatclass2013
    7. 7. A sample tweet with hasthag Click tweet to send. To tweet a photo or short video click the camera icon. #flatclass2013
    8. 8. Etherpad (shamblespad) Add name Change colourMainnotetakingarea Chat or discussion area #flatclass2013 Remember this is a public area!
    9. 9. Skype videoconference Talk using Send file audio Share screenSearch for people #flatclass2013
    10. 10. Ustream Live stream video  Access ustream via Flat Classroom Conference Wikihttp://conference2013.flatclassroomproject.org/ #flatclass2013
    11. 11. Blackboard CollaborateWeb conferencing Videoconferencing, chat, interactive whiteboard, screen sharing etc Update java if necessary click on the link provided to enter the room http://tinyurl.com/flat2013 #flatclass2013
    12. 12. Participant’s Module - Tools Step Away (Temporarily offline) Emoticons Microphone on (talking) Happy Voting toolConfused Raise hand (I have a question) #flatclass2013
    13. 13. Chat Panel Moderators can see all messages! To send a message: • Type into the Chat Panel and press Enter. Add an emoticon to your message #flatclass2013
    14. 14. Select Objects Whiteboard Pointing Tool Tools Pen or Highlighter Text / Typing toolDraw a filled Rectangle / Ellipse Draw a Rectangle / Ellipse Line drawing tool Screen Capture Clip Art #flatclass2013
    15. 15. Google DocsCollaboration tool Share, collaborate and create with documents, presentations, sheets and forms #flatclass2013
    16. 16. Google HangoutsLive Video Chat GoogleHangout allows you to connect synchronously with your friends in Google+ #flatclass2013
    17. 17. Flat Classroom Projecthttps://www.youtube.com/flatclassroomproject #flatclass2013
    18. 18. Flat Classroom Flickr Group http://www.flickr.com/groups/flatclassroom/ Tag #flatclass2013
    19. 19. Backchannel  “alive chat that accompanies a live presentation” #flatclass2013 http://backchannelchat.com
    20. 20. Backchannel ModeratorA person who monitors the backchannel chat and informs the speaker of predominant questions and issues arising from the conversation.
    21. 21. Backchannel Netiquette #1 1. Answer with @ teachkids: I need help with differentiated instruction. Joanne: I need help with my reading program Hamid: @teachkids I have a great program to share with you.#flatclass2013
    22. 22. Backchannel Netiquette #2 1. Answer with @ 2. Get a Moderator teachkids: I want to ask Julie a Question. Joanne: I’m the backchannel moderator, type your question in and when it is time, Julie will ask me what is happening in the backchannel.#flatclass2013
    23. 23. Backchannel Netiquette #3 1. Answer with @ 2. Get a Moderator teachkids: I want to ask Julie a Question. 3. Be yourself but not a julielindsay: I’m not fake really Julie, I just thought it would be 4. Be a link dropper fun to impersonate 5. Be up front about self her. promotion#flatclass2013
    24. 24. Our Backchannel Todayhttp://tinyurl.com/fccback #flatclass2013
    25. 25. BackchannelJumps InHere! #flatclass2013