Kurikulum blackberry Midas


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Kurikulum blackberry Midas

  1. 1. Sheet1 CMER Curriculum Material Mapping BLACKBERRY FUNDAMENTAL NO BAB SUBBAB SECTION 1 Pengenalan Blackberry Sejarah Blackberry Perkembangan Blackberry Arsitektur Blackberry Fitur-fitur Blackberry Perangkat Blackberry 2 Review Pemrograman J2ME Pengertian J2ME Menggunakan komponen Midlets dan MIDP CLDC dg J2ME Wireless Toolkit Component J2ME Arsitektur J2ME Event Handling Converting Aplikasi J2ME ke Blackberry Deploy Aplikasi Blackberry Blackberry AppWorld 3 Pengenalan Pemrograman Blackberry Pengenalan Blackberry JDE Pengenalan Blackberry MDS MDS Runtime Environment BES Application Models Browser, WebService, Client/Server Instalasi Blackberry JDE Instalasi Blackberry MDS Memulai Pemrograman Blackberry menggunakan Blackberry JDE Membuat Workspace Membuat Project Blackberry Building Project Running Project Blackberry Debugging Application Contoh Program Sederhana HelloWorld 4 GUI Components 1 UIApplication Class MainScreen Class BitmapField Class ButtonField Class CheckboxField Class Dialog Class EditField Class GuageField Class LabelField Class Menu Class RadioButtonField Class RadioButtonGroup TextField Class 5 GUI Components 2 Membuat Menu Items Layout Managers Custom Fields Custom Layout Managers Custom Lists 6 Blackberry Event Handling Pengenalan Event Handling pd Blackberry Typical Application Model Event Listeners Responding to UI Events Touch Screen Events Touch Screen Gestures 7 Connection Network pd Blackberry Fetching Data Menggunakan HTTP atau TCP Sockets Types of Gateways HTTP Connection Steps HTTP Authentication HTTPS Connections Socket Connections Datagram Connections WIFI Contoh Sederhana Mengirim/Menerima Data menggunakan USB Bluetooth 8 Data Management MIDI Records Persistence Manage Persistent Data Manage Custom Objects Penyimpanan Data menggunakan MIDP Synchronize Data 9 Graphics & Sounds Images Raw Images Encoded Images Membuat Media Player pd Blackberry Page 1
  2. 2. Sheet1 Menggunakan Media Player Blackberry Rich Media Menggunakan Rich Media Content BLACKBERRY ADVANCED NO BAB SUBBAB SECTION 1 Mobile Operating System Mobile Operating System Structure Mobile Operating System Platform J2ME Platform Palm OS Fitur, Arsitektur Symbian OS Fitur, Arsitektur Linux OS Fitur, Arsitektur Blackberry OS Fitur, Arsitektur Google Android Fitur, Arsitektur iPhone OS Fitur, Arsitektur 2 Blackberry Operating System Pengenalan Blackberry OS Multitasking Multithreading Messaging Services File System Services Blackberry OS APIs 3 WebService Pengenalan WebService XML Arsitektur WebService Keuntungan WebService WebService Style WebService Profile Platform 4 Mobile WebService Pengenalan Mobile WebService Mobile Limitations Mobile Communications Device Platform 5 Blackberry WebService Mobile Limitations Solusi Blackberry Blackberry MDS Blackberry Enterprise Server MDS Developer Tools BLACKBERRY GAME DEVELOPMENT NO BAB SUBBAB SECTION 1 Game Design & Development Mobile Device Pengenalan Pemrograman Game pd Mobile Perbedaan masing2 Phone Device Pendekatan Pemrograman Game pd Mobile Development Pemrograman Game pd Mobile 2 Platform & Engines Platform & Engines Tools & SDK Netbeans Game Development 3 J2ME & Blackberry APIs Java 2D API Java 3D API SVG Blackberry APIs Page 2