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  • 1. Technopreneurship Strategy Frans Thamura [email_address] 0855 7888 699
  • 2. What is jTechnopreneur?
    • entrepreneur (plural entrepreneurs) : french
      • A person who takes the risk of turning an opportunity into profit.
      • A person who takes the risk of managing and operating a business or businesses; term often used: a. for one who does this for one or more businesses that he or she entirely or largely helps to create; b. for one who takes on ownership, or significant ownership, of one or more business franchises.
      • A person who creates one or more new nonprofit organizations, or one or more units of such organizations, and often has a key part in managing and operating the new entity or entities. Such a person is sometimes referred to as a nonprofit entrepreneur or not-for-profit entrepreneur, and occasionally as a public entrepreneur.
      • A person who is talented or prolific at developing new programs inside existing organizations.
  • 3. The Internet is a New Medium Time Form INTERNET Place
  • 4. Internet Economy
  • 5. eTransformation Systems Integration (automation)‏ Business Integration (reengineering)‏ Market Integration (web-enabled transformation)‏ Value Scope
  • 6. Where We’ve Been? Competitive Landscape Analysis Differentiators Competitors Partners
  • 7. SWOT Analysis Strengths Opportunities Weaknesses Threats SWOT analysis of (Company Name)‏
    • Easy to Use
    • Bad Design
    • Open Architecture
    • Community
    Capitalize Neutralize
  • 8. Branching diagram Comic Info Interview Review Workshop Comic e-Card Category e-Card Interesting Beliefs Chinese Horoscope Western Horoscope Horoscope Daily Quiz Weekly Quiz Winner List Last Week Q&A Quiz Love & Romance Pop Psychology Cafe / Food Movies Special Interest Check Email Download Online Exhibitions Profile My Calender Club Current Event Up Coming Event Review News & Events Home Page Search Engine Chat Member Registration Competition View Comic Comic Archive Funny Experience
  • 9. Marketing Strategy
    • 4P (Product, Price, Place, Promotion)‏
    • Marketing Mix (Segmenting, Targeting and Positioning)‏
    • Differentiation
  • 10. Brand Leadership
    • Awareness
    • Relevancy
    • Trust
    • Kharisma
  • 11. www.jtechnopreneur.com [email_address]