Frans Thamura



Frans has more than fifteen years of in dept...
Frans Thamura
PT. Sayap Mas Utama (Wings Group)
- Wings Group is one of the biggest consumer good companies ...
Frans Thamura
    mixed web site between etailing system and news/content provider.
Job Detail:
- Worked as Project Manage...
Frans Thamura
-   Connected the XML with Open Market’s Java class (Netscape’s Kiva).

PT. Dewata Wibawa
- PT. Dewata Wibaw...
Frans Thamura
               PT. Matahari Kahuripan Indonesia (MAKIN Group),
               MAKIN Group is a conglomerate ...
Frans Thamura
                               JUG Indonesia is the biggest Java community in Indonesia with 1250
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Cv Frans Thamura Detail 2.0


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Cv Frans Thamura Detail 2.0

  1. 1. Frans Thamura CURRICULUM VITAE - FRANS THAMURA CAREER SUMMARY Frans has more than fifteen years of in depth technical experience in developing software applications and for private companies and government agencies. After a series of early career IT positions Frans was appointed Senior Consultant with the eBusiness Team of Arthur Anderson. Following this he was Chief Technology Officer of PT. Prodesain Konsultindo. In 2002 he started his own IT consulting company PT. Intercitra Prima Integrasi. Frans is one of the most highly qualified IT and software professionals in Indonesia. He is the Founder and President of the Java Users Group, and in 2004 he founded and is currently Moderator of the Compiere (Open Source ERP) Users Group. He has been one of the leaders in introducing and applying Open Source (OS) software in Indonesia and has given numerous OS training courses on Java and various OS tools and techniques to members of local OS user groups and to staff in client organizations. Currently he under contract to one of the nation’s largest publishers to write a series of four books on critical technical aspects of OS based on Java; the first book on “Peach on Java” is completed and will be published in late 2005. He holds five major international certifications from Microsoft and is currently advancing as the first Indonesian to be internationally certified for Compiere. His areas of advanced expertise include Java, VB, Windows NT 4, IIS 4 and Apache (web servers) and Oracle 8. Over the past five years Frans has specialized and built his business in Open Source software and Open Standards in IT. He has successfully completed numerous projects for large private companies and for government. He has extensive experience as a trainer and presenter on OS and related technical subjects. Frans has been chosen as the First Indonesian Java Champions member, the global program to promote Java. CAREER ACTIVITIES Oktober 2004 – present : Advisor and Director Meruvian Foundation Achievements: - BSE (Buku Sekolah Electronika) Java - JENI (Java Education Network Indonesia) - jTechnopreneur (Technopreneurship program with Java) - SMTC (Sun-Meruvian Technopreneurship Center) - Oracle Academy (working with Oracle Indonesia to promote Oracle Fusion in Education Insitution) - IGOS Center (part of IGOS movement to promote OpenSource in Indonesia) - Medallion Project (integration project for global enterprise grade Open Source software) - Develop Vocational Highscholl Student become Enterprise Java instructor Oktober 2004 – 2006 : Chief Technology Officer PT. IGames Asia January 2002 – present: Chief Executive Officer PT. Intercitra Prima Integrasi 1 of 6
  2. 2. Frans Thamura Achievements: PT. Sayap Mas Utama (Wings Group) - Wings Group is one of the biggest consumer good companies in Indonesia. Job Detail - Conduct Java Advisory Project for their internal IT Division. The solution work in Mobile Wireless PDA and work as a part of Wings’ SFA Solution. This project implement Web Services interoperability system. PT. Tatasolusi Pratama (Refrigeration Services) - TSP is leading comfort refrigeration in Indonesia. TSP is the only company that holds 2 world biggest refrigeration brands from US; Trane and Carrier. TSP is their distributor in Indonesia. Job Detail - Develop a Call Center solution for TSP office (3 offices) located in Surabaya and Jakarta (2 sites). Minister of Research & Development (Menristek) - Menristek is one of the initiator of Open Source movement in Indonesia called IGOS. Job Detail - Develop a Digital Library System based on Open Source Java. This system will power Warintek (Science and Technology Cyber Café). The system can do multi node café data exchange. PT. Alpha Omega Production - Alpha Omega Production is a mobile services company, several of their products are mobile streaming with Mobile8, and SMS Messaging Services Job Detail - Develop AlphaOmega Production System from their existing system, from church services become SMS general services such as Quiz, Multi-level Marketing and Management Reporting System. MRA Group - MRA is the groups that hold several popular life style companies such as Ferrari, Harley Davidson, Hard Rock Cafe, Cosmopolitan, FHM, etc. Job Detail - Conduct Java Advisory Project for their internal IT Division. The IT Division will move all their Microsoft technology to Java/Linux based solution. DJPLN (Auction) Finance Departement - DJPLN is a division of MoF (Ministry of Finance). Job Detail: - Coaching, Advisor, Project Manager and Technical Trainer for all DJPLN (Auction Department) Integration Project PT. LestariBusana AnggunMahkota (Lestari Busana) - Lestari Busana is a textile manufacturing in Jakarta, with client in London such as Adam Fashion, DKNY. Job Detail: - Worked as Project Leader for Everest Implementation PT. Matahari Kahuripan Indonesia (Makin Group) - MAKIN Group is a conglomerate based in Jakarta. MAKIN Group have 27 subsidiaries operating in CPO Plantation & Refinery, Plywood Manufacturing, Marble Mining, Gloves Manufacturing, Logging and Forestry areas based on Borneo island. Job Detail: - Worked as Project Leader, System Architect, Information Architect and System Designer, working with internal Makin Group IT Team to develop integrated group’s portal system. Nov 2001 – March 2002: Chief Technology Officer - PT. Prodesain Konsultindo (Adelva Solutions) Achievements: Work with a co-founder of PT Prodesain to develop Prodesain Consulting Services. Several archiver made and transform Prodesain from web design company become system integrator, with several client are: 21 Cinema, Matamata, Femina Group, HSBC, Lestari, Apac Inti Corpora, Natura Palm Candle, ABN Amro. PT. MataMata Interaktif Indonesia ( - is a contextual commerce dotcom based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Contextual commerce is a 2 of 6
  3. 3. Frans Thamura mixed web site between etailing system and news/content provider. Job Detail: - Worked as Project Manager, System Architect, Information Architect and System Designer, working with the founders of the company, - This project was using ColdFusion 4.51, Microsoft SQL Server 7.0, Verity Search Engine and Windows NT 2000. - Conducted visioning session for all steering committees ( Board of Director). - Conducted site map development session for all key persons, content developer leader and steering committee. - Conducted information architecture session (’s feature, content, estore services, community services, credit card authorisation and detail site map design) from’s site map. - Developed system architecture and design for’s content management system (ERD design and project schedule). - Developed system architecture and design for’s etailing management system (design ERD, business partner pages, back office system). - Develop migration from current system to new system. - Led QA phase for’s unit testing and unit acceptance testing. April 1999 – present: Senior Consultant eBusiness Team - Internet Technology Arthur Andersen - Business Consulting - Indonesia Achievements: Andover E-PulpPaper Ltd. ( - is a subsidiary of Asia Pulp & Paper Ltd. (APP), a pulp and paper holding company located in Hongkong. APP has several companies located in mainland China (the biggest pulp and paper in China), and Indonesia. - is an ecommerce marketplace for all of APP’s companies (subsidiary companies are located in Indonesia, China, Hongkong and Singapore). Job Details: - This was a regional based project (Asia Pacific teams are involved) with teams from Hongkong, Taiwan, Jakarta (Indonesia), New Zealand and Australia. - This project used Windows NT, Java/EJB/JSP, Visual Basic, Netscape Directory Server, WebLogic 4.5.1 and Oracle DB 8 - Involved in Ariba Marketplace 7.2 project for developing offline client development system to connect dialup users in mainland China with Ariba Marketplace on the internet (hosted in Hong Kong). - Designed impact assessment of additional feature of multiple currency and quantity decimal in Ariba with offline client. - Developed and designed RFQ (Request For Quotation) creation, RFQ posting, RFQ upload and RFQ download from offline client (VB) with Ariba (EJB/Java Applet) for company type buyer and supplier. - Involved in database design for offline system using Microsoft Access and Oracle 8I v2. - Involved in the design and development of offline client using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 and Java. - Integrated Ariba Database with offline client database (Microsoft Access) using EJB/RMI. All Java object components (Web Logic Java Server 4.51) in Internet will communicate with Java object in offline system (EJB/VB). - Installed the Ariba Marketplace 7.2, Netscape Web Server, WebLogic Java Server, and Oracle Database on Windows NT environment. PT. Media Semuada ( is a lifestyle portal dotcom owned by the Bimantara Group, one of the biggest conglomerates in Indonesia. Job Details: - This project was Arthur Andersen’s joint development project in Asia Pasific region (Arthur Andersen Hongkong, Malaysia and Indonesia) with Open Market (Netherlands and Singapore). - Involved in OpenMarket IPS project to create a portal as XML Developer. - Involved in System Architecture and Design (Database Design) for Open Market Asset Maker’s database. - Designed XML for Open Market’s Asset Maker 2.1 (Database creation and testing). - Developed XML document for Open Market in team based development. 3 of 6
  4. 4. Frans Thamura - Connected the XML with Open Market’s Java class (Netscape’s Kiva). PT. Dewata Wibawa - PT. Dewata Wibawa is a communication company that wants to create a free ISP in Indonesia. Job Details: - Involved as Technical Consultant for a marketing research project to study the prospects of a free online ISP in Indonesia. - Researched Internet prospects, Internet subscriber, and behavior of Internet users in Indonesia. PT. Bakrie Sumatera Plantations, Tbk. - PT. Bakrie Sumatera Plantation, Tbk (BSP) is a plantation company located in Kisaran, North Andalas/Sumatera Island. Job Details: - This was a regional based project (Asia Pasific teams are involved) with teams from Jakarta (Indonesia) and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) - Involved in Oracle ERP 11.028 implementation (Procurement, Inventory, System Administration, Backup and Recovery) as an ERP Implementator and DBA. - Advised BSP on procurement of Production Server and Testing Server (hardware specification; processor, RAM, hard disk space). - Trained BSP’s IT staff to design network system (install Network Card, install driver). - Installed Oracle ERP 11.028 system in both server. - Designed Technical Architecture, Oracle Backup and Recovery. - Developed as-is document of current BSP’s business processes (Purchasing Departement and Warehouse Departement). - Developed to-be document for new BSP’s system (Oracle ERP business processes and manual processes) - Mapped BSP’s to-be business processes to Oracle System (design Workflow, Document maping). - Moved tested Testing Server data to Production Server (cloning Oracle database from Testing Server to Production Server). - Setup network printer for all user and integrate all network printer with Oracle ERP. - Migrated from current BSP system (dBase III) to Oracle ERP. - Trained all BSP’s IT staff to create new responsibility in Oracle ERP, upload report created by Orace Developer 2000 to Oracle ERP. - Maintained all reports that have been created by user of GL, AP, AR, CM, Purchasing, Inventory, FA modules to reduce disk space usage. PT. Djarum, Tbk. - PT Djarum, Tbk. (Djarum) is one of the biggest cigarette companies based in Indonesia. Job Details: - Involved in Information System Plan project as Technical Consultant. - Designed Network Infrastructure for all Djarum subsidiary that are located in Medan (Sumatera Island), Jakarta, Bandung, Cirebon, Kudus, Semarang, Surabaya (Java Island), Ujung Pandang (Sulawesi Island). - Designed high-level software development or software implementation system for Djarum (COM/CORBA, Network Server, Email Server, Database Server and integrate current system that run on AS/400, Linux and Novell Netware with new system). - Designed technology solutions (intranet, internet, and dialup system) for Djarum. - Designed all possible system to integrate all sub branches in Indonesia (200 sub branches) to all Djarum branches (Internet, VPN, Frame Relay, and Dialup system). - Designed all possible system to integrate all branches in Indonesia to Djarum headquarters in Kudus. - Designed hardware and software for implementing approached system (Price, Specification, Technology, and time frame). - Designed standard communication protocol (TCP/IP) and integrated with current communication protocol (IPX/SPX and SNA protocol). - Gave advice to Djarum for their staff to use and absorb new technology that will make Djarum outperform compete with their competitor. July 1997 –April 1999: Chief Techonology Officer (Finance & System) 4 of 6
  5. 5. Frans Thamura PT. Matahari Kahuripan Indonesia (MAKIN Group), MAKIN Group is a conglomerate based in Jakarta. MAKIN Group have 7 subsidiaries operating in CPO Plantation & Refinery, Plywood Manufacturing, Marble Mining, Gloves Manufacturing, Logging and Forestry areas based on Borneo island. Achievement: - Implemented Microsoft BackOffice 4.0 in WAN System using dedicated VSAT System (Interconnecting between Jakarta City, Banjarmasin City, and Butong Site, Borneo). Job Details: - Advised to MAKIN Group on the best and most effective technology for MAKIN Group requirements. - Procurement advisor for system that will be implemented by all staff in MAKIN Group. - Connected new system that was located in Jakarta to Butong Site and Banjarmasin City (Borneo Island). - Designed and implemented Microsoft Windows NT, Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 for all staff. - Designed and Implement Internet connection in Makin Group that have been connected - Designed TCP/IP numbering for Jakarta, Banjarmasin, and Butong. - Responsible for all procurement of PC, network card, cable, router, and software procurement in MAKIN Group and subsidiaries. - Recommended the best and the most cost effective hardware and software that will be implemented in MAKIN Group and subsidiaries. - Developed internal software using Visual Basic version 5.0, Microsoft Access 97 and Crystal Report 5. - Developed Executive Information System for Directors to integrate all financial, marketing, purchasing, production data. May 1995 – July 1997: Electronic Data Processor PT. Weka Dwi Sentosa (Weka Group) Weka Group is a group of civil engineering company, conduit and insulation sub contractor companies, aluminium foil tape manufacturer, and calcium silica and skyscraper filter distributor. Achievement: - IT Support and Developer. Job Details: - Trained new sales information system in PT. Weka Dwi Sentosa to all secretary, internal administrator, and sales personnel. - Advisor for procurement of all new hardware. - Designed and developed export and import software using Microsoft Visual Basic 4.0, Crystal Report and Microsoft Access 2.0. - Implemented peer-to-peer network using Microsoft Windows for Workgroup 3.11 and Lantastic software - Trained Microsoft Office 4.3 (Microsoft Word 6.0, Microsoft Excel 5.0, and OLE 2.0) to all secretary and directors in Weka Group. - Mapped current business processes in PT. Insfoil Pradanasakti (Weka’s aluminium foil manufacturer). - Designed tender document for Weka Dwi Sentosa using OLE 2.0 technology. 1992 – 1994: IT Support, Programmer, Graphic Designer and Trainer Clients: PT Purba Jaya (Unilever Distributor for Bogor, Depok) Toko Kota Baru (Unilever Distributor for Sukabumi City) Dapindo Computer (Hardware Dealer) CPU Computer (Compaq, Longshine, and Casio distributor) Job Details: - Installed, maintained and updated all related computer (PT Purba Jaya and Toko Kota Baru). - Designed exhibition brochure using CorelDraw and Adobe Photoshop (Dapindo Computer and CPU Computer). PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS + ACTIVITIES 2003 – now Java User Group Indonesia Founder JaMU (Java Meet Up) Organizer Work with Sun, Oracle, Nokia to develop Java market in Indonesia. 5 of 6
  6. 6. Frans Thamura JUG Indonesia is the biggest Java community in Indonesia with 1250 members and average posting 700-1200/month. 2004 – now Compiere User Group Founder ( Organize Compiere Training in Indonesia (with OpenFIX Sdn Bhd) 2004 – now: IGOS team, as a Java community representative. 2004 – now BlueOxygen Spot Develop a Java Research Center in every university. 2001 – now BlueOxygen Foundation An Open Source Project based on Java. Several projects in Blueoxygen are: BlueOxygen Cimande Workspace Framework, BlueOxygen BiO2 Distro, BlueOxygen BlueSMS, BlueOxygen Aconix CMS, Blueoxygen Electra Platform. 1993 - 1997: Lepisi Computer Club, Desktop Publisher and Editor in Chief. 1996 - 1997: Computer Lab Multimedia and Networking Research Division in Trisakti University. 1992 - 1993: Batu Tulis Computer Club, member. EDUCATION Trisakti University Bachelor of Science Major: Industrial Engineering Jakarta - Indonesia (1993-1997) Minor: Industrial System INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION Microsoft Certified Professional  Microsoft Windows NT Workstation  Microsoft TCP/IP  Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0  Microsoft Networking Essential  Microsoft Windows NT Enterprise INTERNATIONAL ACHIEVEMENT • Sun Java Champion • Oracle Ace Director PERSONAL DETAILS Full Name: Frans Thamura Nationality: Indonesian Mobile Phone: +62 855 7888 699 Place of Birth: Sukabumi, West Java, Indonesia Address: Jl. Penjernihan V No. 6 Benhil, Jakarta Indonesia Office Phone: +62-21-928-00337 E-mail: 6 of 6