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COSTA - Sun Gov Program COSTA - Sun Gov Program Presentation Transcript

  • . COSTA untuk Kemandirian Bangsa (Center for Open Source Technology Awakening) Harry Kaligis, Associate Director Business Development & Community PT Sun Microsystems Indonesia
  • Technology Awakening Program - Program Kebangkitan Teknologi (PKT)
    • To help Indonesia adopt royalty free open source technology and legal software in order to strengthen the indigenous IT Industry and to become a regional leader in IT
  • Objective of COSTA
    • To help Indonesian firms to adopt open source technologies by facilitating collaboration between government, industry, educational institutions and co-sponsoring partners and Sun Microsystems View slide
    • To educate students in state-of-the-art open source information technology products and applications, utilizing Sun's industry leading products View slide
    • To help, support and provide direction to other ICT initiatives of Government of Indonesia, including POSS, IGOS Center and any other ICT initiative
  • About Sun
    • Largest Enterprise-grade Open Source Software vendor
    • Leading developer and manufacturer of IT for business, education and the Internet.
    • Inventor of key technologies such as Java
    • First and only provider of open source Microprocessor – OpenSparc
  • COSTA Center for Open Source Technology Awakening (COSTA)
    • POSS
    • RICE
    • Local Industry
    • People
    • Government
    • Academia
    • RISTEK
    • ICT
  • COSTA - Matrix TECHNOLOGY (Ministry of R&D) MARKET DEVELOPMENT (Ministry of Industry) STANDARD (Ministry of ICT) * Start-up Company (incubation) * Best Practice (GTM) * Trade & Industrial Policy * Industry Incentive * IT Business Association Communities * Industrial Link * Business R & D * Socialization * ODF / Interoperability * Transparent * Openness * Policy/Regulation * OSS Business Policy * Socialization * Open Source Tech Driver * Open Sparc Architecture * IGOS Center / POSS Empowering * Open Document * Technology R & D * Socialization PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT (Ministry of Education) * Curriculum * Training for Trainers * Academic Comm * Open Sparc Comm * Academic R &D * Socialization
  • COSTA Socialization RISTEK – IGOS Center (Q1 2009)
    • Participant
      • Day 1: 9 IGOS Center from West Side of Indonesia
      • Day 2: 7 IGOS Center from East Side of Indonesia
    • Goal
      • Understanding COSTA
      • Understanding COSTA aiming how to create potential economic value with Open Source
  • On Progress/Next
    • Virtual COSTA (COSTA Portal)
      • Published COSTA Activities
      • Published Sun Open Source Software
      • Published local developed open source software that using Sun Technology
      • Forums, Blogs, & Events
      • Marketplace
    • Workshop:
      • Open Solaris
      • Java/Glassfish
    • Porting/Help Desk
  • Government's Role (Ministry of Industry)
    • To foster an inter-ministerial understanding for setting up and running COSTA (if needed)
    • To provide IT Manpower for support and training to the center (maximizing RICE)
    • To provide space and connectivity for COSTA
    • To provide a call center facility
    • Facilitating the Local Industry that has interest to be Open Source Start Up Company (the biggest challenge)
  • Sun's Contribution
    • To provide continuous training to developers (local industries) in COSTA
    • To provide all software and to ensure hosting for the software
    • To provide best practices in terms policy, regulation and legislation and provide linkages to similar activities by other governments
    • To help in community development and setup online system for community driven support for open source
    • To provide free consulting to organizations willing to adopt legal software and open technologies
    • Help Indonesian Semiconductor Industry by enabling them to adopt OpenSparc microprocessor technology
  • Benefit to Industry
    • Access to world-class open source technology that will help reduce the cost of IT infrastructure
    • Help make SME/SMB's more competitive
    • Reduce cost of operations
    • Provide level playing field in terms of ICT usage when competing with large foreign firms
  • From “Cost Center” to GTM Go to Market Develop Awareness Interest
  • SMB Open Source ECOSYSTEM (Part of COSTA)
  • Indonesia Regulatory in GTM
    • Principal of the products has to be there
    • Supports has to be available to customers
    • Lesson Learn: BlackBerry ® in Indonesia
  • Common IT Stack Application Solutions Application/Web Server Development Platform Operating System Linux, Windows, BSD, OpenSolaris, etc Apache, Glassfish, Tomcat, IIS, etc Java, Phyton,.NET Rails, STL C/C++, etc4 ERP, Communication, Portal, IDE, Multimedia, Virtualization, HRMS, and other solutions software...
  • Common OSI License IT Stack Application Solutions Application/Web Server Development Platform Operating System Linux, BSD, OpenSolaris, etc Apache, Glassfish, Tomcat, etc Java, Phyton, Rails, STL C/C++, etc Open Bravo, Compiere, Asterisk, GIMP, VirtualBox, WebSynergy, and a lot of more Most Applications are written in this layer
  • Sun Open Source IT Stack (Some) Application Solutions Application/Web Server Development Platform Operating System OpenSolaris Glassfish, OpenESB, etc JRE, NetBeans Platform Open Office, VirtualBox, NetBeans, WebSynergy and a lot of more You can create tailored solutions HERE!
  • Sun & Your Company Support Open Source Stack Application Solutions Application/Web Server Development Platform Operating System Sun Supported Sun Supported or Your Company Supported Your Company Supported
  • COSTA, untuk kemandirian bangsa [email_address] terima kasih ...