How to Clean A Coffeemaker In 4 Simple Steps
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How to Clean A Coffeemaker In 4 Simple Steps



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For more info about coffee brewers, click this link:

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How to Clean A Coffeemaker In 4 Simple Steps Presentation Transcript

  • 1. How to Clean A Coffee Maker In 4 Easy Steps Brought to you buy:
  • 2. IntroductionTo make the best coffee, you should have goodcoffee beans. Also, making coffee in a dirtycoffee machine will give you bad results nomatter how good quality your beans are.
  • 3. The coffee will taste and smell like mud becausethere are water scales and coffee oil left insidethe coffee pot and coffee machine.
  • 4. These residues will impair the function of themachine over time. Because of these factors,you should clean your coffee machine regularly.
  • 5. It is recommended that you should clean yourcoffee maker after 30 brewing processes. Hereare the steps on how to clean a coffeemachine…
  • 6. Step 1Make water-and-vinegar solution. Soak thecoffee pot. Wipe the surface of the unit. Removethe filter, and clean it with water and soap.
  • 7. Step 2Dry the machine, and fill it with the solution. Putthe filter back to its place. Then allow the coffeemaker to run a brewing process. Once theprocess is complete, turn off the machine, andwait for the pot to cool down.
  • 8. Step 3Remove the filter and wash it with cold water.Remove the pot and throw the solution.
  • 9. Step 4To remove minerals or particles completely, fill itwith water and allow to run a brewing processonce more. Cool down for 15 minutes, thendrain. Repeat this process 2 to 3 times..
  • 10. By doing this cleaning technique, you arepreserving the durability and lifespan of yourmachine. You can now make the best tastingcoffee with your newly cleaned coffee machine.Coffee time!
  • 11. END OF PRESENTATION Thanks for viewing!Brought to you by: