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“Bringing Your Content to Japan – Step by Step guide to Working in Asia”

The Japanese market has long been a tricky market to gain access too. Many Western companies try and fail. Those that succeed do so not by chance, but through hard work, learning and training themselves on how to act, what to say and even how to bow when greeting someone. We have learnt from experience that gaining a partner who understands us as well as our target audience is imperative. We would like to share this information with you, to help you on your future deals with the Japanese. After all they are a huge market share and wonderful culture to get to know.

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  • Welcome to our lecture.I will try to give you the best of our experience. I don’t except to go over everything you should know.That will be impossible in the short time that we have. By I will do my best to cover everything I can.
  • NTT DOCOMO, KDDI SOFTBANKCurrently 112.8 subscribersThis number is expected to reach 120 million in 2014NTT DOCOMO currently leads with 55.4 M users, growing to 57.4 M in 2014
  • Drilling down to mobile content – grew from 5B in 2004 to 15B in 2009.We’re not only talking about games:Commerce – All the commerce done using your mobile – including, virtual goods, in game item purchasing etcContent – games, wall papers, ringtone etc.Interesting – commerce grows. Specifically virtual good - Item purchasing in social media increase in 185 percent – accountable already for $0.5B
  • 69 M accessed the web using mobile in 2009 -That's more than 60 percent of the 111 million mobile subscribers in JapanThat's more than twice the percentage in the US, or the five top nations in Europe in Jan 2010US$1.14 billion spent on marketing in Japan. Estimates for US spend on mobile advertising in - $184 millionTo put the Japan data in perspective – japan accounts for 15 percent of global marketing budget, while being less then 3 precent of the global mobile subscribers
  • don’t’ talk about controversial subjects. Keep it casual, and simple. Complicated subjects a slippery slop.
  • Seehttp://www.fkassociates.com/dodont.html
  • Eyal Rabinovich - Bring your content to japan

    1. 1. Bring Your Content to Japan A Step by Step guide to Working in Asia
    2. 2. Why Japan?
    3. 3. Japanese Market Size• 112.8 subscriber million in 2009 70• 120 subscriber million in 2014 60 50• NTT DOCOMOs subscriber base will increase from 55.4 million in 40 NTT DOCOMO 2009 to 57.4 million in 2014 30 KDDI SOFTBANK MOBILE 20 10 0 Mobile Subscribers (M)
    4. 4. Japanese Mobile Content Market• Japanese mobile content market grows 12% to $17bn• Mobile commerce shows a significant grow• Items bought in mobile games and on social networks - the fastest growing category after a year-on- year increase of 185 percent saw it account for $508 million in 2009
    5. 5. Web and Advertising• 69 million Japanese accessed the Internet via their mobile device in 2009.• Mobile advertising expenditure in Japan in 2009 was US$1.14 billion• Japan accounts for 15 percent of global mobile marketing and advertising• Japan is less than 3 percent of global mobile subscribers
    6. 6. Why Japan is King of Mobile?• 75 percent of Japanese mobile data users are on flat-rate plans• At over 95 percent, 3G handset penetration is extremely high, and network quality and coverage, allowing rich mobile content and engaging campaigns, and encouraging downloads• Japanese mobile network operators only take 10 percent of content revenues generated via their mobile portals• Japan has a very homogeneous handset base, as the operators have kept strict control of mobile development. This means developers and marketers dont have the device fragmentation issues that are getting worse in the US or Europe
    7. 7. First Steps
    8. 8. Findingof partnerTable a contents:• Why do you need a partner? • The Japanese market is a closed market • Supporting market research and business development • Bridging cultural differences • Assisting in the Execution• How do you find a good one? • Not a simple task • Our advise – research and cross reference
    9. 9. Know your Do’s and Don’ts - Business• Being Ceremonial • Dressing Code • Exchange of Business Cards and Gifts • Leaving the Room • Sitting Format• Communication
    10. 10. Know your Do’s and Don’ts - Socializing• Table Talk• How to Eat• Sake and Beer• Tipping• Karaoke
    11. 11. :Closing the deal• Negotiation • Straightforward and clear• Contracts • Fast work • Notice every detail • Technical documents included• Due diligence • Very thorough • Played ALL of the games until the end
    12. 12. Executing the deal
    13. 13. Localization• Translation • Not an easy task• But not only • Cultural differences • Public Policy & Regulations
    14. 14. Translating our games
    15. 15. Translating our games
    16. 16. Cultural differences outcomes
    17. 17. Cultural differences outcomes“When game failed at third stage, the horrible picture comes out. Pleasehorrible images changes normal images or please delete.”
    18. 18. Cultural differences outcomes
    19. 19. Cultural differences outcomes“Undesirable public policy.”
    20. 20. Cultural differences outcomes
    21. 21. Cultural differences outcomes“Japanese people do not understand the meaning of divination. Culture is different, do not understand divination results”
    22. 22. Account Management• Prompt Replies• High quality of content• High quality of execution• Big language barriers
    23. 23. Go-to-market Strategy• Finding the partner is not everything • They can only bring you so far…• Choose the right business model • Paid • Advertisement • Virtual currencies & commerce • Other• Bring your own expertise • Western content in the Japanese market
    24. 24. A few words about MoMinis
    25. 25. MoMinis Value PropositionUsers Publishers & Operators Developers
    26. 26. Value Proposition for Developers Rapid Creation No-Cost, Distribution viaAutomated Porting No-Risk, MoMinis Solutions and Easy-to-Use Short Time-To-Market Partners
    27. 27. Content DevelopmentPlatform• Rapid creation• Automatic porting (Android, Blackberry, Symbian, J2me and more)
    28. 28. Personal Mobile Playground FaceWorld AppOnline Stores Mobile Portal (Roadmap)
    29. 29. MoMinis International Distribution Network MoMinis has partnered with leading partners and customers to bring MoMinis content to users globally.MoMinis international distribution network includes distribution in: Asia, Eastern Europe & Western Europe.
    30. 30. Questions?Contact us: www.mominis.com +972-3-6443148 bizdev@MoMinis.com Copyright 2010 © MoMinis Ltd. All rights reserved
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