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01 presentation casa_lunchmeeting

  1. 1. CASA Regions for Smart Living Expert lunch meeting Fabian Dominguez Lead Partner CASA 8th May 2014, Brussel
  2. 2. CASA • CASA (Consortium for Assistive Solutions Adoption) is funded under the 4th call of the INTERREG IVC programme, approved in Jan. 2012 (end Dec. 2014) • Overall objective of the INTERREG IVC Programme is to improve the effectiveness of regional policies and instruments financing interregional projects to build on the exchange of experiences among partners • Regional initiative project under Priority 1: “Innovation and the knowledge economy”, sub-theme: “the information society”
  3. 3. CASA • The CASA partners are working under the umbrella of the Coral forum (Community of regions for ambient assisted living):  currently an informal community group with the aim to feed back good practices from the study visits  exchange of experiences to influence future Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) policies at European level  www.casa-europe.eu
  4. 4. CASA 1. Context • Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) is a complex field across Europe - More structured approach to accelerate the uptake and roll-out new technologies - In parallel to development and review of policies • 14 participating regions joined forces to find solutions and allow best practices sharing in the field of AAL
  5. 5. CASA 2. Partners 14 partners from 13 regions (9 EU countries): •Government of Flanders – Lead Partner (BE) •Province of Noord-Brabant (NL) •Kent County Council (UK) •South East Technologies Alliance (UK) •Veneto Region (IT) •Friuli-Venezia Giulia (IT) •Scotland (UK) •Southern Denmark (DK) •Region Wielkopolska (PL) •Catalonia (ES) •Timis County (RO) •Andalucia (ES) •East-Sweden (SE) •Region Halland (West SE)
  6. 6. CASA 3. CASA: what? • Respond to increasing pressure on health and social care resulting from demographic change and an ageing population • Use of new technologies: - Improve the comfort of citizens in managing their conditions - Reduce the economic and social burden on governmental care budget • Attempt for implementation policies moving away from traditional mono- domain policy to work horizontally along the supply chain and across different departments and ministries
  7. 7. CASA 4. CASA: deliverables • Events and seminars to provide opportunities for demonstrating and sharing good practices amongst the partnership: 10 study visits speaker @ conferences (e.g. Open Days 2012) Transfer Task Force regional SWOT analysis Best Practice Guide 2 Knowledge Transfer Conferences 13 local dissemination events regional implementation plans final conference in Brussels 28 staff secondments
  8. 8. CASA a. Study visits (2 days): • Noord-Brabant: 'Social interaction‘ – 26th -28th September (following AAL forum in Eindhoven)Cataluñia: 'Healthy lifestyle and rehabilitation ICT‘ – 12th -14th November • Kent: 'Monitoring, safety and self management'– 10th -12th December • Wielkopolska: 'Informal care‘ (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AmCN3MT_qT0) • South Denmark: 'Telemedecine evaluation model’ • Andalucia: 'Large scale deployment‘ • Veneto: 'Chronic diseases' (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uOv2V91xm5M) • Flanders: 'Mobility and liveability/integrated regional policy business and knowledge development‘ (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4v7aD_jynLQ)
  9. 9. CASA •Scotland: ‘Telehealth and Telecare’ (http://www.zorganderstv.be/reportages/e-health-in- schotland-casa-studiebezoek) •East Sweden + West Sweden (region of Halland): 'User driven innovation through public/private partnership‘
  10. 10. b. Communication • 1 joint web site • 1 policy forum • Brochure • DVD • E-newsletters • Press releases • Speaking opportunities and CASA stand at 15 conferences related to Ambient Assisted Living: AAL forum (Eindhoven); EIP AHA: opportunity for regions (minister Vandeurzen, Flanders – Open Days);… • 1 final conference in Brussels – October 2014 CASA
  11. 11. c. Secondments • “mini study visits” – tailor-made to specific requests of experts Planned: • 7th – 9th May 2014 – 9 experts elderly care (KCC/NHS) • 12th – 14th May 2014 – 2 experts from Digital Health Institute (Scotland) Past: • Polish secondees: 24th – 27th March 2014 – 4 experts • Topic: “design and innovation/creative solutions in health care” Some impressions… CASA
  12. 12. d. Final conference • 7th October 2014 – Brussels (location to be confirmed) > week of Open Days 2014 • Joint final event of 2 INTERREG IVC-projects: CASA and INNOVAge • Working title of final conference: “Creating unity out of diversity: sustaining lessons learnt in Active Ageing” CASA
  13. 13. Thank you Fabian Dominguez Social Affairs and Public Health attaché Permanent Representation of Belgium to the European Union P.A.: Ministry of Welfare, Public Health and Family Affairs Staff of the Secretary-General Koning Albert II-laan 35, bus 30 BE-1030 Brussels Fabian.dominguez@wvg.vlaanderen.be