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Tribute to patiu uncle
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Tribute to patiu uncle

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Happy Birthday To My Dearest Patiu Uncle …

Happy Birthday To My Dearest Patiu Uncle
We Miss you a lot!!!!

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  • 1. A tribute to myDearest Patiu Uncle on his bir thday 5th March 2013
  • 2. Patiu Uncle was a strong pillar to his brothers and sisters.With Uncle Baju, Aunty Afra, my mom Celine, Aunty Nelvy, Aunty Datsy and Uncle Altinho
  • 3. Patiu Uncle never missed out on any of our occasionsThank you for being a par t of our wedding and a part of the wonderful memories well have forever - Sarzora Church
  • 4. My Patiu uncle was a man of giving....... Who centered his life around his family Whether it was his religious family, his community family, or his blood relations, healways found ways to connect,give, and have a lasting impact on so many of us
  • 5. Patiu Uncle travelled all the way to Bahrain to baptise my son and to hold him in his arms
  • 6. It meant a lot tohave Patiu Uncle inour midst on thisspecial day ofours....Thank you PatiuUncle....
  • 7. Patiu Uncle made time for us out of his busy schedule......
  • 8. I enjoyed the way Patiu Uncle made time for my kids....Elroy and Edric are missing you a lot....... - Old Goa Church In Dec 12
  • 9. Patiu Uncle enjoyed the kids jokes and mixed with them and showed them his love and made them realise the value for family get togetherness.........
  • 10. We all miss your presence Patiu Uncle.............
  • 11. My Dearest Patiu Uncle – you were a great role model for allof us and left us many examples of how we can all give more ofourselves and our time to others.
  • 12. We will never forget how you kept the family together and wepromise you that we will live up to your expectations and make you proud of us
  • 13. On the day we celebrate your bir thday on ear th, we thank God for you were born.Today, we miss you terribly. We grieve in the presence of friends and family who cherished you. We celebrate your life, even in death.
  • 14. We miss your smile, your laughter and your presence. The love we shared remains within our hearts.
  • 15. Happy Birthday Patiu Uncle We love you.........
  • 16. When God called you home, it was a birthday celebration in heaven. For the angels rejoiced to welcome you. Your family and loved ones were there to greet you.Most of all, Jesus was waiting with an outstretch arm.......In His gracious mercy and love, He welcomed you home. It was the day you were born unto Heaven By Flancy Dias Bahrain