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From shelves to mobile devices, structures change - Euroia09 - M. C. Lavazza
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From shelves to mobile devices, structures change - Euroia09 - M. C. Lavazza


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • GROCERY IS A PARTICULAR SHOPPING Because... But how communicate the grocery retailers?
  • EGROCERY IS STILL A LONG WAY Technologists or not econsumers are few. And this is a pity because egrocery offers to customers and grocery retail groups big opportunities: it aggregates customers it shows peculiar market demands (the Chris Andersen Long tail) it allows a bidirectional dialogue, a conversation between customer and retail. Through online channel customers can be listened. But this happens in a perfect world, in the reality ecustomers must face several difficulties, like navigation findability product identification.
  • MOBILE A SPIME OBJECT Mobile device seems to be the spime object able to connect all the parts of the consumer experience.
  • Transcript

    • 1.
      • Copenhagen, Euroia 2009
      • Beyond structure
      From shelves to mobile devices, structures change Maria Cristina Lavazza
    • 2.
      • Topics we are going to discuss :
        • How does the idea stem from and why grocery
        • How does grocery communicate and what are its channels
        • What are the main retail group solutions to integrate shopping channels
        • The main services offered in the following phases: before , during and after the purchase
        • There has been a significant change in communication , we always face with multichannel, bridge, cross experiences and SPIME objects: grocery represents an effective perspective in this revolution
        • In the cross-medial communication process there are tools - such as mobile devices - able to interact: services, software, tools and customer needs
        • Consumers begin to have an important and active role in this process
        • This complex possibility will change our way to do shopping and to design. What will the future IA look like?
        • Ready to start?
    • 3. Where the IDEA stems from?
    • 4. TIME in everyday life is a key factor From shelves to mobile devices, structures change
    • 5. The future in grocery retail: cross-channel integration
    • 6. Integration of traditional retailing and e-tailing is an example of bridge-experience
    • 7. What is a spime object?
    • 8. Why grocery ?
    • 9.
      • Grocery shopping shows peculiar features:
      • It is repetitive
      • It is widely used
      • It is visual and “high touch”
      • It has developed careful and pervasive marketing tools.
    • 10. the world percentage of egrocery consume is still very poor 37%
    • 11. Click and mortar
    • 12. The e-grocery situation
    • 13. eGrocery is still a long way away
    • 14. e-coop: an Italian case of study (1)
    • 15. e-coop: an Italian case of study (2)
    • 16. : an international best practice
    • 17. 1 channel 3 steps n services
    • 18. Customer services before purchase
    • 19. The pod JOYA
    • 20. Easy Grocery : a 3D experience
    • 21. Customer services during the purchase
    • 22. The pod Salvatempo by Coop
    • 23. What are the RFID ?
    • 24. NFC in other words: the future of customer services
    • 25. Safeway : the case Collect & go
    • 26. The future in a finger: the case Pay by touch
    • 27. Customer services after purchase
    • 28. The challenge of mobile services
    • 29. Mobile : a special connector tool
    • 30. physical > digital > rfid > mobile > digital > biometric > physical > digital > rfid > gps > mobile > digital > biometric > physical > digital > rfid > gps mobile > ….. Evolving processes
    • 31. A digital ecosystem a combination of balance and coherence
    • 32. Let’s change perspective !
    • 33. Major issues tomorrow’s architects
    • 34. “ When the going gets tough … … the tough get going!”
    • 35. Maria Cristina Lavazza mc.lavazza @ I hope you enjoy it… thanks!