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Answers to the Reading Notes 5.

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Reading notes 5 pres

  1. 1. Going over the answers to your notes
  2. 2. In Metaphor In HistoryStudents happily playing basketball Britain and colonies have good relations prior to 1763 because colonists are allowed to govern themselvesStudent Council Minutes Colonial assemblies make their own laws British government left students aloneNo adults allowed Colonies far away from BritainPrincipal’s office away from Britain
  3. 3. In Metaphor In HistoryNew Rules Proclamation of 1763Half-court Colonists may not cross the Appalachian Mountains to settle.Pay to use Stamp Act – Colonists would have to pay a tax on items that are stamped, such as paper, newspapers, wills, licenses, and playing cardsStudents funds will pay supervisors Quartering Act – Colonists are forced to house and take care of British soldiers in their own homesStudent’s anger Colonists protest by ignoring laws, petitioning, and rioting
  4. 4. In Metaphor In HistoryMan staffing the stand Charles TownshendSign reading “Equipment Rental” Taxes imposed on everyday items (glass, paint, paper and tea) by Townshend ActsMale student yelling friends not to use Sons of Liberty boycott of British goodsbasketballsFemale student walking away Daughters of Liberty helped the boycott by making items at home
  5. 5. In Metaphor In HistoryVice principal and security guard British troops in BostonProtesting students Patriot mob yells and teases the soldiers Captain tries to get people to go home.Vice principal’s threat to suspend But British fire upon the crowd. Five colonists are killed. This event was used as propaganda to raise the colonists’ emotions against the British. This event became known as “The Boston Massacre.”
  6. 6. In Metaphor In HistorySign reading “Cafeteria food only” Colonists forced to buy tea from British East India CompanyMale student throwing lunch into trash Sons of Liberty dump tea into Boston HarborMale student cheering in the John Adams celebrating the Boston Teabackground Party
  7. 7. In Metaphor In HistoryStudents given detention Britain punishes Bostonians with several harsh laws: 1. Closed Boston Harbor 2. government of Boston under British control – no town meetings 3. British soldiers who were accused of murder would be tried in England not in the colonies 4. More troops sent to BostonFemale student angry at male student Loyalists believe Bostonians have gone too farProtest letters Letter from First Continental Congress to King George – Olive Branch Petition – urged the king to consider their complaints and to recognize their rights
  8. 8. In Metaphor In HistoryPrincipal King GeorgePrincipal’s statement British consider stronger action, such as sending troops into Boston, to stop the rebellionRunning female student Paul Revere and William Dawes warn colonists of the impending attack