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La rose presentation

  1. 1. Accessing Federal Grants2013 Nonprofit Sustainability Conference January 16th, 2013 Jessi LaRose, MPH Health Policy Coordinator
  2. 2. MFH Mission Our Mission is to empower the people of the communities we serve to achieve equal access to quality health services that promote prevention and encourage healthy behaviors
  3. 3. Improving MFHs Flexibility & ImpactTo address health issues in Missouri, MFH must bemore:Flexible in its fundingResponsive to changesFocused on strategic planning
  4. 4. MFH 2013 Funding Announcements will be made once MFH has completed its strategic planning process. (Expected to be in early 2013) Funding opportunities will be announced throughout 2013 Latest news will come through one of MFH’s communications channels (
  5. 5. MoCAP Primary Goal: To ensure that community health and prevention programs in Missouri have adequate support through outside grant funding.
  6. 6. MoCAP Activities Alerts eligible organizations to relevant funding opportunities Offers consulting services and technical assistance for specific grant opportunities.
  7. 7. MoCAP Eligibility Nonprofits and state/local governmental organizations working in health and prevention services MFH service area (or statewide efforts) Interested organizations are screened by MoCAP staff for basic and grant-specific eligibility requirements
  8. 8. Application Support Experienced grant consultation Review and editing support prior to submission Technical support in topical area General grant production support including literature searches, data gathering, template development
  9. 9. MoCAP by the NumbersSince inception-28 grants have been funded for a variety of:  Funding Opportunities  Health topics  OrganizationsCaptured over $32 million in new funding forMissouri
  10. 10. Examples and Successes Healthy Living  United States Department of Agriculture • Farmers’ Market Promotion Program (~ $20,000) • Farm to School (~$40,000)  Centers for Disease Control • Community Transformation Grant (~$1.3 million)
  11. 11. Examples and Successes Access to Care  Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) • Capital Development (~$2-5 million) • Expanded Services (~$80-650,000) Partnerships/Collaborations  HRSA  Network Planning (~$85,000)
  12. 12. The MoCAP Approach Address organizational weaknesses Organize your ideas Assess strengths and Issues from prior grant submissions, data Concept papers weaknesses for grant systems to describe service recipients and of initiatives populations, staff expertise, stronger procurement evaluations Draft template text Develop partnerships to be Get registered! Confirm Search for federal ● Org. description, mission, competitive www. eligibility for funding history, strengths, targeted service● Discuss with potential community partners experience, staff background federal funding opportunities ● Address your weaknesses Apply for a federal Study and thoughtfully respond Resubmit to the same or grant (many steps) to reviewers’ comments different funder
  13. 13. Readiness for Grant Procurement Address organizational Organize your ideas weaknesses Assess strengths Issues from prior grant Concept papersand weaknesses for submissions, data of initiativesgrant procurement systems to describe service recipients and populations, staff expertise, stronger Steps that Organizations should take on their own- pointers and resources available on the evaluations MoCAP website
  14. 14. Pre-Grant Preparation Build Partnerships Draft template Get registered Confirm Search for•Develop cross-sector coalitions text eligibility opportunities• Assess opportunities to Organization description, leverage resources for federal• Define partner roles history, strengths, mission, targeted service funding List-servs experience, staff background Limited MoCAP support Available
  15. 15. Grant Production Study and Resubmit to the Apply for a respond to reviewers’ same or differentfederal grant comments funder MoCAP Direct Support
  16. 16. Registration1. Obtain DUNS Number • Unique 9 character organization identification numberRequired Info: • Name of your organization • Organization address • Organization phone number • Name of the CEO/organization owner • Legal structure of the organization • Year the organization started • Primary line of business • Total number of employees (full and part-time)
  17. 17. Registration2. Register with the System for Award Management (SAM)Required Info: • Legal business name, business name, annual revenue, type of organization, goods and services that organization provides, NAICS code, SIC code, Tax Identification Number, point-of- contact information
  18. 18. Completing the Registration Process3. Create username and password for Authorized Organization Representatives (AOR) • Must have an active and complete SAM registration • Access through • Used to submit application package to appropriate government agency4. Authorize AOR profile • Point-of-contact designated in your organization’s SAM registration must authorize the profile before you can submit any applications.
  19. 19. Find Grant OpportunitiesAccess to search for opportunities
  20. 20. Find Grant OpportunitiesBasic Search
  21. 21. Find Grant OpportunitiesBasic Search Search by keyword (e.g. “homeless,” “affordable care act”) Search by Funding Opportunity Number Search by CFDA (Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance) Number
  22. 22. Find Grant OpportunitiesBrowse by Category
  23. 23. Find Grant OpportunitiesBrowse by Agency
  24. 24. Find Grant OpportunitiesAdvanced Search
  25. 25. Find Grant OpportunitiesAdvanced Search Search by: • Keyword • Opportunity Number • Agency • Category • Eligibility • Timeframe Search open, closed, or archived opportunities
  26. 26. Types of Federal Grants Block Grants Cooperative Agreement Demonstration Grants Discretionary Grants Formula Grants Planning Grants Private Sector Grants and Funding
  27. 27. Federal Funding Opportunities Affordable Care Act  Access to Care  Workforce and Training  Prevention and Public Health Fund Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)
  28. 28. Federal Funding Opportunities United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Office of Women’s Health Office of Violence Against Women (OVW) Administration for Children and Families (ACF) Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  29. 29. Anticipating Opportunities Recurring opportunities DHSS Grants Forecast ( Funder websites
  30. 30. Grants Forecast
  31. 31. Grant Tips Confirm eligibility Read the RFP completely Follow the directions Participate in technical assistance webinars or calls Allow plenty of time Double check the submission Investigate previously funded projects
  32. 32. Search for Previous RecipientsTracking Accountability in Government Grants System(TAGGS)
  33. 33. Search for Previous RecipientsWhat is TAGGS? • TAGGS is a reporting tool developed by HHSHow can you utilize TAGGS? • Search for federal funding recipients in Missouri • Determine what organizations have previously been awarded funding for particular grant programs
  34. 34. Resources Office of Justice Programs – Grants 101 Grant Space Base/Funding-Resources/Government- Funders/Government-grants Federal Registry MoCAP Foundation Center
  35. 35. Next Steps Register your organization on Prepare concept papers Stay abreast of funding opportunities
  36. 36. Questions?
  37. 37. For more information on MoCAP contact: Jessi LaRose Health Policy Coordinator 314.345.5535