How to Build a Social Brand


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How to Build a Social Brand, as presented by Jad Hindy and Fadi Khater from Netizency at Click 5.0 in Dubai

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  • A social brand does not only work from 9 to 5.
  • It has a personal life with time for work and play.
  • It does extracurricular activities; it goes out at night and on weekends, goes for coffee, and goes partying,
  • And it doesn’t take itself too seriously.
  • It has hobbies, it’s into music, movies, sports or art. It does gatherings and shares its interest.
  • It’s friendly and close to the heart. It’s fun to be around.
  • It’s customers are its friends, it addresses them by name, asks for their help
  • And it apologizes to them when it does wrong. Asks for forgiveness not permission – test things out; but be mostly right
  • It’s like a famous friend; and it’s customers are his entourage. It takes care of the people who like and support it.
  • Take a Startup Model and expand it.Make it as flat as possible.Build teams as much as possibleEmpower horizontally / vertically
  • A social media department is not something on the side… social media is something that all employees will do.
  • Work doesn’t need to be between 9 and 5, what is important is that tasks get to be delivered on time.
  • Static branding will be a thing of the past and company logos, advertising and messaging will be constantly moving.
  • Translate Social Activities into concrete actions: and make them part of the companies roadmap/project plan
  • Look for innovation outside the boardroom.
  • Don’t have chairs in the meeting rooms; use couches where people sit closer together
  • Internet Penetration30% is on FacebookThat’s 37 new user every minute!YouTube is the most visited websiteOnly 1,000 blogs in Qatar
  • This left us with a huge opportunityThe young at heartan audience who share our attitude to life rather than falling into a specific age group.Our Bull’s Eye:The Qatari male who is into drag racing, his Sony Playstation and local music.
  • This is the digital generation, brought up generating their own content or consuming the content they want, digitallyWe want to:Build customer evangelism (i.e. positive word of mouth)Own key communities because…communities filter and amplify messages.
  • We want to target that 1% build a close relationship with them, transform them into ambassadors into real advocates. As other telcos spend their time and money trying to convert the 90%, we want to have a intimate relationship with the 1%. And turn them into our communication channel
  • QVMS Partnered with the HOGs - Harley Davidson, and promoted the brand through all of their activitiesThis association created excellent social media content ranging from photos and videos, to live updates on the HOGs cross country journeys and activitiesThis Niche group got a significant following through the QVMS brand, and gave it a very strong content platform
  • Sponsored an awareness event with HD for Qatar National Cancer Society – 15 OctAround 600 Bikes arrived in Qatar from all GCCThere was a ride across the countryThe bikes where displayed in an exhibition
  • Sponsored a Harley Davidson ride across the GCC to celebrate Qatar winning the bid for the 2022 FIFA World CupAccompanied the bikers to the border with our QVMS carsBranded the BikesGot media coverage
  • Created a Harley Davidson ride to celebrate National Day, culminating with a bike line-up BBQ at the corniche to watch the country’s National Day Celebrations85 Bikers joined the celebrationsThe Bling It car displayed live coverage of the national celebrations
  • QVMS owned twitter in Doha; it got the twitter community together through”Monthly Gatherings: Doha TweetupsAn Global Annual event: Sponsoring/organizing Doha TwestivalOnline Activity Aggregation: Creating
  • - QVMS actively participated in Doha Twestival 2011 as a platinum sponsor.DT was held at Aspire Park on 24 March 2011 from 6 to 9 PM.- It raised QR 90k to ROTA, and ranked as the 4th city globally in terms of funds raised- More than 400 attendees.
  • We created the first and only website in Qatar to capture all tweets, photos, and videos that are coming from the country through a twitter API
  • Created a competition for people to include their pictures in our 2011 calendarUpload your photos to FlickrVote for the best photo on FacebookFlyersTent CardsUpload BoothStaff T-Shirts
  • 2011 Make It Yours Photo Exhibition held at Villaggio Virgin Megastore opened 24 February. The exhibition represents the 12 winning photos from the Flickr competition and a selection of the 1,100 photos entered. At the opening of the exhibition we gave the lucky winner the amazing prize. Exhibition ends 4 March.
  • Movies was a shared interest between QVMS and the massesThe Movie passion was launched at the Tribecca Film Festival by sponsoring all the volunteer movie buffs and providing them with a QVMS chill out loungeWe continued promoting movies through monthly movie nights whereby people would enter twitter competitions to win tickets, and collect them from QVMS stores
  • VMQ Started focusing on promoting itself through events and started Movie NightsA contract was completed with the Cinema to have Movie Nights on the 3rd Wednesday of every month
  • And this couldn’t have been done without our peopleOur recent employee engagement survey show that 71% of our employees feel that QVMS is a great place to work. A fantastic score given the challenging, ambiguous, de-motivating, uncertain time we have had since launchingWe attained a score equivalent to a 2yr old Virgin business
  • How to Build a Social Brand

    1. 1. bUILBrandsG Social dI N
    2. 2. Fadi Khater Game Changer atJad Hindy NetizencyHead of Brand & Comms Fadi.khater.orgat Qtel and Partner
    3. 3. What’s a social brand? The Social Brand ShowDownStructuring a social brand
    4. 4. Itworks hard and plays hard
    5. 5. It hasextracurricular activities
    6. 6. It doesn’ttake itselftooooooooseriously
    7. 7. It hashobbies
    8. 8. ItsCustomers are its
    9. 9. It apologizeswhen it doesthings wrong
    10. 10.
    11. 11. What’s a social brand? The Social Brand ShowDownStructuring a social brand
    12. 12. ROUND ONE 1,031,232fnz  44,207fnz  
    13. 13. Inno-centFMSG:  Built  on   consumer   dialogue,  research,   health,  and  leaving   things  be:er  than   they  found  them  
    14. 14. ROUND TWO 225,488fnz   39,426fnz  
    15. 15. giffgaffA  telecom  operator  where  customers  ask  and  answer  each  other.  People  who  answer  quesDons  are  financially  rewarded.  Cost  savings  from  the  call  center  are  passed  on  to  customers.  
    16. 16. ROUND THREE 58fnz  313,230fnz  
    17. 17. Ikea Be  the  first    to  tag  yourself   to  an  item     in  an  image   from  the    Ikea  Catalogue   and  win     that  item  
    18. 18. ROUND FOUR 31,855,789fnz  5,772,354fnz  
    19. 19. Thirty Allowed  fans   to  be  part  of   the  recording   process   Seconds through   contribuDng   sounds.   They  went  as   to Mars far  as  inviDng  fans  from  Iran   and  monks   from  Tibet.  
    20. 20. ROUND FIVE 837fnz  53,051fnz  
    21. 21. Wild They  crowd-­‐sourced  the   menu  and  locaDon   decisions   They  created  a  following   before  even  opening  and   started  the  concept   based  on  what  people  Peeta told  them  
    22. 22. ROUND SIX 296,323fnz  1,548,663fnz  
    23. 23. Thread Asks  customers  to   submit  T-­‐shirt   designs  (it  gets  300   per  day);  and  gets   the  community  to  -less vote.         There  are  300   winners/year,  who   get  $2000  each.   It  sells  the  winning   T-­‐shirts  on  its   website  for  $18  
    24. 24. What’s a social brand? The Social Brand ShowDownStructuring a social brand Office Design Structure Operation
    25. 25. Structurestartup model
    26. 26. Structure Transaction Relationship Marketing Marketing Marketing Mix Dominated Conversation Orient ed Price Sensitive Servic e SensitiveTechnical Quality Dominated In teraction Quality Dominated tomem r Ad Hoc Customer ime Ct s yste u Real-temen S Satisfaction Surveys Engag Limited Importance of Substantial Importance Internal Marketing of Internal Marketing
    27. 27. Structure Virgin Mobile Qatar Propositions and PricingBrand & No Marketing CustomerComms Department Service Sales & Distribution
    28. 28. Structure Virgin Mobile Qatar Propositions and PricingBrand & No Marketing CustomerComms Department Service Sales & Distribution
    29. 29. StructureBrand and CommunicationsOnline  CommuniDes   Retail  and  Live   Brand  Planning     .&  CommunicaDons   CommunicaDons   and  InnovaDon   v sBrand and CommunicationsCorporate   MarkeDng   Brand   PR  and     Media  Comms   Comms   Management   Events  
    30. 30. Structure
    31. 31. What’s a social brand? The Social Brand ShowDownStructuring a social brand Office Design Structure Operation
    32. 32. 925 Operation
    33. 33. OperationBrandingAlive
    34. 34. Operation SocialActivities Concrete Actions
    35. 35. OperationInnovation
    36. 36. Chairs Operation
    37. 37. What’s a social brand? The Social Brand ShowDownStructuring a social brand Office Design Structure Operation
    38. 38. OneLocation Office Design
    39. 39. Office DesignBring downthe walls
    40. 40. TeamsSeat as Office Design
    41. 41. Office DesignProximityis key
    42. 42. Office Design o n g esLu              meetingrooms
    43. 43. Office Designrecrea tion area
    44. 44. Allow Personal-ization Office Design
    45. 45. HOME Office Design
    46. 46. Sayonara