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Why Make a Web Index when You Have a Site Map?
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Why Make a Web Index when You Have a Site Map?


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brief presentation on creating a web index for graduate program site

brief presentation on creating a web index for graduate program site

Published in: Education

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  • (confusion reigns over index vs. site map vs. A-Z vs. search) Locator is url (link) (BoB indexes can have multiple page numbers as locators) (unlike users of book indexes) (unlike in site maps and imposter indexes) (index is navigation tool)
  • Current students have no homepage or place on the site. Drives need for index.
  • Uses page names as terms Repeats hierarchy of site but does not organize information hierarchically by any other values (importance)
  • Usually generated automatically How can you tell? Telltale signs?
  • email can get forwarded after graduation
  • Transcript

    • 1. Enhancing Online Wayfinding @ Simmons The GLSIS website index project by Fran Keenan
    • 2. index vs. site map vs. A-Z vs. search ????????
    • 3. web indexing issues
      • Indexes have not become a web convention.
      • Web indexes have only one locator per term unlike book index
      • Users at times want to do something /perform a task not just find information.
      • Page titles are not index terms.
      • Navigation pages do not need indexing.
    • 4. GSLIS indexing issues
      • Site within a site
      • Site has multiple audiences
      • Primary site audience is not current students
      • Site is very text-heavy
      • Many non substantive pages
      • Webmaster has limited authority to update and make changes
    • 5. “ maps” to nowhere Mirrors site architecture. Not in alphabetical order. More like TOC than index.
    • 6. imposter index Alphabetical order (A-Z). Browsing is disorienting. Uses page names as terms. No subject analysis. Few if any synonyms or xrefs.
    • 7. True index Alphabetical order and browse-able. Index terms from subject analysis. Like topics grouped. Synonyms & xrefs & glosses.
    • 8. Discoveries
      • No GSLIS homepage except GSLIS admissions homepage
      • Job blog vs. New England JobLine
      • Dead ends and duplicate info
      • Abiding questions…
      • Will people find and use the GSLIS index?
      • Will it get updated?
    • 9. Footprint image source: G. F. Warren, Elements of Agriculture (London, MacMillan and Co., Ltd., 1913)86 Copyright: 2009, Florida Center for Instructional Technology.