Learning Networks concept


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Learning Networks concept

  1. 1. Learning Networks Day… AIESEC AIESEC is the international platform for young people to discover and develop their potential for a positive impact in society. It involves creating an integrated leadership development experience composed of leadership opportunities, internship opportunities and a global learning environment. In Uganda we are in Makerere University, Makerere University Business School and Uganda Christian University. We tackle issues and initiatives that affect the society as a whole and provide impactful experience both to our members and the society as well. Concept of Learning Networks day AIESEC Makerere University Business School is organizing a Learning Networks day. A learning network is a discussion forum that gives people the opportunity of expressing their thoughts and ideas on an issue that is affecting their society as a whole, and the ways needed to address it. It is normally carried out before projects and during international conferences There are four issues that AIESEC Uganda would like to engage the whole students community in addressing. These issues are based on the following projects that we will implement as an organization.
  2. 2. Entrepreneurship ( African Young Entrepreneurship Project ) HIV and AIDS ( Answers Solutions and Knowledge on HIV Project ) Education and ICT ( AIESEC ICT Project ) Tourism ( Afro-tourism project ) Tommorow Theme of the day. “ Setting the pace for the initiatives” There will be issues that we have tabled out in place of each of these initiatives. Entrepreneurship ..Balancing business and career
  3. 3. HIV and AIDS ..Peer education in the creation of peer educators Tourism ..Encouraging tourism in Uganda and viable tourism investments Education and ICT …Increasing ICT based knowledge in the society Objectives of the learning Networks day • To engage the student’s community in the discussion of initiatives that affects our society. • An opportunity for companies to interact with students. • A platform for AIESEC, to interact with the school. • An opportunity for members to understand the projects that AIESEC carries out in order to address these initiatives. • An opportunity for the students to engage themselves in AIESEC projects. The flow of the day Companies will be invited on that day and they will bring best case examples of the various issues that they tackle and address in their organizations. They will give various presentations according to the various initiatives that they will be assigned to talk about. Thereafter there will be questions and answers, as regards to the different presentations. Four groups will then be created and the students will engage the companies in small discussions and together they will get to share a deeper insight of the issues under each initiative. There will then be presentations on the various issues from the different groups. With thanks
  4. 4. Mwanje Joseph jomwanjek@yahoo.co.uk Learning Networks Day Organizing committee Learning networks day 2008 AIESEC IN UGANDA | P.O.Box 27874, Kampala -Uganda | www.aiesec.org/uganda | Email uganda@aiesec.net| Tel: (41) 220087 | Fax (41) 254659 BOARD OF ADVISORS: Patron: Prof. Waswa Balunywa, Principal-MUBS; Andrew Muguluma, CEO-LIBRA Energy; Joseph Ballidawa, Country Leader-PWC David Njoroge, MD-HIMA Cement, Baker Magunda, MD-UBL; Nick Mbuvi, MD-Barclays Uganda.