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  1. 1. APPLICATION FOR MEMBER COMMITTEE ALUMNI MANAGER Its not every day that we make life changing decisions or wise decisions there are times that mistakes come our way. I do not believe in coincidence but in working hard and reaching out to what the world has to provide. At this moment AIESEC is my world and I do believe in what it has to offer. By applying for this position I am reaching out, Reaching out to give, reaching out to receive, reaching out to discover more of AIESEC myself.
  2. 2. Section 1: Personal Details Name Judith Langat Date and place of birth 10th December 1986 Mobile +254 736 799 738 / +254 715 607 016 email Memo_jl86@yhaoo.co.uk Skype and Msn address memsy@live.com Section 2: Experience List all AIESEC and relevant positions you’ve held, year and key achievements. Dates Position Key Achievements From: June LCVP-TM Catholic Team management 2008 University of Eastern Africa. Effective communication To:june 2009 Crisis management Interpersonal relationships From:nov 2007 Compendium Team management review Team To: march 2008 leader Agenda building From: june team leader Team management
  3. 3. 2007 To: October 2007 From:July 2008 VP communications Effective communication AIESEC dinner To: From;oct 2007 Ocp EA Pioneers Effective communication To: nov 2007 Crisis management Conference management Form dec 2007 Oc natconf Team dynamics To:jan 2008 List the International Experiences you’ve taken-up in AIESEC (conferences, CEEDs, exchange etc). Responsibilities (if applicable) Date Role (Delegate, CEED etc) and Country AFROXLDS Delegate uganda
  4. 4. Discuss the 3 main areas in AIESEC where you have had the most experience. Describe briefly your Area How would this benefit the MC? experience OCP EA I was also the vp I know that whatever the challenge I PIONEERS communications and this was can manage along as I am willing to my first AIESEC responsibility. perform will be able to overcome any My team consisted of 3 challenges in th MC. members who were newies.it was a challenging task but one that made me learn so much about myself. AIESEC 60 I was in charge of the I learnt not to procrastinate. This will Dinner 2008 communications team.which help me attain the goals I have set demanded a lot from me in for the Alumni portfolio. terms making sure that information to stakeholders
  5. 5. was received on time. COMPENDIM I was able to lead a team in I learnt that we need to always keep REVIEW reviewing the LC’s up with the changing times. I will TEAM compendium which had not make sure that our database is been altered since AIESEC had always updated to ensure been started in CUEA in 1996. sustainability of the MC.
  6. 6. Complete a self-assessment against the competency model (you may add a brief description for each). Experience Experience Experience Experience Competency Experience No Low Some Regular Strong Effective Communication Developing Others Stakeholder Focus Flexible Thinking Innovation Commitment to results Self-Awareness Personal Effectiveness Resilience Awareness of others Inclusiveness Section 3: General questions What is your motivation in applying for a VP Position in AIESEC In Uganda MC? How does this experience
  7. 7. Align with your future plans? As a newie i always knew that I would run for VP-TM position in my LC Catholic university but the idea of joining the MC in another country never crossed my mind. Desire has for a while been my motivation for the choices that I make in my life.Right now I have the desire to go out of my comfort zone.i would have been comfortable with joining the MC in Kenya or getting a job here in a law firm but now I dare go out of this zone because of my desire to discover myself more. -this xp will give me opportunities to discover new ways of working, relating and understanding people from a different culture. -I do plan to be a successful legal advisor and this xp will open my network at the same time help me to discover my weaknesses. What personal and professional characteristics do you display that would make you suitable as MCVP of AIESEC Uganda? Professional-hardworking -good listener -result driven Personal- slow to anger -charismatic -patient
  8. 8. Describe an experience when you failed. What did you learn from the experience? I applied to facilitate in BELDS but I was not chosen. My international experience was not up to par. I learnt that one failed opportunity is a gate way for a new and better opportunity and that I should strive to attend an participate in more international opportunities. If had gone for BELDS I would not have found out about this other international opportunity.
  9. 9. What has been your contribution to the current state of your LC/MC? As a member one of the weaknesses I saw was the gap between members and the EB I have greatly contributed to the narrowing of the gap by use of weekly non formal bonding meetings .I do believe that as members of the same organization there is no need to act as though a position make us better than the rest . What is the relevance of the AIESEC Experience in Uganda? Taking this xp into consideration I would be able to ensure that there is no gap between the members and the alumni. Members should always be aware of who their alumni and learn from their experiences through meeting regularly in non formal arenas and formal. What is your leadership style? What do you believe will be the strengths and potential pitfalls of applying this style to your MC team?
  10. 10. Democratic or participative-I believe in including members in decision making process and still in the long run maintain the decision making authority. Strength-I will be able to give members a chance to participate in decision making thus feel like they are a useful part of the organization. -Due to member participation new innovative ideas will bring in creativity. Pitfall-iit could lead politics within the organization if not well regulated. Identify three key trends that are affecting Uganda and explain how those trends are influencing AIESEC in Uganda’s contribution, structures and processes? Global economic crunch-this could creatly affect the taking of interns by companies .AIESEC Uganda will have to change their strategy on how to approach companies and how eXchange is packaged. Government engaging in youth activities- contribution will be empowering the youth and creating more opportunities for the youth. Rise in CSR within the corporate world. - We can get interns to work in CSR departments in companies or organize CSR events hence increasing AIESEC Uganda relation in the corporate sector. Processes will change as we will approach new
  11. 11. companies hence creating a network of contacts. What do you see as AIESEC Uganda’s critical area(s) of success in the coming 2 years? Exchange Alumni engagement Quality membership.
  12. 12. What role should AIESEC Uganda play in the International Network and the African GN by the end of 2010? What should we do to get to that point? The role to be played in the International Network is in terms of number of members in leadership and number of eXchanges realized in order to contribute in the sustainability of the Global Network. In the Africa GN it will be the same as the International focus but in addition is to help Africa GN to be the best GN and AIESEC in Uganda being the best out of all African countries. To get to that point, AIESEC Uganda should bid for International Conferences like IC, IPM and AFROX because it will give us a big chance to solidify partnerships with multi national companies. Have eXchange focused on specific sectors hence more results due to specialization. Section 4: VP specific questions List in order of preference two Member Committee Vice Presidents position you feel you are qualified for. (The only Available Positions are: VP IM/Comm., Alumni Manager and Finance & Administration) 1. Alumni Manager. 2. Finance and Administration.
  13. 13. Alumni Manager What strategies would you use that alumni register and are educated on the use of myaiesecnet? Training them at a stakeholder event for example having PowerPoint at stakeholder’s events. Liaising with the Information Systems Manager to send updates of what is happening on my AIESEC.net What new events would you propose that can engage alumni? Golf day and barbeque National Team building Mentorship day Annual Stakeholders dinner Train the Trainers 3. How do you see the role of the National Alumni Strategy in the following? Overall organizational development It will help members acquire willing mentors in terms of AIESEC and career wise. AIESEC external positioning
  14. 14. Due to their influence and reputation in the society, they will enable externals and corporates associate themselves with AIESEC easily and be able to create long lasting partnerships. Getting invitations / attending events organized by our partners/ TNtakers for relationship building capacity. LC development Active alumni will support LC development by sponsoring orr giving links for sustainability, events organization and giving inspirational talks. AIESEC Uganda plans to continue with the Alumni Hall of fame. What is your vision for the event (in terms of alumni and partner engagement, impact on alumni network and role of the awardees in Uganda? The vision of the Alumni Hall of Fame will be to see AIESEC Uganda alumni elected at the International Congress in this position and see most of AIESEC Uganda Alumni contribute to the Global Alumni Experience. Ensuring that all the relevant stakeholders are invited in due time and that they do participate in the activities. Putting up banners for the stakeholders so that the alumni can easily identify with the companies and make it easier for them to also interact with other AIESEC partners. Giving active alumni the chance to speak at the event and even run sessions for empowerment of AIESEC members and influence partners to activate more in AIESEC activities. The role of the awardees will be to sponsor inkind in terms of giving prizes to the alumni who qualifies in the Hall of Fame and other positions.
  15. 15. 5. What are the 3 main results you would like to see at the end of your term on the Alumni side? 1. At least 75% of Alumni and members to be aware of AIESEC.net and know how to use it. 2.Alumni are constantly engaged by MC and LC in their activities. 3.Making sure that alumni participate in the mentorship program as a way of giving back to the organization. 6. What should be the role of the Alumni Coordinator in the activities and performance of a Local Committee? -Helping them in organizing local activities that involve alumni. -Giving them updated contacts of the alumni. -Ensuring that they get in touch with the alumni. -Reviewing them on the status of alumni quarterly. -Ensuring every LC has a person in charge of alumni. 7. Comment on the following; - Alumni association; This is an association for former members of AIESEC giving back to AIESEC by forming a coalition to help AIESECers realize their vision. The association also acts as a networking forum for alumnus and members. - Alumni fund/donations
  16. 16. They enhance sustainability within the organization through giving in-kind and finances. - Alumni as change agents By living the AIESEC values they impact the environment positively. By encouraging current members they help them transform and also become change agents. JUDITH LANGAT FOR MEMBER COMMITTEE ALUMNI MANAGER 2009/2010 PROCRASTINATION IS THE KISS OF DEATH TO PERSONAL GROWTH