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Improving my competencies


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Improving my competencies

  1. 1. netBiog of Mr Mwaniki Frederick Kariuki (Kariuki) Home What is a netBiog? Open Account Organisations Individuals About Us Help Welcome: kisfred@yaho.. Home Page Logout Profile Name: 10132.162604 Stage, View Title: Development Objective based on self ratings Mwaniki Frederick Kariuki's Contributors Personal Effectiveness The activities below are designed to help you in: becoming more personally effective. They have been divided into four Competency Layers: personal, interpersonal, team and organisational. As you progress through AIESEC and beyond, you can think of developing your capability by moving through these four layers, progressively growing your impact as an individual contributor, change agent or potentially as the leader of a team or organisation. Find the activities that seem most relevant to you. You may find it helpful to record these in your Personal Development Guide Personal Competencies Every week set aside regular time to list everything you (and if you manage a team) and your team need to do in the next weeks and establish priorities for these activities. Sort your priorities into a four box matrix, with important/unimportant and easy/difficult axes. Focus on the important/easy quadrant after identifying whether or not you have any “show stoppers” in the important/difficult quadrant. Interpersonal Competencies Review with a colleague a recent project or task for which you have had planning responsibility, taking into account resources used, costs, the time scales and the final outcome. Ask them for feedback on what they thought you did well and what you could have done better. You may want to formalise the feedback in the form of an end of task or end of project review. Team Competencies Critically analyse the performance of your role, the team, a project or systems within your circle of influence. Compile a list of all the issues and improvements you feel should be made and identify the changes that will have the most impact. At your next team meeting gain agreement for you to present your thoughts and encourage the team to work with you to address the identified issues. Organisational Competencies Find out from the person responsible for training and development (in most cases the Vice President Talent Management) about the list of planned skill training and ensure that you have signed up for personal effectiveness and time management training. Go through a self reflection and discovery process, setting both your personal goals and those specific to your role. By tracking the goals you have set and reflecting on those in your personal development plan, you can create a picture of where you want to be and compare it with where you are now. Go through a performance appraisal and a feedback session with your team leader and get feedback on your personal effectiveness, based on observations they have made as you have worked together. Back 1 of 1 4/23/2009 6:41 PM