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Graduates Recruitment Guide - Key message Graduates Recruitment Guide - Key message Document Transcript

  • Graduates Recruitment -TMU 08.09 GRADUATES RECRUITMENT GUIDE Graduates Recruitment - Key messages & Recruitment processes Relevance: G -External Demand - - Huge pool - Relevance of AIESEC xp for their further development raduates & experience Recruitment Graduate Recruitment – Communication Plan These people will not be as interested in the long term professional and short long-term short-term development that AIESEC offers, but rather more concrete, immediate opportunities such as internships and possibilities to get in contact with the professional world through AIESEC (networking). Key Messages to be delivered
  • Graduates Recruitment -TMU 08.09 G raduates Recruitment
  • Graduates Recruitment -TMU 08.09 Channels of communication G • Post graduate colleges • Career opportunity boards • HR magazines • Career fairs/days raduates Recruitment • Language institutes • Online posting boards (ie. Yahoo career groups) • NGOs - where people do volunteer work • Institutes where you receive technical certifications Post Graduate Colleges: We provide students and recent graduates the opportunity to participate in a Global Internship Program, which connects 3500 organizations in over 100 countries, including top global organizations such as... (Insert names of global partners that are highly recognizable in the relevant market) We offer our members the opportunity to live and work abroad for the world’s top organizations in their area of study, and gain an incomparable work and cultural experience AIESEC’s platform of opportunities, including the Global Internship Program, enables students & recent graduates to build valuable skills for career development. We connect our 23,000 members to 3500 leading global organizations and 4000 internship opportunities for up to a period of 18 months. AIESEC is endorsed by top global organizations as the leading organization for students and recent graduates to develop practical skills and gain work experience to prepare them for their future careers In today’s era of globalization, AIESEC provides young people with the opportunity to create a much needed strong and global network to support them in their personal and professional pursuits. Career Opportunity Boards: We provide a stepping stone for a successful career through our platform of opportunities which include exchange, leadership opportunities, conferences & learning networks. We connect our 23,000 members to 4,000 short & long term internship opportunities in 3500 of the top organizations in the world. AIESEC provides its members practical skills and knowledge in a local and foreign environment to complement their higher educational background or field of career aspirations. AIESEC combines a university degree with its unique learning environment and personal and professional skills to develop well rounded individuals, setting them on a stage higher than most recent graduates
  • Graduates Recruitment -TMU 08.09 HR Magazines: G We offer our members concrete opportunities, such as exchange, conferences, and even daily work, to gain real global experience and contribute to personal and professional life goals AIESEC provides its members with personal and professional development and experience, in a multi cultural and self driven environment. raduates Recruitment AIESEC provides its members the opportunity to apply personal and professional skills, knowledge, attitudes and values to work for the organization as well as the local community AIESEC members develop skills which are vital in today’s competitive environment to their career development; including leadership, organizational management and strategic planning. They enhance their personal development through AIESEC’s platform of exchange, leadership opportunities, conferences, and learning networks. AIESEC has over 800,000 alumni, several of which have gone on to be heads of corporations and government, with a part of their skills and success coming from what they learnt during their time in AIESEC. Notable alumni include past heads of DHL and IBM and Presidents of Poland and Finland. AIESEC works in over 100 countries to develop new generations of leaders to make a sustainable contribution in their community and workplace Career Fairs: AIESEC’s network of partners, which includes the leading organizations in the world, looks to our membership as the leading source for top talent to strengthen their workplace. AIESEC develops its members to gain highly sought after skills in the workplace through the wide variety of opportunities it offers – leadership, international exchange, conferences & learning networks. AIESEC has 60 years of experience in developing young leaders to be future business leaders. Consider going on an international internship with our Global Internship Program to kick-start the career you are looking for. Language institutes Are you thinking about studying and practicing your second language? Why not learn in a native environment? AIESEC’s Global Internship Program is not only a way to practice, but also an opportunity to enjoy an intercultural and unforgettable experience. Practice while you work in your field with one of our partners. Every student wants to go abroad to practice a second language, and what if you could have the opportunity to also practice: your active learning, enjoying cultural diversities and taking advantage of leadership opportunities. More than 23,000 people like you are waiting in more than 100 countries around the world to bring you more than 4000 professional opportunities and the best experience that you have ever lived.
  • Graduates Recruitment -TMU 08.09 A second language is part of your strategies to reach personal and professional goals, if you want to ensure you are getting the most out of this learning, it is best to go to the environment in which the language is spoken every day. This is only way in which you will G learn to face how much have you learned. Test your abilities with AIESEC: more than 100 countries to choose from and more than 4000 opportunities to practice while you work on your field with one of our partners. raduates Posting Boards i.e. yahoo career groups Recruitment Looking for a job on your field? See more than 4000 opportunities in more than 100 countries with AIESEC. We are more than an option, we are in more than 800 universities and our partners provide the best leadership experience for exceptional young and professional talented people like you! The most famous companies in the world are looking for young talent just like you. Get the opportunity to work in your field with them and take the challenge of improving your abilities with AIESEC, you’re more than a professional, inside of you is a leader. There are more than 100 countries around the world that can offer you more than 4000 professional opportunities & the best experience that you ever lived. Your CV needs to be complete! If you’re a young graduate, you can’t wait to come on board! Join AIESEC and take the challenge of improving your profile, live your first professional experience with the best companies around the world. AIESEC provides you with more than 4000 opportunities of doing it, face the leader inside you! NGOs – where people do volunteer work AIESEC members are sure that world peace is not merely a dream! We are looking for young people interested in experiences around the globe that believe that every person can make a difference in improving the lives of others. Let’s bring some of your time to whose really needs of your help in more than 100 countries. AIESEC: a volunteer work that you’ll never forget. Institutes where you can receive technical certifications • What are you looking for as a graduate? If you’re looking to get a professional background that ensures you a great job, definitely take a look at AIESEC. Don’t miss the opportunity of joining a global organization where you can improve your talent and leadership trough our large network of partners and members around the globe. • If you want to improve your profile, don’t miss the opportunity of living your first work experience with AIESEC and our partners of top world’s organizations!! Make your career successful; go around the globe living different and challenger situations, test your abilities and learn more! Communication Plan The best way to ensure you are reaching your targets is by analyzing you channels of communication. Take each channel (either pick from the list above or add new ones) you have available to use for reaching graduates and set clear measurables on it, to ensure a better coverage
  • Graduates Recruitment -TMU 08.09 and “direct hit” towards your target! :) G Find below an example: Date raduates Audience Vehicle of Communicaiton Frequency Medium Source Delivered by Sensitivities Expected Result Delivered Recruitment Project Managers the PMO will One-on-one meetings Upon arrival at client verbal Contract PMO Manager employee turnover, prior October, Educate project managers serve experience with PMO, November and understand what some perception of of their expectations may bureaucracy be; get everyone on the same page