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Fideli Advertising proposal
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Fideli Advertising proposal



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  • 2. WHO WE ARE Fideli is a trendy and exciting advertising agency with a range of creative advertising solutions. We are the sole advertising agents of some city bus services like Pioneer Easy Buses (PEB) and several other leading upcountry bus companies. eneral Our objective is to provide our client(s) with quality eye catching yet meaningful advertising through our range of innovative advertising mediums. THE PRODUCTS Business Products • LCD (Liquid Crystal Device) screens are flat surfaced high picture quality screens that are installed within the buses. These screens are both audio and visual and placed at the front of the bus hence easing visibility and adverts are then run throughout the movement of the bus. You are guaranteed between 64-80 people viewing your advertisement per bus per trip (1200 people in one day for one bus) • Bus Branding; A unique, novel and very effective way of enhancing brand awareness which helps create brand loyalty and reach a wide audience. Corporate Social Responsibility Products • Branded park benches and dustbins within the grounds of Learning Institutions. This creates a general awareness that the company in question is responsible cares about the general public and the environment. • Also in the social responsible arena we propose the use of notice boards and direction signboards on the Institutions grounds. • Lastly we propose the use of mini advertising boards that aren’t intrusive at the roundabouts or selected locations within the Institutions. Your company will be able to use some of them to target the student population and the general public with their ads. • Fly Overs’ This is a government campaign called Save a life where companies construct fly over’s’ to facilitate safe movement of pedestrians as opposed to them crossing roads and risking being run down by Vehicles.
  • 3. BENEFITS • High market penetration. • Target and reach the right market segments. • Affordable rates compared to other advertising mediums. • Complements all other advertising mediums. • Creates top of the mind awareness. • Very effective medium of advertising as an audience is guaranteed. • Giving back to society. • The benches and the bins can also be used as advertising medium for your company’s products since they will be branded your company’s art work. • You get to create a mutual relationship with the institutions and in that way, will always be considered to take part in the activities of the institutions. • Your company gets to promote cleanliness within the Institution while being recognized as an organization that is environmentally friendly since campaigns can be undertaken to encourage students and the institution community to use the dustbins and not litter and spoil the beauty of their Institution. • The roundabout will act as a very effective medium of advertising as they are strategically located in areas with wide audiences. BUS ROUTES Arua: - Kampala , Nakasongola , Masindi , Arua , Gulu :- Kampala , Luwero , Nakasongola , Apac , Lira , Gulu Soroti :- Kampala , Mukono, Jinja, Iganga , Palisa , Mbale, Kumi , Soroti Hoima:- Kampala , Kiboga , Hoima Kabarole :- Kampala , Mubende , Kyenjojo , Kabarole Kisoro:- Kampala , Mpigi , Masaka , Mbarara , Ntugamo , Kabale , Kisoro
  • 4. The above routes are Up Country Routes currently being taken by the buses’ however we are in the process of acquiring more buses taking other route. NOTE: City buses currently take the major routes i.e. Kampala to Luzira, Bugolobi, Kitintale, Banda, Kireka, Bweyogere, Seeta and Mukono, Entebbe, etc HOW IT WORKS • A member of Fideli approaches prospective company’s with a proposal. • On agreement terms and conditions are discussed. • Fideli finds institutions where the company will put up the benches, dustbins or other CSR products that it may want to set up for the institution. • The company then provides the artwork to be pasted on the park benches and dustbins or advert to be run on the LCD screens. • The adverts on the LCD screens will be aired at least twice every hour, and will be 0 – 60 seconds long. • Production of the benches and dustbins will be by your company, Fideli then brands the benches with the company’s art work. • Maintenance and management of the bins benches roundabout, etc will be done by Fideli • Fideli bills the client quarterly advance for the advertising spots. OTHER ADVERTISING MEDIUMS AND SERVICES • Fly Over Branding, The company gets to construct a flyover on one of our locations and can then use them to advertise and increase brand awareness. • Branded Paranephilia (e.g branded bags) We brand gift bags with our client’s logos, colors or graphics; depending on their preference. This will be useful for rewarding stakeholders, as well as sensitization of the brand. • Events Management This includes promotions, product launches, corporate and institutional functions and many others. • Bus Ticket branding and back of chair head rest Here the company gets an opportunity to put fliers, in the bus and also gets a chance to brand the bus tickets.
  • 7. OUR LCD ADVERTISING RATES EXCLUSIVE OF VAT NUMBER OF BUSES COST PER BUS (UGX) Per Month 1–4 350,000 5–9 330,000 + 10 300,000 OUR BUS BRANDING RATES EXCLUSIVE OF VAT NUMBER OF BUSES COST PER BUS (UGX) Per Month 1–9 Up Country Buses - 1,500,000 City Buses – 1,800,000 Coasters / Vans – 1,000,000 10+ Up Country Buses - 1,300,000 City Buses – 1,600,000 Coaster / Vans - 1,000,000 OUR OTHER PRODUCTS EXCLUSIVE OF VAT Branded Bags 1000 – 1500 (UGX) Per Bag ( Depending on the size and type and Numbers of bags 50,000 UGX Per week Chair Head Rest NOTE: • Yearly rates will be negotiated as per the product • All rates are Exclusive of Production Costs • All rates are Exlusive of VAT • Proposals will be tailor made to fit the specifics of the company in question
  • 8. • Rates for other products are to be negotiated as per the interest of the company. BUS ROUTES