Datacare Company Profile Sept 2010


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Comprehensive information on our vision and mission, products and services that we deal with and some of the projects that we have undertaken for our clients.

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Datacare Company Profile Sept 2010

  1. 1. Sustainable I.T Solutions Company Profile “Data Care (U) LTD” P.O. Box 1170 Kampala Plot 211 Mawanda Road, Mulago Kampala Tel: +256-414-531-502, +256-312-113-459
  2. 2. 1.0 Data Care Profile Company Name: Data Care (U) Ltd Physical Address: Plot 211 Mawanda Road, Kampala Uganda Website: Email: Telephone: +256-312-113-459 +256-414-531-502 Registration Date: 18/07/2006 TIN: B06-1009-9461-M VAT: 44684-D 1.1 About Data Care (U) Ltd Data Care (U) Ltd is a Consulting Company that has been at the fore-front of many Government and Non-Government projects in areas of Software development, data management and customized trainings. The solutions we provide range from small applications running on standalone setups to enterprise integrated systems running on a Wide Area Network (WAN). Our services include designing Information technology strategies, System Audits, Customized Monitoring and Evaluation training and onsite support to clients in data management. Data Care Software products can be summarized as: • Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) applications, • Project Monitoring and Planning, • Grants Management Application, • Procurement Modules, • Human Resource modules, • Church Management Software, • Clinic Management Applications, • Data Warehousing suites and Data mining tools with web interfaces. • Point of Sales and Client Specific tools. • Application of IT in organizations and workflow automation. 2
  3. 3. • Configuration and customization of software for high performance workers. • Enterprise and Web applications maintenance and enhancements. • Specific module design e.g. CRM or Procurement systems, Capacity building, program redesign. • Data modelling and user interface design for large databases. • Experience sharing and benchmarking systems in enterprise and outsourced services. • Open systems integration and operation e.g. Windows and Linux integration solutions. • Web Applications developments and systems components life cycle management At Data Care, the core team of Computer Scientists, Finance Consultants and M&E specialist have been working in diverse technical areas of specialty since 1994. Data Care team believes in mentoring the next generation for sustainable knowledge transfer and management. 1.2 Our Vision To be a company that provides first choice services through relevant and value based systems supported by a mentored team from generation to generation. We are defined by our values: Integrity. A person of integrity is one who keeps his word. Data Care values not only its company image but also the integrity of its individual employees. We enforce honesty and reliability on every entire aspect of our business operations. Character. Data Care encourages its members to be of character for it is what defines a man. Character coupled with integrity brings out an undisputable being – and this is what defines us. 3
  4. 4. Excellence. We value quality and this is reflected through our successful product outputs. Data Care members are blessed with this valuable quality and are challenged to perform their tasks to their highest ability to achieve excellence with no compromise what so ever. Giving. Owing to the fact that the community is part of our business processes, we pride in giving back to the community through donations, charity work, mentoring, offering educational sponsorship, knowledge sharing through internship programs. This enables us maintain working relations with the community members and betters our image in the media. 1.3 Technical capabilities Data Care core team members have been involved in various Information technology projects. Right from designing data collection tools, collecting data, analyzing data, training and dissemination. We have implemented On-line systems, data warehouses and online analysis tools, Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Planning and Monitoring systems. 1.3.1 Our work is performed through • Research - Technical and market research is conducted to come up with the requirements and assess the viability of our in house projects. • Partnerships – We have partnerships with the best in the industry. • Mentorship – As a way of giving to the community, Data Care offers internship programs to aspiring computer science and Information technology professionals who are trained through hands on project implementation. 1.3.2 Technologies used Data Care uses two major technologies namely; open source and licensed technologies. The choice of technology depends on the requirements of the project or clients’ preferences. Object Oriented Programming approach is used with projects that require coding. The development methodology is also 4
  5. 5. determined by the project at hand but the most commonly employed are water fall and prototyping. The table below highlights the technologies used at Data Care. Technology Description Examples Development environment/editors Open source These do not require • PHP • Notepad++, purchasing and have • MySQL • Dreamweaver available support • Java • Eclipse, through manuals and • Net beans. web resources. Purchased These are purchased • DotNet Suite • Visual studio • Ms SQL • Ms SQL Server 1.3.3 The team The project team consists of a project manager who is responsible for overseeing the implementation of the project, a system analyst who is tasked with collection and analysis of system requirements, a team leader who is assigned to a particular project to oversee its activities, and developers who are in charge of designing and programming/coding. Data Care team gets its ability to perform clients tasks from the academic background of its core staff and the experience acquired from various projects. The staff/consultants enlisted in Table 1 are available to commence work once given ample time: 1.4 Past Performance Data Care team members have been involved in implementing automated solutions for Government projects, Private Sector, Funding Agencies and Civil Service Society. Table 2 shows some of the project implemented by Data Care (U) LTD since 2006. 5
  6. 6. Table 2: List of Data Care (U) LTD Clients (June, 2010) No Client Name Project/Description Year 1. Ministry of Water and Development of an online database that Jan 2010 to Environment/Uganda will be used to capture and analyze the April 2010 Safe water source in Uganda. The system will be linked to the National GIS layers to generate water coverage maps (prototype:www.dcareug/watsup). Data Care (U) LTD is responsible for training district staff and provide technical support for one calendar year 2. NuLife/University Data Care was contracted by NuLife to May 2010 to Research CO. develop and implement an Online M&E date. database. The database will be used to capture and analyze data on activities in communities and health facilities where the NuLife project is implemented. 3. Uganda Network of Design and development of a CSO April 2010 to AIDS Service directory that will provide information date. Organisations (UNASO) about all CSO’s in Uganda. 4. Core/CARE Data Care (U) LTD was contracted by Aug 2009 to International Care International to finalize the roundup Oct 2009 activities under the Core Initiative/USAID project. The services included training Technical Service Organization of Orphans and Vulnerable Children Management Information systems(OVCMIS), supporting the Ministry of Gender on the Management of the OVCMIS and the Ministry General 6
  7. 7. No Client Name Project/Description Year website 5. Uganda Women’s Effort Data Care was contracted by UWESO to May 2010- to Save Orphans develop and implement an Online M&E up to date (UWESO) database that will be used to capture all project activities and inform the donor community in the UK and partners in Uganda of the project progress. 6. International Centre for Development of ICWEA website and an Jan 2010 to Women – East Africa online members register. The system will March 2010 (ICW) be used as a members resource and reference centre ( 7. Civil Society Fund/USAID Data Care was contracted by Oct 2009 to Chemonics International Inc to develop Dec 2009 & deliver Community Service Organization M&E Trainings. 8. CORE INITIATIVE Developed and trained District Probation 2008-2009 offices on the use of Orphans and Vulnerable Children Management Information System – OVCMIS currently hosted at In addition, Data Care (U) LTD developed a Grants Management System and an online Project Workplan for Core Initiative. 9. AFFORD/UHMG Online M&E System ( 2007-2009 The database is used to capture data from AFFORD/UHMG implementing partners. Project Budgeting Tool 10. Ministry of Health Online Data Care (U) LTD was contracted by Feb 2009 to Workplan Ministry of Health Uganda to develop June 2009 7
  8. 8. No Client Name Project/Description Year ministry workplan software based on the Government of Uganda/Ministry of Finance format. The system was commission in June 2009 11. Uganda AIDS Developed an online Patrep (Partnership 2008-2009 Commission of Aids Treatment Providers) Database and Patrep– . 12. Uganda National Development of a web-portal for Nov 2009 to Examination Board Uganda Examination Board. The portal March 2010 (UNEB) will manage all the information regarding the Examinations of Uganda institutions(Primary, Secondary and Tertiary) 13. ACDI/VOCA USAID Design and Modification Of Database for 2007 Kampala PLWA. 14. USAID AIDS Capacity Data Mining Tool for Health 2008 Enhancement Management Information System – Uganda. 15. MEEPP/Social Scientific Data Care (U) LTD staff members in 2005 to 2010 Systems/USAID conjunction with Social Scientific Systems June have been supporting the Monitoring and Evaluation Emergency Plan Progress(MEEPP) since 2005 16. Directorate for Water Upgrading the Districts Compiling 2007-2008 Development Luzira, Database. Kampala 17. HealthNet TPO Internet Based Data Collection and P.o Box 21646 Reporting Database. Kampala 18. Logix Technical Solution Inventory Management System 2008 Bukoto, Kampala 8
  9. 9. No Client Name Project/Description Year 19. Ministry of Health A Relational Database for the Rolling 3- 2008 Kampala Year ` Plan for Medicines and Health Supplies. 20. Uganda Health Data Collection and Reporting 2008-2009 Information Kampala Database. A system used to collect data and generate reports for UHIK. 21. Uganda Health sector Palm Tops Module 2008-2009 support Kampala A data migration tool that is used to import data from Palmtops / PDAs to a desktop system. 22. Premier Marketing A web driven database to manage sales 2008-2009 Kampala related activities. 23. Uganda Women to Monitoring and Evaluation Database to 2007-2008 Save Orphans – UK Trust manage the two projects under the UWESO UK trust 24. Agency for Co- Maintenance and enhancement of the 2008 operation and Research projects reporting database for stop AIDS in Development now. 25. UCH-Uganda Chartered Consultancy services for the 2009 HealthNet development of a database to manage Hospitals in the districts. 26. Wagagai Entebbe Clinic Management Software. 2007-2008 27. Mwebale Supermarket Point of Sale Software (ShopNet) 2008-2009 28. Accord Uganda(Stop SAN Project Online Monitoring Database. 2007-2009 Aids Now ) Project The M&E system for Stop Aids Now (SAN!)– Netherlands hosted on The online database is used to monitor the implementation of the Work Place Policy (WPP) on HIV/AIDS for 70 organizations in 9
  10. 10. No Client Name Project/Description Year Uganda. 1.5 Data Care affiliates and references Data Care values partnering with other companies and organization in order to meet the complex and dynamic needs of the clients. The partners are selected based on the primary services they offer. Table 3 lists the partners of Data Care. 1.6 Our Financial and Marketing Partners 10