Information About Brazilian Knot Extensions In Manchester
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Information About Brazilian Knot Extensions In Manchester



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    Information About Brazilian Knot Extensions In Manchester Information About Brazilian Knot Extensions In Manchester Presentation Transcript

    • Information About Brazilian Knot Extensions In Manchester
    • Brazilian knot extension has a number of other names; Brazilian hair extensions, elastic fusion and Italian knot technique. The knots extension is a process that uses strand by strand technique, with the elastic thread method put to use. The method that is used originates from Brazil just like is implied in the name. Unlike other techniques used, this does not have any damaging effects in the long run. Brazilian knot extensions in Manchester have a number of benefits and there are several useful facts about them.
    • The hairs can take up to 8 months depending on the way in which the natural hair of the individual grow. This would also depend on the level of care that they are accorded. The resulting knots have a natural look and can even be pulled into a ponytail without one noticing any extension. For minimum damages, strand by strand extension is used. The scalp is able to breathe because there is no use of heat, chemicals or glue.
    • As compared to the fusion technique, this technique requires more time. The application process would need about 4 to 10 hours. Pre bonding will not be a necessity and thus one can get fitting and consultation done on the same day. The technique use allows for minimal install, contrary to what would be required in pinch braid technique. Also, strands used are light and will not pull on hair the way glue would.
    • The thickness of the strands is matched with that of hair, and this is yet another advantage. Therefore, individuals who have fine hair need not worry of having very thick strands which are too heavy for their hair. Furthermore, the strands will not be easily noticed, bulkiness is reduced and there will not be shedding.
    • The period for which the knot extensions last is dependent on what the natural hair of the individual looks like. The stress on hair will be reduced, something that the majority of people love. It is also an option that is healthy because it does not use adhesives, glue or heat. An elastic thread is used instead. This makes the process of removal easy. In fact, people that are careful can do the removal from home. Further, money is saved because an extension can last for months.
    • There are certain tips that come in handy when applying the knots. To begin with, the knots are normally applied with small sections of the natural hair knotted round small groups of strands using thread that is elastic. One ought to have at least half an inch of natural hair to work with. Further, people that are looking to use this technique should not have thinning hair. For perfect blending finish, some hair needs to be left at the hair line.
    • The knots can be made to last longer by being textured, relaxing or blow drying the hair in advance. This serves to give it a natural finish. The hair that will be used will also need to have texture that is similar to natural hair of the persons involved.
    • Brazilian knot extensions in Manchester should be treated with the care that one would use if it were their own hair. This increases their longevity. Since there are chances of there being some tucking, pulling and twisting, the stylist chosen should be gentle enough. Hydration of hair is achieved through application of shampoo.