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PPT made for the spanish students about Velvet revolution in Prague in 1989

PPT made for the spanish students about Velvet revolution in Prague in 1989

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  • 1. Velvet Revolution (Violence Free Revolution) By Héctor Naranjo, Sofía Victoria, Alexis Martínez, Núria Martín and Aleix Lardín
  • 2. Introduction
    • Czechoslovakia before and after The World War II:
  • 3.
    • After World War II, the USSR and the USA distributed their influence on the European countries.
    • Czechoslovakia belonged to the URSS area so it was a communist country.
  • 4. The Prague Spring  
    • On January 1968 , Alexander Dubcek was elected the First Secretary of Commnunist Party of Czechoslovakia.
  • 5.
    • He tried to introduce some reforms but, the Soviet Union and members of the Warsaw Pact,invaded the country to halt the refoms
  • 6. Charter 77 (Charta 77)
    • In 1977 Václav Havel, Jan Patócka, Zdenék Mlynár, Jirí Hájek and Pavel Kohout wrote a document criticizing to the government
  • 7.
    • Six leaders of this support group, including Václav Havel, were tried for subversion and sentenced to prison terms of up to five years.
  • 8.
    • In the 1980s, people in Czechoslovakia knew on the fall of the Soviet socialism and the falls of diets in next countries through the radio
  • 9. Velvet Revolution
    • On November 17th 1989, the communist party intervened against the students which were demonstrating.
  • 10. Velvet Revolution
    • In protest of the brutal communist party behavoiur, people started more demonstrations.
  • 11. Velvet Revolution
    • From this demonstrations the communist party lost power.
  • 12. Velvet Revolution
    • The strike in 1989 made the communist party resign of his total power in Czechoslovakia.
  • 13. Velvet Revolution
      • The first elections were called in 1989.
      • Václav Havel won them
  • 14. Velvet Revolution
    • Later, in 1993, there was a nationalist movement .
    • It ended with the independence of the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
  • 15. Velvet Revolution
    • Václav Havel became, the first president of the Czech Republic
  • 16.
    • The Czech Republic is now 
    • a multiparty parliamentary democracy
  • 17.
    • President Václav Klaus is the current head of state.
    • The Prime Minister (currently Jan Fischer) is the head of government.
    • The Parliament has two chambers — the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate.
  • 18. The Czech Republic’s government
    • The Czech Republic joined NATO in 1999 and the European Union in 2004.
  • 19.